7 Wonders Duel

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7 Wonders Duel


7 Wonders Duel is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by repos production, 7 Wonders Duel is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd October 2019 with the latest update 1st October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


93 people have rated 1.1.4

You can download the game 7 Wonders Duel from APP STORE.


With 7 Wonders Duel:

  • Play against the AI
  • Pass’N Play
  • Face your friends on the Internet
  • Monitor your statistics
  • Compete against players from all over the world in ranked games

Take the lead of a civilization, make it prosper and surpass your opponents!
The 7 Wonders Duel application is an adaptation of the famous 7 Wonders Duel board game.

In 7 Wonders Duel, each player takes turns choosing one card from those available in the game structure. These cards represent a building that the player uses in his city to develop it. There are different types of buildings: resource producers, commercials, military, scientists and civilian buildings.

The game is played in 3 ages, symbolizing the players’ progress over time. When the last card of the last age is played, the player with the most victory points wins the game, unless a player achieves scientific or military supremacy during the game. In this case, the player wins immediately.

Available in : FR, EN, DE, SP, IT, NL, PL

Updated on 1st October 2021

PATCH 1.1.4

  • New feature

Stats vs Friends is now available : click on friend’s portrait on friend list to check details from pasts duels
Remove friends

  • Update

Updated ELO system calculation
Updated matchmaking research
Supremacy shown by the flag result on scoreboard

  • Fixes

Some achievements were hidden once done
Game sequence : You have now to choose progress token before cards become visible

7 Wonders Duel Reviews

The game interface is intuitive, and we’ve been playing this game a lot and seeing our strategy improving over time. We would love to see the pantheon expansion added, and would happily pay a little extra in order to play.

We almost didnt buy this cause of the review that said server wasnt supported and no live games. We have not found that to be the case. We’ve played a few games everyday. Sometimes we get no match or it takes a few minutes, but we think thats likely related to how many people are online. Anyway, just wanted to put our experience so no one is dissuaded as we almost was and there are more people online.

Awesome game in all respects. Please release the expansion!

The app captures the game very well and is mostly functional. Online play can get glitchy and we wish the AI were a little smarter, as a decent player can beat it nearly 100% of the time.

The digital game suffers from the same flaw of the physical version without the expansions: who gets what card is a foregone conclusion without more options to mitigate it. Happy to pay for the expansions, but don’t want to play more until they come.

Love the board game! We really hope the expansions come out for the app. The main reason this doesnt get 5 stars is because there arent difficulty options for the AI. Cant wait for the future updates!

We love this game but it seems like the server is always down. Every other day we cant access our friends list or see any of our achievements. Its really frustrating.

So we are a huge fan of the board game and the app adaptation. One thing that is misleading is the online play. While you can do a quick match with a stranger we havent figured out how to face our friend unless we are on the same wifi networkso very misleading and we hope Im wrong. Also whats missing. The expansions! We havent played those but it would be cool to have the option. Perhaps also an AI difficulty sliderat times it would be nice to up the challenge to simulate an experienced opponent. The three stars is JUST because the online friend play isnt exactly that.

If you love dropped games and matchmaking that never completes, youll love this app.

Dont fall for the dev review reply saying its coming and assume it did we read a review that said 2 years ago we have the async option coming in our roadmap for 1.2 V1.1 which is coming in mid-December. We dont understand what that numbering is, but 1.1.4 was released so we just assumed that meant it was included since 2 years ago they said it was coming. It wasnt. And after 2 years, we think its safe to assume its never coming. If you even briefly switch out of the app you then forfeit and your spouse wins super frustrating, but we guess Im just out $5. With the iTunes family plan at least we didnt both have to buy it.

App freezes often after taking wonders but before Age 1 cards get dealt. No way to restart game from where you left off to get it to refresh. Just have to restart the game. If you can get it to deal out, game play is smooth and the AI is good and not unbeatable, would have liked multiple levels of difficulty AI.

Update: revised our review from 4 stars to 2 stars The latest update has made this game a buggy mess. Now the game makes moves for us randomly in some games, the countdown clock was only 5 seconds for us in one game, the beginning tiles sometimes load slowly or dont load at all. We wasnt able to select our first card and had to skip our turn a few times. These random bugs ruin this app and unfortunately it doesnt look like they update it too regularly. Previous: This game has got us hooked, its a great two-player head to head game which seems like two-player solitaire at first but ends up with a bit more strategy than you think. We really really wish there was a way to deal with AFK players. As of now, the only thing to do is wait for the clock to run out but it is the most forgiving clock in game history, and each time you take your turn you have to wait a minute for the AFK players turn clock to slowly dwindle. This needs to be fixed. Also, there needs to be asynchronous match making, as much as we like this game we cant wait 5 minutes for a match and then play for 10-15 min straight. Im only on our phone if we have a min or two to burn.

We own the physical board game. We have probably played it 100 times with multiple other people and have quite a bit of experience with the game. And yet after downloading the game and playing the AI we lost our first 7 games and won the 8th game by only 2 points. It makes us regret buying the game when the AI is clearly unbalanced. We dont mind there being an option for varying levels of AI, but if you are Hopi got play against the AI, be prepared for the computer to have a knack for getting just the right card to flip up.

We love this game and it is so much fun to play. However, the online experience could be greatly improved. First off, the connectivity/server is poor, which has resulted in us not being able to log on at times or getting dropped from games that count as losses to our record/ELO. Next, there is a bug where we dont get credit for beating a guest player. The app team told us theyd look into it and we havent gotten a response in weeks. Third, there is no ladder/rankings to see how you are compared to other players and their is no chat function, so even when playing with friends you cant communicate. Great game, but hope for improvement in the online experience.

Loved this game until the past few months. Game has recently become buggy and unplayable. LONG load/connection times when playing with a friend, and frequently permanently freezes during play. Please fix!!

We find it frustrating that the 1v1 online feature where you play with a fellow Duelist is now dead thanks to the server being completely offline – we cannot get a match in MONTHS. The offline play against the computer is boring and easy to beat once you play a dozen or so matches – the most interesting games are with other players of similar or higher ELO ratings. Please bring back the 1v1 play!!

On brand new iPhone 13 pro and the animations cause so much lag that we frequently have to wait 15-30 seconds per FRAME. We’ve never seen lag like this on an app before.

Server always down, advertised as multiplayer. But that is not the case.

Love this game IRL and was excited to buy the app. Fun to play, but the server seems to always to time out. We’ve only been able to get logged in twice since we bought the app over a week ago.

The app automatically declares one of the players a winner any time the other player experiences a slow network connection.

The app crashes when we play the ai. It seems to crash during the 3rd age which is super annoying since it does not save your progress meaning your game is just gone.

We love the game and the app is great to play. We just wish there was some kind of rulebook section so you can go see all of the exact reason you can or can do something without going through the tutorial again.

There is no reason this app should be as good as it is. Worth 5x what you pay.

Had a couple questions and got the devs to help on discord, very responsive! Love the app keep up the good work !

Love the 2P mode for in person play! Faster set-up and convenient compared to real game!

The game is a staple in our house, the app Version is fun and easier since it does all the adding and subtracting for you.

We loved playing this game with our girlfriend during quarantine. The games dont take very long but the setup took forever, and this app eliminates that. Nice they have side to side mode and face to face mode. Also the AI is competent to play against. But multiplayer is whats really good – its been very quick to find a match and connection is very good. We play this whenever we have 15 minutes to kill.

This app is a perfect re-creation of the board game. We’ve been enjoying the real game with our friend for a few months now and went looking on the App Store to see if there were any cool apps that went along with it and found this. Its a great way to play the game when you have no one around to play with or to play with our friend. We really hope they add the expansions here soon because they add so much the the game.

Our only complaint is that we play it too much and now playing the tabletop version IRL just seems tedious, haha. We think the graphics look awesome, gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. One of our favorite apps.

The interface is responsive and the sound effects and graphics work just fine. Much faster to play on here than setting up the cards in real life. However, Duel is mostly luck-based once you and your opponent are at a high enough level. They put out an expansion in real life to fix this, Pantheon (2016). But they dont have it in the app (2019). Thats a big problem.

We love this game! But please fix the bug where the mathematics progress token only gives you 3 points, rather than 3 points per progress token.

Its so disappointing to load a game of Duel for a quickmatch and have it stall after connecting. The match never begins. It works 20%of the time but thats pretty sad.

We’ve played on separate phones on the same WiFi and the game is great! But when we’ve tried to play long distance (which is really what we need it for; we have the paper game for in person), the game keeps crashing towards the end of the first round, saying that someone has left the game — and it immediately declares victory/forfeit, even if both of us are still actively playing. This has happened all three times we tried to play this way, so we don’t know if we’ll try it remotely again.

This is a great digital adaptation of the board game that we love, which we would like to give 5 stars to, BUT… There is a glitch in the scoring calculation when playing pass and play or face to face and using the Economy Progress token. The first time that we noticed this, we had the Progress token and our son was getting paid instead of us when he would have had to pay for cards. He ended the game with more than 50 coins! During another game, we once again had the Economy token and our daughter was getting random large amounts of coins for selling cards. Please fix this! This game is due for an update!

The app is awesome when playing vs AI but duel with a friend seems to have issues. We play but never can finish a game because it says someone quit but neither of us did. Please fix! :(

We wanted to enjoy this with our partner but our very first game suddenly ended after a random unexplained disconnect. We came on here only to discover that this is a common problem. Its a shame, because we were looking forward to playing this. We wish we would have known that 2 player had this blocking error before we purchased this.

This is the only app review we have ever made, and am taking the time in hopes the developer will take note and fix the serious issue that holds it back from being amazing… NO SAVE STATE! There is simply no way to save or resume progress, even against AI opponents. To say it mathematically: (No way to save) + (Frequent random CRASHING) = (Frustration) + (Anger) + (Mental Anguish) + (Vexation)^(Nth Degree) we love playing this game but its fraying our sanity. Please, we are begging you, spare our fragile mental state and make it AUTO-SAVE PROGRESS against AIs! Whats Great: we have the physical tabletop game, and find the AI in the app to be a worthy opponent. Very enjoyable to relatively quickly play a game against a decent opponent in like half the time as the physical version. We consider myself pretty good, but the AI still wins about a third of the time WHEN we CAN ACTUALLY FINISH. Whats Inexcusable: Therein lies the atrocious Achilles heel of this app… It crashes about every 3 games! And it does not save the state of your game so it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick up where you left off. This is inexcusable! It is so incredibly frustrating… Imagine youve been playing for 20 min, carefully outwitting a competent AI move by move. You are a few builds away from winning and then POOF! All gone! Like a third of the time. You also cant pause it for the same reason. We seldom have 20 uninterrupted minutes to play games… Why not pause against an AI? Absolutely no reason for it. Being able to set aside and then resume a long strategy game at will is the key reason we like to play AIs. STABILITY is nice of course. Totally eliminating crashing bugs in a complex multi platform codebase is impossible, but it should be BETTER. We wouldnt care so much if we could just pick up where we left off each time. In short, the inability to RESUME your game is totally inexcusable. Saving the state after each move, to recover a game in event of a crash, or otherwise be able to return to it later should be TRIVIAL addition that would make this a solid 4 STAR app for sure. How to get the extra Star? CONFIGURABLE AI. Most App adaptations of tabletop games we enjoy (San Juan, Carcassonne, Mancala, etc.) feature multiple AI personalities, or have at LEAST two difficulty settings. Sometimes we like to play on an easier setting to explore / refine new strategies, or play a less mentally taxing game before going to bed. Other times we want to challenge deep blue and see if we can out-Kasparov Watson. We absolutely loathe mindless game apps (e.g. Candy crush and the countless ilk of pointless games designed to fuel ad content or in-app purchases). Our idea of a light and breezy bedtime game is a quality tabletop adaptation where you can set the AI to play like a smart 5th grader. At a bare minimum, Id love a Watson or 5th grader AI setting. But more intermediate options, including perhaps different personalities (e.g. Some that favor Science, or Military, or Production, or Economy, etc) would add significant replay-ability to better explore all the nuances of what, at its core, is an exceptional strategy game.

The big problem is that you have to finish a game or it completely forgets the game state and you have to start over. How is that acceptable? This is made worse by the fact that the app crashes mid-game. We found the graphics hard to read as well and the colors are a bit dingy. But the major problem is the amnesia.

This would be a 5 star as we love this game but it is rigged so you cant win by military. We finally was about to recently and it crashed. The AI knows what its doing. It either rigs the cards or crashes. We will give 5 star if it just lets us win by military one time. All we ask. Dont stack the cards and lose by military like a man.

Can not adjust difficulty of AI, we have lost every single game. Skip it and buy the physical copy. Its a great game but this is a trash app.

If youre thinking of playing this on an iPhone (I have a XS Max), dont even bother. The icons are too small and you wont be able to drag the cards to your playing area before the timer runs out and the game automatically trashes the card for coin.

This is a great digital adaptation of this game. It looks beautiful and the functionality is all there. Holding on your and opponents bag to see cost of cards is great. Early bugs seem to be resolved in the first 2 updates. Would like end scoring chart to have a mark that shows military or science victory. Less taps to get to statistics would be nice. The opponents gold icon is yellow which seems to be a mistake. Would also like a way to see which cards were used for building wonders.

This feels very true to the original game for us. We have no problems with the interface, but we can see how some folks might. A lot of fun to play an AI 5 times as many games in the time it takes to play one physical game. What we want to know is when is Pantheon coming out as an in-app upgrade?! :) please please please.

This is our husbands and our favorite 2-player board game to play at home, so when we got this digital version we were so pumped. We ended up playing it on an airplane, and the time flew by! Sometimes the digital translation of a tabletop game can feel a little clunky, but this is absolutely not the case with this! We love the digital tabletop theyve created, and the mechanics are intuitive and easy to learn. We also really appreciate that they add up your victory points along the way so you have a real time representation of how much your opponent is winning by, or visa versa. Kudos to the creators for making a favorite tabletop game available on the go!

Im loving it but putting the game in the background on iPhone XR forfeits an online game. Cant wait for async feature! Nice work though definitely putting this one on the iPad to play locally.

So this is one of our favorite games of all time but the app needs a LOT of work. Its very frustrating to play. First – if youre playing an online game with a friend, if either of you accidentally closes your phone you automatically lose the game as it disconnects. Thats crazy bad design. Asynchronous play is not a feature – it should be a requirement or its almost unplayable. Second – the actual play of the game results in a ton of mistakes which is VERY frustrating. You cant undo anything. We’ve had the game seem like it is auto selling cards – and every time we’ve played its very finicky in how precisely you have to drag cards or you get an unintended result. It would be much better if you just clicked on a card and then had 3 options – buy, sell, or build wonder. Right now it just feels bad.

Lover of the game, the app is relatively smooth and intuitive, however, the game keeps breaking. If we try to sell a card, the coin symbol gets stuck over the money bag and the whole game locks up. Hard to climb ELO when over half our losses are unintentional forfeits. We have an iPhone 10x, not sure why youre apps dont run right on relatively up to date tech. We were skeptical of this app when the source page is all in Spanish. 2 stars for the love of the game. Cant give any more since you cant make your game run right. Nathan.

Great game in the paper version. However, despite some decent art, the general UI is poor in mobile translation. The reason we are giving it 1 star is that the multiplayer – the reason we bought the game – simply doesnt work. You can only play while in the game – no popping out for messages – and theres a range of annoying glitches. The lack of attention to quality is obvious, right down to messages like opponent has leaved game.

This is a great implementation of 7 wonders duel in mobile platform. We really enjoy it. Good job and big thanks to the developers. We hope you will launch pantheon expansion soon.

Great port but we hate having to hold our iPad in portrait orientation. Fix this per Apple standards for portrait/landscape. What compelling reason is there for a developer to FORCE a particular aspect ratio? It’s annoying. This isn’t 2011.

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