3D Fish Feeding and Grow

Last updated on August 2nd, 2022 at 08:00 pm

3D Fish Feeding and Grow


3D Fish Feeding and Grow is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by M Usman Rasheed, 3D Fish Feeding and Grow is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th December 2017 with the latest update 29th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, or Lifestyle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,013 people have rated 2.0.2

You can download the game 3D Fish Feeding and Grow from APP STORE.


Play as a predator and hunt other fishes in the most intense shark combat game ever.Be the apex predator of Ocean.
Combat of Sharks is Insane and brutal in this absolutely terrifying action game.
Its all about surviving and growing,for growing you need to hunt small fishes and other sea creatures.Grow into larger sea monster with the constant threat of terrifying sharks.
Explore Sea World with the most Realistic Environment and Fishes.

New in this Version:
New Improved Game play
Lots of New Fishes added
Totally New Environment
New and Improved Animations
New Fishes added
Other Sea Creatures Added

Updated on 29th April 2022

Performance and improvements
New fish added

3D Fish Feeding and Grow Reviews

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This is a pretty good game yall put the good prices for the diamonds we are very happy about that can you please make the free we love this game is pretty good thank you:)

Its a very good game but there needs to be a level bar so if you just attack a big fish that are way more level than you just dont know we love this game.

The game is hard and has bad graphics but we will not delete it.

Despite the fact that our daughter seems to enjoy playing this game, it was completely misrepresented as something its not.

So we thought it was gonna be good when we bought it so we logged in and theres no coins and you cant chomp the fish to pieces and when you die it doesnt say you can respawn and the graphics are bad to dont bye please read the reviews first also it hard to move to.

If this is the real game then please make the mobile game like the pc game.

This games is so stupid we thought it was gonna not trash please do not buy.

This game is not freaking good its not the real game we warn you we bet a fat little kid made it this is nit the game for you its not real dont buy it.

Explain how to get diamonds if you fan only buy stuff to get better change it.

We’ve had this game for a year we saw the pictures of the update and we got really excited but the pictures are a lie when we saw it had an update we were really excited so we updated it but then when we played it the same way it was before the update im getting a chance and if you dont make it to where Computervision and Im deleting this game.

Definitely not what we expected was expecting it to be like the real thing not like a rip off game.

Yeah this game is terrible and dumb this will waist your money.

This game is a fake,it doesnt look like the real one,so you think this is a real fish feeding and grow but it not,there the animal we have in the game but it a copyright game. So remember before you download it make sure its not a copyright,so make sure you have a chance to buy the real fish feed grow game.

It stinks becouse it doesnt show you need diamonds it shows you need coins and you need to buy diamonds. And The environments arent the same as what it shows.

It dose not have good maps and u dont get diamonds and you dont get stronger u stay the same and u have to buy a new fish to get stronger or faster.

Can you just delete this game and make the gold version three dollars this game is terrible the golden version is way better.

Hello we thought this game was going to be the game on the computer version by a turn out to be a load of crap we want our money back now.

So if your buying this game you might think its the full computer version, right? Wrong. This game is a complete scam, stole the other game on computer, so if your interested in buying this just gets the computer version.

Hi we bought the game but its was not what we expected we just want to ask if a can get a refund please and thank you.

This game is a scam! Never play this game we were surgery for a Game wen we fond feed and grow fish it lookt fun so we asked our Dad to buy this game and he agreed we were so excited to play This game intell we played this game it was a SCAM!!!! It wasnt What we thought so please do not play this game.

This game is very bad hard to control we recommend by three deer feed and grow fish ice cream should also be free 100% do not buy.

We had just got the game and after a minute we deleted it off mr iPad ITS THE WORST we WANT MY MONEY BACK IM A KID THAT IS NINE YEARS OLD we THOUGHT THIS GAME WAS GONNA BE GREAT BUT ITS A PIECE OF BALLSH*T.

We bought this game thinking it would be awesome but its stupid dont buy it we hate whoever made this game.

BUY THIS NOW its the best game ever. It isnt like the pc version but its a lot more fun with on phones android or ipad. LOVE IT.

Youve been living in a hole this game is amazing ignore the other people in this game is amazing dress super amazing just speechless.

We LOVE THIS GAME! But we want the old map back dont get us wrong we like the new maps but we want the old map as a option.

Too hard to get fish we mean come on you can be better than this and add more fish that would be good.

This game is very fun but has its problems like one the controls are messed up and seems to pricey for the maps and controls we do think it needs to be updated but its pretty fun for a phone or iPad.

We really like fish feed and grow. We really do. This game is only two years into development, we understand that. But we would like to add a few recommendations we have for this game: 1. – we have noticed that size for fish that spawn is randomly generated (if not every time it spawns it gets bigger), if you could make the fish respawn at the same starting size each time that would be great. Because right now we can only eat at crab spawns. 2. – we have noticed that you earn the same amount of xp for any fish you kill. We earn the same amount of xp for killing a small browrag as a we would killing a crab. 3. – Please fix the health regen mechanic. You earn so little health for everything you eat. In fact you earn the same amount of health eating something large like a bibos as you would eating a crab! And when you get to higher levels it takes so long to refill all of your health back. So the health and xp gain really needs to be adjusted and tweaked. 4. – Why is there a maximum size restraint? We understand that mobile devices may be unable to handle a large fish like it would on the pc version, but how am we supposed to kill bigger things, especially if the bibos you kill just spawn bigger each time?? 5. – If you attack a fish, make it stop pursuing you after you get a certain distance away from it. We were chased by a browrag after biting it once all over the river map, no matter how far away we were from it. These are some of the main issues and complaints we have for this game. Please fix, add, or tweak these things. If you do, it will make the game a lot better.

And its not what you see on it.

This game has one area with fish every where its not the actual game DO NOT BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We paid $2.99 thinking this was going to be like the pc version just on mobile but it was nothing like that and then we went ahead and bought us $2.99 worth of diamonds in the game and we come back the next day and we lost everything we paid for.

We got really excited but when we bought it it was sooooo bad you just made us waste our iTunes card we got for our birthday so Im rating it 1 we hate you oh and we just want to say something we really want a refund or Im gonna be SUPER MAD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh sorry we just maybe you can just update it so its like the pc version because we want to buy a new game on App Store. And we just need a response.

MY STEP MOTHER PAID MONEY FOR THIS GARBAGE?! Wow!!! You are the biggest scammer we met we hope you see this and read it all this if a shout out for the dumbest person on earth we hope you could make another copy right strike to cover this one 1 STAR REVEIW!

You did a great job scamming us you just took 3 dollars from us.

We wasted money for no reason this game is bad quality and the controllers are bad so dont waste your money on this game it is bad.

This is a 3 dollar scam because its nothing like the PC version.

Bought 500 diamonds for $0.99 so our son could buy a new fish and was charged $2.99 and still only got 500. Bought a fish but after playing with it one time the fish was locked again. He will not be playing anymore. Very disappointing!

Great game but we want a mosasaurus.

Its just like the real feed and grow fish! AMAZING RIPOFF PLEASE BUY. It worth the money! We just wish the sea was bigger and you dont die so easily amazing ripoff we love must buy!

Something funny we discovered is when fish glitch the crab is funny because he jumped so high the see turtle is your regular glitch.

Hi! We love this game, but theres a few things we wish could be improved :). We wish the map was a bit bigger! It would be a lot more fun and interesting if the map was larger. Secondly, we wish the controls were a bit different. Maybe a joystick instead? And, possibly a bite button instead of running into other fish to eat them. Otherwise, this game is a lot of fun!! Thank you! :)

Its so annoying we have to stay in one Spot Bring back the 4 maps.

We dont now how to chang our map like how do we creat a creature or go onto swamp.

We started playing it today and the graphics are bad and make a button for us to attack with.

Well if you want to waste money then yeah this is the game for you please do not buy.

Okay when we bought the game we thought it was gonna be good and like it was on the computer version But guess what we were wrong when you go in it has only one place to be and its only a big sinker in grass place with lots of random fish And it doesnt have coins it has diamonds and you cant choose when you bite you u have to go up to the fish and it will make you bite automatically Its also hard to move all it has is just a move button and you have to press and hold and move the camera with you other finger, it also has really bad graphics so over all its just a cash grab ripoff trying to get people to believe its actually a good game we mean like they probably dont even update it if they did then they wouldnt make it just like a dunk in grass ditch and they would actually put some interesting stuff into the game we wish we could get our money back because we dont like this game So DONT buy if you value your money and your looking for a good game that is actually similar to the actual game.