Dooors 2 Level 28

Dooors 2 Level 28

Dooors 2 Level 28

Dooors 2 Level 28

Dooors 2 Level 28 Walkthrough, Solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android

  • Open the wall on the right side and collect matches.
  • Open the wall on the left side and review the hints.
  • Use the matches to light up 4 candles according to the hints.
  • Use fire extinguisher to candle according to the answer in the picture.
  • And light up all candle again.
  • Open door and pass.

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  • doorsplayer

    i can look up your solution when i am stuck but you don’t give an explanation as to how you came to some of the resolutions…that is annoying and it does not help me learn the how’s and why’s of the answer….

  • Bggfdgjgb

    its not working

  • Bggfdgjgb

    Its mit working

  • onthe515

    There’s a Japanese guy on the floor and I don’t have a screwdriver.

    • DOor.super

      Cause it’s another game look for doors room escape you should find it.

  • Christy

    What if your Android phone only allows two touch screen at one time? How can you complete level 33. I’ve tried pressing two & the 3rd as quickly as possible without success. Please help.

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