911 Emergency Dispatcher

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:53 pm

911 Emergency Dispatcher


911 Emergency Dispatcher is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, 911 Emergency Dispatcher is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 2nd December 2020 with the latest update 22nd April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


113,933 people have rated 1.86

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Simulation game about quickly dispatching the help needed for every emergency you receive. You are responsible to make the best decisions to help the people.

Progress throughout the new scenarios and situations!

Updated on 22nd April 2022

fixes and improvements

911 Emergency Dispatcher Review

So we played it yesterday and we just cant stop playing this game.

So u players this is high quality.

We just want to say this game is fun but we wouldnt recommend people that want to be a cop when they get older to download this app for practice. A LIST OF COMPLAINTS BELOW!!! -1 or 2 ads after every level -A little slow -not really realistic -a little creepy emergency levels something Thats all our complaints! Hopefully whoever made this game sees our review and gets back with us as soon as they can. THANK YOU!!!

Hello, This is a great game one thing is we would like there to be less adds, in the game. And also little better on the loading because the lag in not really fun, but you got us kinged to it.

We would have rated it a five star but there are soooooo many adds. It drives us crazy. Other than that though it is a very fun and good quality game.

Hi this game is very fun but you have wayyyy to many adds we understand adds is the way U make most of ur money buy it is getting to the point where it is ridiculous and we cant even enjoy playing the game. Do better!

Half of the time spent playing this game you are watching ads.

You cant save anyone with this many ads slowing you down.

Too many ads. You cant enjoy the game because of it!

There is soo many adds after every level!!!


We love the game but they have to many ads.

We think this game is a 10/10 and very fun being a dispatcher. But its 1 thing we want to change and that is to have more than 1 caller because its more hard we like hardness lol this is a good game you did a great job!

Love the game but if it dont stop having ads every 20 seconds then Im gonna stop playing it it has more ad time than it does play time.

This game is really fun but theres too many ads.

Great game love it thank you for the intertament.

First, the only reason Im giving this over one star is because of the mini games and the clothing and to be up here However Im wondering why you cant get a freaking cat down a tree. But you call Animal control to go Come here, boy/girl. And swings his arm as a command. What the heck is UFO patrol? We mean we can get the Central Intelligence Agency But UFO patrol or DINOJEEP Id Love to see the DINOJEEP team/squad and you have a 0.9248473% chance of a second mini game And plus theres an add after everything for example: every 3-8 upgrades you need to watch an add, every 1-2 games an add, to upgrade your service an add, 0.948% chance that after 5 games you dont get one add. And why do you need to call animal control because his/her fish is drowning and why dont you get to dispatch the police for prank calls because in America where we come from Im pretty sure prank calls can mean jail time if called emergency services an example of how we feel about this game is like falling from the finish line to the bottom without saving inside getting over it And we watched 5 additional adds due to: good Internet (just to upgrade our units) too much advertisement this will mean a lot less attraction to this game if you play for 24 hours you will get 200-3,000 adds. And stop the free upgrades, please, If we swipe out the dang game Its still there and it seems to infect others- it starts the free stuff for all units.

Besides the ads after every level,its good, Im not a stupid bot if we were we wouldnt be saying that its good even better but, its an okay game.

So cool of a game we love it too much 5 stars.

It just the ads that are annoying thats it other than that it is a good game.

This game is really fun and entertaining how is it entertaining well let us tell you. We decided that we wanted to see this game! Than we played 3 times and it kept us entertained! What we really like is the prank calls and also when you get a prank call you get to write a message to the boss by taping! What we really dont like is the ads coming so much but its fine because we saw a ad and saw this game so we downloaded so we are fine with ads so you can find new games to entertain your self! Well thats it! Also important message.. DOWNLOAD IT! Ok bye!

Hi Im Emma Giam this is the best game you should try it but theres one thing we dont like about it and its really good though but theres one thing its how its not really good for like four years and two years to be on it.

Its overall an awesome game, really. And we bet everyones saying the same thing, which it is, we do have a problem though. We’ve been playing this game recently, very creative, entertaining, and addictive. Its an amazing and great example for kids to observe to learn the reality and how to be prepared as they grow, and puts a good mindset growth development as well This problem is kind of major, the problem is, the game is creative, a good choice, but think of it like this, You put your effort into homework, but you took too many breaks and time, that you just gave up and forgotten all about it. Now, think of it as the HOMEWORK being the role of the Game. Now think of the breaks As the ADS!! People are sick of ads, be the first game to remove them Thanks so much, hope you read this and remember that many online players LOVE your game! – J * P.

This game is fun, it’s not hard and you can have a generally good time playing this. However, at some points it will slowly and sometimes even just freeze. We’ve gotten this on multiple devices so we know it’s not just our phone. Also, the amount of ads is ridiculous. We’ll do one dispatch and we’ll get an ad, then it’ll show us the next car we get, just as an example let’s say it’s the Animal Control. We’ll level that up then it’ll give us TWO more ads. We think this game would be so much better if you leveled put the ads. Other than that this game is amazing we would recommend this if you are fine withs ads.

We think its okay but Im not sure.

Ok. It was fun at first, then when all the fake stuff came in like the zombies and ghost stuff, made it not fun. Please take them out and add real things.

There are so many ads on this game its nuts. After every dispatch there is an ad, and it has came to a point where the games not fun to play.

,the only reason that we bothered to write this review is because of level 35. Its inappropriate. We dont wanna be Miss Karen, because 1. Karens are stupid. 2. Karens are brats (and Im not talking about anyone named Karen). The level starts of with Hey sexy! And we forgot what was after one of the options to click on, but if you click on one or the other it says, youre so HOT our zippers falling for you. We highly recommend this app, but make sure to supervise your children on this level. Thanks, Your fellow sick (allergies are killing us lol) gamer. Edit: Hey yall, nice talking 2 you, but the only reason that Im writing is to let you know that this app is hot garbage. There is no nice way to say this. So, we clicked on 15 or younger for the ads so we didnt get spammed with sexist crap, but we saw an ad for a dating app. Come on! We also saw an ad that showed a strip club and a women in a bikini. This is offensive to us as a women and all women out there. To all the men out there, how would you like it if we stripped you down and forced you to do inappropriate stuff? We are furious. Also, we got the same level for level 35 and the level said to us, Your body is made of 70% water and Im thirsty. So, until you fix this, we are deleting this sh*t! Also, the levels repeat a lot, so Imma throw that out there. Signed, a furious and offended gamer. P.S. If the creator fixes this, we maybe, just maybe, might download again.

There are way too many ads in this game.

We had had thing Game for about an 1hour kid us out 2 times. After we take a call we have an ad.

Its was okay. There were a lot of ads and it was really slow. In between every mission we would get a very long ad. Then after the 30 sec ad ended the game would be VERY slow. This also slowed down our phone. Maybe its best to get this app if like your looking for ads every single second but if your not we wouldnt recommend.

There is many adds if we just send one dispatch it goes straight to a add we would recommend but if your not patient like us this might be a little frustrating for you.

Crashes a lot and sometimes its just a black screen, to many adds, like a lot of other games.

We feel like Im getting pretty straight up annoyed by ads, after every dispatch, AD, AFTER EVERY WRITING THING, A D S. We need help, thi shame has potential.

We know this is a pretty short review but we just got this app and there were already like 3 ads! The game is also not good. The quality is not too good and the ads are too much!