100 Toilets Level 4

100 Toilets Level 4

100 Toilets Level 4

100 Toilets Level 4

100 Toilets Level 4 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solution. 100 Toilets Number 4 support iPhone, iPad, Android with screenshots and explanation for every number levels.

  • Move the potted plant away and open door.

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  • Ivancho

    The images is of level 47 but explanation is of level 46. The explanation of this level is in level 48 http://game-solver.com/100-toilets-walkthrough/100-toilets-level-48/ What a twist!

  • Lilymay

    There really should be a way to skip a level. I’ve been stuck on level 31 for days. I finally quit and dumped the app. =(

  • susana oliveira

    o nivel 4 o vaso nao move ja aconteceu a mais alhuem

  • Psi

    The grey tiles wont move, what sorcery is this? Playing on ios latest version as of this date.

  • Rach

    Grate thanks …but!!!…. it wont work the door won’t open. …Arrhhhh…..I’ve been trying over and over again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pedrontata Pedro Corbin

      K is 13 a is 1 q is 12

      • nan

        Yeah, that is what I was too stupid to realize, then all the sudden after a lot of frustration, DUH.

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