Airplane Crash Madness Game

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 05:25 pm

Airplane Crash Madness Game

Airplane Crash Madness Game

Airplane Crash Madness Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fun to Mass Games FZE, Airplane Crash Madness Game is a Simulation game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 14th November 2021 with the latest update 20th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Racing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Airplane Crash Madness Game ?

1,790 people have rated 2.0.2

What is the price of the Airplane Crash Madness Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Airplane Crash Madness Game released ?

Airplane Crash Madness Game was released on 14th November 2021.

When was the Airplane Crash Madness Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Airplane Crash Madness Game on 20th March 2023.

Where can Airplane Crash Madness Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Airplane Crash Madness Game from Apple Official App Store.



Airplane Crash Madness is a new and much more realistic version of the most fun and exciting ramp car jumping games you ever played! This crazy destruction game won’t feel like a simulator but like a real world full of unpredictable turns and mad rides. Airplane Crash Madness offers you a combination of the most fun gameplay activities you can imagine: 3D Airplane destruction, real feel jumping, flying, truck crashing and so much more.

Airplane Crash Madness is a lifelike Airplane crash game that will blow your mind. Сlimb up and down the hill, practise Airplane flying, turn upside down, and find your way out of nowhere? Does it sound good? Show us your car jumping skills now!

Avoid a complete Airplane smash and make sure you get to the destination point on time. There is no time left to follow all these silly traffic rules and regulations. You better drive your ramp stunt Airplane FAST! Estimate the distance, turn around, jump big, get into a Airplane crusher mode and accelerate at a maximum speed! Collect coins on each game level, unlock all kinds of transportation and improve it.

That’s not another monotonic Airplane destruction game! You will get a chance to try more than 80 cool vehicles as you progress through the game. Switch between a pickup truck, racing car, and even a jet fighter!

Find loot boxes on your way to the customers and get new equipment to bring your Airplane wrecking experience to the new level. Customize and upgrade your vehicles. The further you go in the crashing simulator, the more exciting it gets.

Just barrel your vehicle as fast and far as you can, and don’t worry how badly it breaks or how big of a mess it makes! Airplane Crash Madness is a fun crash simulator at its best — enjoy car wrecking and stunt jumping. It’s the craziest crash drive experience in your life.

Show us how far can you jump and how far can you go?!

What’s special about a big jump Airplane game Airplane Crash Madness :

Thoroughly Tailored Lifelike 3D Graphic Design
Crazy Airplane jumping, ramp stunts and car crashing
Hilarious Car Crushing Mechanics
Simple Gameplay
Great Landscapes and Recognizable Locations
Cars, Trucks and Buses of All Kinds
New Crash Simulator Levels – New Challenges!

Airplane Crash Madness is a realistic car crash game that you will enjoy. That sound of breaking trees and car smashing will make you come back again and again. Take control of the crazy descent from the hill. Boost jump, demolish the way to the city and deliver packages to customers. Enjoy a car crushing game experience at its best!

Welcome to the world of crushing and car destroying games!

Are you a fan of Airplane crash simulator games? We bet you will love this one. Download the app today and give it a try!

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Updated on 20th March 2023

Minor changes and bug fixes

Airplane Crash Madness Game Review

Game is amazing, helps with stress a lot but pleaseeeeee, release more maps!!! Im done with the game.

It works now after the update, yayyyyyy.

Good fun game over all not too many ads hopefully it stays that way.

Fun to pass the time, nothing works and no point in getting more fuel, nowhere to go.

To many ads but other then that we find it a good way to kill some time at work.

One day we were scrolling on youtube, and we got a pop up ad that showed a game where a plane crashed and went through the airport and destroyed every inch of where it originally entered. So we downloaded this game so we could fly the planes into building and objects causing them to get destroyed. Fast forward to when we first started playing the game, we were learning the grind of upgrading your fuel, cash flow, and engine and while doing that you would crash into the small buildings and trees in the mountains that would get destroyed upon impact leaving you hyped for the bottom of the map to where the actual city was located. After finally grinding to the levels where you could reach the city buildings, all you do is bounce off them leaving your plane the only thing in shambles. Really big upset with this game, we feel cheated because we spent $5 on no ads and $4 on the starter kit with the planes and now im bouncing off building with a cargo plane.

Got all the way through the whole game been waiting for this update for a long time. Starting to feel like the developer has given up. Was a fun game to play while sitting and waiting. But wouldnt say its anything special. But we did keep us entertained in transit or in between meetings. But since we’ve beaten the whole thing and have been waiting for the update we havent touched it.

Its a fun game if you like to watch a ad every 2 min.

The entire purpose of this game is to get the user to purchase the full version. The game DOES NOT look anything like the videos shown above. Stat away from this game.

This game is simply a pay to win. Each time you take off it guides you where it wants to go. When you decide to buy upgrades, it gives you a boost except when you buy extra cash upgrade which makes you go slower. The devs just want money they’re not interested in how fun the game is because it’s boring.

Game is terrible. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Id give it less than 1 stars if we could. Greedy idiots just looking for money have to ruin everything. FJB.

You pay the $5 to get advertisement free gameplay but it still shows ads! This should be taken off the App Store! SCAM!!!!

The only thing you can do is press the gas which goes out after pressure no the screen for less than a second. We just downloaded to try it out. You immediately are met with a pay 5$ A WEEK for all the features uhhhh what? Then some kind of plane pack for 7$ plus the game gives you ads almost every other attempt. The developer clearly didnt give a crap and said they were gonna make the lamest game and try to charge people as much as they could. Even the upgrades for the plane feel like they dont matter. Doesnt make the plane much better at all even at level 30 motor and gas. Im uninstalling this pathetic excuse of a game. Just wanted to tell anyone who may read this, this game isnt worth it lol dont reward this developer by paying for this doodoo.

Fix the invisible wall you cheap dildos stop showing us ads every four seconds if your not gonna let us advance in the level fairly holeasses.

Every. Click. Is. An. Ad. Do. Not. Download. They also alter the physics of the game so once you get close to the goal line the plane just magically falls straight down instead of being sling shot like it does at the beginning. This game should be banned for consumers due to the horrible quality and scam they are running for ads.

Game looks cool but ready the privacy notice your people are giving them rights to your information to be claimed as theirs. Stuff about your device, geolocation, and in the fine print all data they can claim rights to. Pitty.

We have beaten the first level and earned some cars but the game will not allow us to download them as it says we have no internet. The ads all seem to work and we downloaded the game just fine but says we have no internet to download cars or maps.

Quit fleecing people with ur garbage app and fix restore purchases.

Same thing over and over.. And no matter how much $ you spend or adds you watch to increase fuel or engine.. Still have to play each level same number of times to advance.. Geared just to make you watch the adds. Deleting it now.

There are more ads than game. And no directions whatsoever.

Other than that its a great game cant stop playing.

Yes, too many ads and nothing downloads. But we just got addicted to it for whatever reason. Took 2 hours of closing it and reopening it after every few tries because it was faster than watching the ads but we have over $600k, Extra Cash is at level 217, Fuel is at level 151, and engine is at 101. We just wanted to get to the other side of the city. But theres an invisible wall that blocks you at the mountains. It was very underwhelming, at first, until you find out you can go over it to find an invisible platform you can land on. Our best is 1850m but youll fall off the map after that. Please fix the downloadable content issue so we can play on other maps, looking forward to exploring.

Please fix the bug so we can play on new maps and new vehicles. We love the game but we cant stay stuck on the first map forever. It wont let us download the new maps and says we have no wifi even though we do. Great Game nonetheless just hope for yall to fix bug so we can play more.

Less ads would be preferred but other than that great game!

Ever since about 21 years ago in 2001 we’ve been a big fan of plane crashes. This game has let us enjoy the thing we love most.

The game is super fun. After buying no ads, the game is unable to download anything. We can only play the first map and use first vehicle. It says no internet, we’ve deleted it and redownloaded it multiple times. Even upgraded to iPhone 12 and still doesnt work.

Love the game cant load next level. Please fix it. Be willing to spend money if we could progress.

For the time we’ve put into it we’ve had fun, but when we beat the first world we couldnt make anymore progress, it wouldnt download even though Im connected to the internet. Please fix this so we can continue playing this game.

The game is actually kinda fun at first. The gameplay is really cool and the basis is to upgrade your plane to make it go farther. Already though; when we completed the first world, It doesnt let us play the second one?? So we cant even play the game anymore Im stuck on the first world now. Also, the car model doesnt even load in. For both, it says downloading and it never does download. So only install if you want a game to play for like 10-30 minutes.

Its fun and the ads dont really bug us bc you can close them pretty quickly, but we cant get past the first map because nothing will download! It just says No Internet we’ve tried on different Wi-Fi connections and nothing.

This is a fun game, our only problem with this is that we cant download the new maps or vehicles on Wi-Fi or our network data. Would be great if you guys could fix this.

Wont let you download anything!

To the creators and editors of this game.. PLEASE make it so you can destroy everything, all buildings! This game is fun and has a ton of potential, we bought the $4.99 ad removal but we feel we wasted our money cause of the lack of detail towards the game once you get past the first hill nothing smashes. If we knew that before we put money into the game we would have never paid to remove the ads, Id like a refund.

Its a fun game, but had to give it 3 stars because even though you unlocked stuff the game glitches where youre unable to use it.

Love the game but cant play past the first level do to it saying no internet. We clearly have internet.

When we finish the first level, we were gonna go to the next level but it said no Internet but we did have Internet.

The no internet problem is pretty annoying. Cant play any level except the first one and can only use the first 2 unlocked vehicles. Nothing else will download.

The game just decided it doesnt have internet when we try to play new maps so Im just stuck playing this one till they fix this.

Its a fun game but you cant get to the second map even once youve beat the challenges, it refuses to download the additional maps.

Everything is all good and fine until you get to the South Korea map and it keeps saying no internet been trying to get to it for months idk if its a bug or something bc we have great service and it doesnt matter where we are it always says it.

Says we dont have internet so we cant unlock the things we have won.

We love the game but they made it to were we cant go to the next level so please fix.

The new maps keep saying no Internet and we have a good connection so Im just stuck on the first level.

Love the game its fun but it doesnt let you go to the other maps there must be a bug of some kind. We would look into that if you want more people downloading the game.

Fun but cannot download levels or cars / planes.

We got in the 3rd map and got as far is we could. When to the next land to download and all it says is no Internet when we do have internet. We requested a refund for the money spent but no response.

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