Age of History II

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Age of History II


Age of History II is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lukasz Jakowski Games, Age of History II is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th May 2019 with the latest update 6th November 2020

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,801 people have rated 34

You can download the game Age of History II from APP STORE.


Age of History II is a grand strategy wargame that is simple to learn yet hard to master.

Your objective is to use military tactics and cunning diplomacy to either unify the world, or conquer it.
Will the world bleed out or bow before you? The choice is yours..

Approach to the History
Age of History II goes through the whole history of humanity, Age by Age, beginning in the Age of Civilizations and leading into the far future.

Historical Grand Campaign
Play as many Civilizations ranging from the largest empire to the smallest tribe, and lead your people to glory in a campaign spanning thousands of years from the dawn of civilization to the future of mankind

Main Features

Detailed map of the world with many historical borders
Deeper diplomatic system between Civilizations
Peace treaties
Create own History using in-game editors
Hotseat, play with as many players as Civilizations in scenario!
Terrain Types
More detailed diversity of Populations
End game timelapses

Create own world and play it!
Scenario Editor, create own historical or alternate history scenarios!
Civilization Creator
Flag maker
Wasteland Editor

Updated on 6th November 2020

Bug fixes

Age of History II Reviews

It needs a update. Good game.

Game is super good and Im glad to see that the developer or developers (whatever it is idk if theres only one person or many people) are kinda updating the game a little bit with bug fixes. But sadly nothing major yet except for the fact that the name was changed to Age of History II. We and probably some other people are waiting for something huge like maybe tanks and infantry and naval or planes instead of numbers and maybe recourses and possibly make it we bit more strategic ( Im not hating on the game or demanding these to happen Im just giving some ideas) but otherwise really great game.

Its an amazing game and we’ve spent days on this app,you have so many options,the gameplay is very good on some iPads and bad on others but, we think the best thing in this game is the scenario editor,and the civilization creator.

This is undoubtedly an amazing game its basically like Hearts of Iron 4 on mobile. There are some things that need to be fixed. The event maker needs to be fixed cause the events dont fire and they dont work at all. And make it so you can make images for your custom leaders and make more options for custom flags. Also make it so you can change the population and economy of countries. Other than that this is an awesome game we love playing it and have made lots of custom scenarios, we think if these problems we listed were fixed it would make the game a lot more better also add mods!

Thats and a World War we scenario and thats we know we could make a scenario but Im just Im lazy add and a cold war scenario.

Like we just said its a really good game and its fun to play, but the bugs can be annoying, we were continuing our game and then it crashed for some reason and now it makes us play as a different civilization.

We think this game is really underrated, not only do you get to play any nation you want, you can also create nations and even scenarios at will. The only problem is that we cant get into the game anymore, maybe its just a little problem thatll be fixed, but one of the only reasons why we wrote this is because of that very problem. In conclusion, Awesome game, annoying bugs.

Add Antartica,sealand,vatican,san marino and jersey plz.

Ok so we love this game and the age of history Europe it is our favorite game. Though we have an idea for ports and armories. First ports should be able to make ships like trade ships or warships. And for the armories they should have like weapon selection that you can arm your army with in that province. Besides that it is the best game we have ever played. Hope you consider! Also add like airfields for air force and they can make planes and you have like air divisions. At least fort ww2 and modern. Thanks.

We really want a #3, why, 2 is getting old now and we want some new things you know, we want a feature where you can tell multiple armys AT ONCE to attack with out your assistant, like Rise of nations, where you tell them to attack a country that youer at war with and boom the ai acts like a a. We when you don’t control it, where it automatically changes the army direction depending what happened, also more scenarios plsss, and more buildings and upgrades, like tanks, planes, or blimps, war ships, and even Nukes, it would make the investment in upgrade of army very interesting, also, more planets, maybe mars, or moon would be nice, its not necessary like the other one but again it would be nice, but yeah, this would be a great overhaul, this game came out 3 years ago, soon 4 all we want it more.

IT is the best game ever e love it 5 stars S can finally take over the world.

We love the game and all it would be fun if it was up to date but it crashes sometimes and has some bugs overall good.

It really isnt that in-depth of a strategy game. That doesnt matter though, because it’s perfect for a mobile game. The addition of an in game editor allows basically infinite replayability.

When we first got this game we thought it was going to be bad but it is not.

This game is very fun to play but constantly throwing your men at the enemy can get very dull very fast there needs to be more options for ways to attack Im talking making your own strategies to beat your enemy and there should be a option to make soldiers who specialize in particular tasks and soldiers like navy seals who are just amazing at every task at hand and special forces like the German gsg 9 who specialized in counterterrorism. There needs to be different kinds of units like for example having soldiers with things like tanks, armored vehicles, reconnaissance planes, air support if possible, naval support if possible just different units that can make all the difference in a battle just like real life. Also strategy and tactics should be a optimized in this game considering it focuses on taking over the world for example the player should have the ability to make their own tactics along with default options for younger players, it would be amazing to have something like this so we can make groundbreaking movements like blitzkrieg when the Germans used refuges to slow down the allies and encircle the soldiers and destroyed most of the frances best soldiers just like that and it would make the game more realistic how some battles can be won even without strength in numbers but by training, experience, and command.

The game is very fun but we think it needs an update. Its a little laggy and we think the addition of new types of governments and maps would be very good add to this game.

It is cool being able as any nation to defeat world nations and become the globe superpower and do a world conquest playing as England and having a union with Portugal was awesome being able to do.

This one of our best games ever on a mobile device we play this game every chance we get. We would love it even more if it was more in depth of the game more control of the economy trading goods etc but over all best game ever.

So we would like to hear some more war music and some happy music because most of the music is sad and not a lot are war music. Also the game its great just a few bugs like the one that crashes your game or another bug but we would like it if u added a new Scenario called WW1 or World War 2 or World War || . Well however you want the game to be its your game so make more stuff on Youtube and the game you made! Also please make a new game thats like the other but its South America. Please make more and more of your games Im a fan of your work now also. P.S. Please add nukes and stuff.

If you want to feel like the leader of a country, want a god strategy game , or are just looking for a game we recommend this game. Its incredibly made.

We know you added world war 1 to age of history Europe but it would be nice if you would also add it to the normal version please.

It need 2 things, mongol empire formable nation, and you can form continents like North America, Europe, etc.

Being able to do everything but lagging a lot but we would recommend this app or game to anyone who loves history.

We cant play one match with out it freezing or kicking us out of the match, then when we join back we cant do anything.

Please Im Begging add multiplayer to this game it would make it so fun to be able to hop on with friends and take over the world.

So its a fun game its glichy But the only one we know is the ona that it crashes but we get so far in the game more than 50 Turns Also for the second critical review you have to click on their land or if you cant Take all province make em a vassal Then get relations Lower than 10 Then Send a ultimatum Easy as that.

Age of history 2 is extremely fun but it needs a few updates.

If your a history nerd like us, we would highly recommend to get his game, its only about 3$, and is very fun.

We love the game but can you add more date times.

We have gotten hours of enjoyment out of this game. This game is fairly easy to grasp the initial concept; however, we are constantly learning new things in it. For beginners we have one piece of advice, invest in your economy!

We Love This Game So Much as we love the roman and wwii era and other eras like napoleonic wars and we like editing our era but we wanna suggest new eras like TNO or other stuff anyways if your reading this this is one of the best Conquest Games Ever.

Please rename Swaziland to Eswatini and Kazakhstans capital (Astana) to Nur-Sultan, also rename Nagorno-Karabakh Republic to Artsakh. Also August comes before September. EDIT: Add the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

We would love if you added nuke listen we know its unrealistic but it would be cool also you would need to be in a certain era and have max research.

Similar to AOC2, it has cool mechanics. And, it even have the right province shapes.

Its kind of annoying when we go to war we have like starvation like in real life can we like have a mold where we can not have starvation on.

One of the best games we ever played if we could give 6 stars we would.

We want a world war 1 map pls add it.

We just wanna say this game is amazing, it already has a lot of great scenarios and you can make your own which is really cool but idk why he changed the name the Civilizations in the game and changed it to History, Age of History doesnt sound as cool as Age of Civilizations.

We love this game but the things we wish they would add is ww1 why have ww2 but not ww1.

The fact that we love this game is because it doesnt really have story mode and its really hard to understand the game at first but when you play the game more and more you will know where the thing are for example our finger already know where the buttons are idk how but this game is the funnest for us we rate it a 5 star game if your into war and history.

We love this game and cant play a single day without it. Well, we can, we just play it everyday. Also, you forgot to add the Danube. We would love the Danube to be in the game. We have encountered a few glitches, like being kicked out of the game, the app not letting us edit games, and map editor not working.

Its an amazing game but its too buggy and glitchy. We would like to see more done with this game like adding new governments and new scenarios and fixing some bugs but the first 2 are the most important. Please continue to update and make this game better. Its on the edge of being one of the best games ever (in our opinion). It just needs a little extra additional things to make it legendary.

The game is just like Ho4 Although not the same concept, Its very fun and addicting you can really get attracted to it and easy to understand what your doing. And only for 3, Dollars Ho4 is around 30, Plus the Pc if you dont have one. Suggest getting.

This game we will sit and play for hours upon end we think its such a fun game and we love that its NOT an easy victory at all and takes lots and lots of time to learn and master.

Just need we think unions should tear apart, cvill war and revolution, more map.

This game is good overall, but there are some mistakes in it such as September is before August, even though it should be August before September. Also to make the game better you should add more advanced units such as tanks, planes, nukes, etc.

It is super good and has all that we could ever want! Thank you and please come back to updating it.

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