4 Pics 1 Song Level 9

4 Pics 1 Song Level 9

4 Pics 1 Song Level 9

4 Pics 1 Song Level 9

4 Pics 1 Song Level 9 Answers, Cheats, Solution with Word List and Song Pictures for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android.

  1. Burn It Down
  2. Midnight City
  3. Teardrop
  4. Hips Dont Lie
  5. Landslide
  6. Tiny Dancer
  7. Time
  8. The Joker
  9. Sweet Emotion
  10. Behind Blue Eyes
  11. Dirty Deeds
  12. Tush
  13. White Room
  14. Lucky Man
  15. Rocky Raccoon
  16. Fool In The Rain

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4 Pics 1 Word Answers

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  • ZebraGirl

    Its guerrilla radio

  • ZebraGirl

    Number 10 is wrong

  • Hailey

    A black cat with birds

  • melbelle

    I play on a desktop and none of the cheat helpers match up. I am looking for an 8 letter word – red roses, jester, black and white sweater and a guy reading a book. I have tried every word that can be made with the letters and nothing solves this puzzle. ookenlhrooxvlbfafe

  • ashley

    @Justin soo
    victor said You could put the singer beside each song to see who sings the songs

  • Sarah Marrino

    Hey thanks a lot for the answer but I just wanted to let you know that level 4, acapella, is spelled wrong

  • http://game-solver.com/ JuzHax

    @victor Can you find out the answer you need ?

  • victor

    podias poner el cantante de cada cancion al lado para saber quien canta las canciones

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