Doors and Rooms 7-2

Doors and Rooms 7-2

Doors and Rooms 7-2

Doors and Rooms 7-2

Doors and Rooms 7-2 Chapter 7 Gateway Level 7-2 Walkthrough, Cheats, Walkthrough, Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android App.

  • Look at the screen, you can see there is 4 lights with different color.
  • Now tap the keypad on the table.
  • Got a small graph on the right, you can find it actually only have few number is link with yellow, green, red, blue.
  • So you can get 14756 and tap into it.
  • Now the screen changed, showing a photo with the way from start to exit.
  • Now tap the small box on the bottom left, use the hint from the photo just now.
  • Tap by following the direction from the photo.
  • Right, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down, Right, Right.
  • Collect a card without number and insert to the keypad at below, and withdraw it after verified.
  • That will be 6 numbers on the card, tap into the keypad beside the door on the right for verify.
  • Now collect a hammer on bottom right, and break the glass that covering fire extinguisher.
  • Now dismantle the fire extinguisher, and use it to extinguish the fire on the floor.
  • Collect a piece of burned paper from the burned place.
  • Now check the small monitor, we can get some hints from there.
  • OPEN, we need this to open door. And T=2.
  • So now Check the paper, X = multiply. So A x T(2) = 6, means A = 3.
  • A(3) x N = 24, means N = 8.
  • E x N(8) = 40, means E = 5.
  • R x E(5) = 30, means R = 6.
  • C x R(6) = 12, means C = 2.
  • Q x C(2) = 6, means Q = 3.
  • O x Q(3) = 21, means O = 7.
  • P x O(7) = 63, means P = 9.
  • So answers out, O=7, P=9, E=5, N=8.
  • Tap in 7985 into the keypad beside the door and open door.

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