You Must Escape Level 16

You Must Escape Level 16

You Must Escape Level 16

You Must Escape Level 16

You Must Escape Level 16 Walkthrough, Solutions, Cheats, Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, iPod Touch and other device by Mobest Media

  • Tap the door and collect a key.
  • Use that key to unlock the cabinet on the right hand side.
  • Collect 2 wires and a red color object.
  • Now play the puzzle on the right, collect another red color object too.
  • Tap those boxes and reveal another empty place.
  • Tap that fly and collect it.
  • Now tap the box on the left, put the fly to the right place and let the spider stay away from the battery.
  • Now collect the battery.
  • Check below the ladder on the left hand side.
  • Collect a handle and replace it on the blue color locker.
  • Open the blue color locker and collect a remote.
  • Now combine battery, remote, 2 red color objects, wire and it will become a bomb.
  • Place the bomb to where you found that fly just now.
  • Now tap those boxes and you can reveal a group of numbers, which is “1015”.
  • Tap 1015 into the bomb and it will explode.
  • After it explode, collect the tool.
  • Now climb up the ladder on the left, use that tool to open the cover and escape.

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  • ASAD

    Nice game run your brain and levels will unlock

  • FTL

    Fuck! Keep getting stuck at fucking level 16. SHIIIIIIIIIT

  • Yorkiescribbler

    marc4it Yorkiescribbler  ah! whoops. also since I sent msg seen the video & didn’t change the bckgrd in the picture. Am I @*&* or what !! thanks for help. I’ll go back to it now.

  • marc4it

    Yorkiescribbler Hi there, did you change the logo according to the paper that you collected and combined?

  • Yorkiescribbler

    just trying to do level 11 and am stuck on the picture & wallhang. If completed hte picture and changed symbols and nothing happens

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