A Tiny Game of Pong

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A Tiny Game of Pong


A Tiny Game of Pong is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Matt Wiechec, A Tiny Game of Pong is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th February 2016 with the latest update 10th October 2018

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


65 people have rated 1.2

You can download the game A Tiny Game of Pong from APP STORE.


The tiniest game of pong for your Apple Watch. Play the game that everyone is calling the best Apple Watch app yet.

A Tiny Game of Pong brings the classic ‘70s game to your Apple Watch. Compete with friends for high scores in endless arcade mode, or try to beat your opponent in a classic, best of three, match. Featuring: responsive Digital Crown controls, two unique game modes, Game Center integration, and ten custom theme colors; A Tiny Game of Pong is sure to bring back a little nostalgia to your heart.

The app plays standalone on the Apple Watch or while paired with an iPhone for added functionality. To get you started the basic game features our fast paced arcade mode – an endless game with an unbeatable opponent. Last as long as you humanly can and you may take the top spot on our worldwide Game Center leaderboard.

For players who wish to unlock the in-app upgrade (now available for free!), they’ll get the classic playoff mode – one versus one against a stead fast AI opponent in a best of three match. Leaderboards are available here too, tallying your total wins. The in-app upgrade also unlocks ten custom theme colors like red, green, or blue, to match the style and color of your Apple Watch band. As a bonus we’ll also present you with a Supporter Badge on our leaderboards as a thank you for supporting the games development.

Featured on: TechCrunch, Mashable, CNET, Cult of Mac, MacRumors, 9to5Mac, Engadget, Product Hunt, Uncrate, MobileSyrup, and many more.


  • Responsive Analog Controls – turn the Digital Crown to move your paddle.
  • Two Unique Game Modes – endless Arcade and Classic playoff mode.
  • Compete with friends for high scores with Game Center integration on Apple Watch.
  • Personalize your game to your Apple Watch band style with ten theme colors.
  • Plays standalone without iPhone.


  • You need an Apple Watch to play :)

Updated on 10th October 2018

Updated to support Apple Watch Series 4 and the latest iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

A Tiny Game of Pong Reviews

This is the most entertaining app on the Apple Watch! For example, if you were bored you could play on that app and you wouldnt need your phone to do so!! This app is amazing and we would like to see more.

We like to open this casually as a fidget on our watch play a little pong on our desk or waiting in line or whatever, it does its job well and Im more than pleased with this app.

Fun to play when you have a few minutes to burn.

The game is great, however setting it up on the Apple Watch was quite confusing to figure out as the app would not appear in the Watch App.

Unfortunately it seems we’re stuck on the same score despite gains in returned balls.


We love that how when you are bored, you can just turn on your watch! We also love the new update. We have one friend on Facebook and we shared it to only that person and got ALL OF THE COLORS UNLOCKED!!! Buy this app it’s worth it.

This is by far the best game we have ever had on our ap! Highly recommend!

Who would’ve thought that something as simple as pong would be so fun on the Apple Watch. Keep up the good work, and love the colours once you share to unlock the classic features.

This game is amazing. It is compatible with the Apple Watch.

This is one of our favorite games on our Apple Watch. It is good for passing the time and is very addicting. The creators certainly did a good job.

Love to play this during classes and in our free time on our Apple watch.

Super fun! Controls work well!

Perfect for play on the watch. Great for use of the Digital Crown.

It is a very nice game to play on your watch but we would like to see more theme colors unlocked other ways.

We absolutely love this game. If we just need to kill a minute or two we can look down and start playing Pong on our watch. Our only issue is that notifications interrupt your game, and either make you miss the ball or it’ll cause the paddle to lag and miss the ball. Outside of that. Great game!

This tiny game really uses the Apple Watch interface in a great way. It’s simple and fun. The only thing we could ask for would be more colors for the ball and paddles and more gamemodes.

Simple and fun!!! It become laggy sometimes!!!

We would love the option to rotate the game 90 degrees so that the paddle was adjacent to the watch’s bezel. It may just be us, but it hurts our brain to spin up and down to make the paddle move left and right.

There are times when we swear the ball is going right through our paddle. Also it does lag at times, which is probably a hardware issue.

It doesn’t offer much, but is fun. It should be 99 cents MAX.

The game of pong has terrible graphics, an extra hard and confusing way of controlling the paddle, and it is unlikely that you will score above twenty before a month of playing it. It took us, an amazing gamer, almost two months to score 46 points on the arcade mode. You have to buy the classic version and the color wheel for $0.99. Don’t get pong unless you want to waste your time and your money.

Might be great but they force you to review, purchase in app and log into Game Center in order to play. Nope.

This is the best Apple Watch game made so far. Developers have yet to take advantage of game opportunities on the watch such as this and a Brick Breaker type game.

The reason why this is a classic game cause its still fun! Good app to have on Apple Watch. Always a conversation piece when someone catches us playing it.

Great job on this app. Love playing it in our watch!

This is like the best game for the Apple Watch so far! Would be cool if the developer made more of this mini games!

The Apple Watch was made for little games like this. It’s so simple but fun and addicting! I’d love to see more little improvements or game modes, or even more colors to match the Sport bands and casings. We also hope you guys make more fun time killing games for the Apple Watch, not just Pong. But well done!

We love it it is simple and fun, and it takes great advantage of watch OS 2.

The black and white color pattern looks clean on the Watch’s OLED display. We have a hard time putting this game down, it’s simple yet difficult. Can’t ask for more from a Watch game!

This is a really well-done Watch game; probably one of the best we’ve seen thus far. Thanks!

The biggest disappointment with Apple Watch is the lack-luster apps, particularly with the games. This is the first game (or app, for that matter) that we’ve really gotten excited about!

Like. But needs the classic sound to go with it.

This is easily the best game for the Watch. Finally a game that everyone knows how to play and isn’t another puzzle game.

Great game that truly entertains!!

We feel like everybody is saying the same thing but we think this is the best game for Apple Watch so far.

Might be our favorite watch app so far! Fun way to pass the time… And kinda addicting too! :)

We love old fashioned games such as this one. This is perfect for Apple Watch. We only wish we could play it on our phone also. No one will even notice when your playing this game on the watch .

Best game ever played on our apple watch!! But!! We wish there are more modes and when we play it sometimes the ball statters! We wish its more smoother! We hope you guys do these changes and do more apple watch apps because its the first time we’ve seen such a good game on the apple watch.

They need to allow the paddles to be on the sides, with movement aligned with how the Digital Crown moves. Otherwise it’s perfect!

Honestly one of the best games for the Apple Watch due to its simplicity and how well it uses the crown to its advantage. The only problem we have with the game is that sometimes the ball and AI lag slightly. Not sure if it’s the Watch’s limitation or the game itself is not fully optimized.

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