You Must Escape Level 6

You Must Escape Level 6

You Must Escape Level 6

You Must Escape Level 6

You Must Escape Level 6 Walkthrough, Solutions, Cheats, Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, iPod Touch and other device by Mobest Media

  • Collect a part of pickaxe from the basin.
  • Collect a saw from the toilet seat.
  • Collect a knife beside the sandwich.
  • Now check the hanging bed on the left, set the stick same as the clock on the wall.
  • Use knife to cut the bed and collect a handle from inside.
  • Now use the saw on the chair and collect a wooden stick.
  • Combine the wooden stick with the part of pickaxe.
  • Now use pickaxe to dig the floor on the right.
  • Use handle to open the cover and go down.
  • Collect a map on the floor.
  • Collect the shovel and dig the right place.
  • Collect a key from inside and open door.

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  • ASAD

    Nice game run your brain and levels will unlock

  • FTL

    Fuck! Keep getting stuck at fucking level 16. SHIIIIIIIIIT

  • Yorkiescribbler

    marc4it Yorkiescribbler  ah! whoops. also since I sent msg seen the video & didn’t change the bckgrd in the picture. Am I @*&* or what !! thanks for help. I’ll go back to it now.

  • marc4it

    Yorkiescribbler Hi there, did you change the logo according to the paper that you collected and combined?

  • Yorkiescribbler

    just trying to do level 11 and am stuck on the picture & wallhang. If completed hte picture and changed symbols and nothing happens

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