Among the Stars

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Among the Stars


Among the Stars is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Cublo Sp. z o.o., Among the Stars is a Card game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 10th May 2018 with the latest update 5th November 2019

Whether you are a fan of Card, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


174 people have rated 1.5.8

You can download the game Among the Stars from APP STORE.


Among the Stars is a digital version of the highly acclaimed board game & a 2015 Origins Awards Best Card Game Nominee.

Imagine a distant future. A once peaceful galaxy has been torn apart by war. Alien races fight for power and dominance. And then a new threat appears on the horizon, with the potential to wipe them all out. In the face of this new enemy, all races must make peace and unite to survive. You represent one of those races. Your goal is to help build space stations throughout the galaxy, to promote trade among the races, strengthen diplomatic relations and help defeat the new threat you all face. However, your most important task is to make your space station the greatest of them all. Among The Stars will allow you to select locations through card drafting, and use them to build your station, scoring victory points based on their placement. Construction lasts four years, and the alien race with the most points at the end wins.


Build your base in space! Use your cards to build new modules for your space station. Choose your cards carefully. If you do not use a card, your opponent may do so. Do you want to build in a location so it benefits your station, or simply because you do not want your opponents to build there?


Manage the power reactors across your space station. It is crucial to plan ahead and build enough power reactors to sustain the expanding base. Power reactors have a short range so you need to cleverly plan the layout of your base to maximize power usage.


There are five different location types. Balancing the station is key to victory. By careful planning and taking advantage of card abilities you can create amazing combinations that will bring you ahead of your opponents. Over 120 card locations guarantee high replayability and a lot of strategic depth.


Each race has a unique skill that can be used to snatch victory from your opponents. Using race skills forces you to change the style of your play and adds another layer of complexity to your decision-making process.


Objectives are another way to gain an advantage over your opponents. You can play it safe and ignore them, or you can risk it and try to claim the objective for additional reward.


Enjoy a single player challenge-based campaign. All campaign missions alter the rules of the base game in a unique way. Every mission requires a different strategy to bring you victory.

A digital version of the highly acclaimed board game
A unique single player campaign
Card drafting mechanics combined with physical card layout with 120 cards
8 different races, each with their own skill
A cross-platform asynchronous online multiplayer and local multiplayer for 3 to 4 players
Challenging AI opponents
8 miscellaneous objectives helping you to get an advantage over your opponents
Leaderboards, in game manual and tutorial for newcomers

Updated on 5th November 2019

Add VP scores per card at the end game station review
Add race skills replays
Increase online game timeouts
Fix Minireen ability in campaign mission
Fix Humareen ability for some buildings type
Fix Business Office when resuming a game
Fix game crashes

Among the Stars Reviews

This is one of our favorite board games, but it desperately needs an expansion. Any plans to expand this?

This game actually won us over very quickly. The mechanics are relatively straightforward but the gameplay gets complex in an engaging and fun way. The reason we cant give 5 stars is there doesnt seem to be a way to turn off the animations. A significant portion of the game is us waiting for the app to begin auto-playing after our turn. We can skip it, but theres a mandatory wait before that button appears. That and the building animations etc are unnecessary, at least for us. A game could easily take half as much time of this were optional. Am we missing something obvious? Hoping for a response. Overall definitely recommend the game!

A really nice port of the board game. We wish more developers put this kind of effort into their craft.

We really enjoy this game and its app implementation. The campaign was fun and Im eager for more episodes. Our greatest frustration with this game is having the game lock up with AI Thinking, about every third game we play. If you try to reboot the app, the playing screen is all black. Since games are quick, its not terrible, but still super annoying.

Just downloaded again to check up on it, lost another game to permanent freeze in year 4 on our first game because we tapped on our alien power during an AI turn, we guess. We own so many boardgame apps with similar problems, we no longer buy them.

The game looks fun, but the very first online multiplayer game wouldnt open after playing through the first round. Makes you hesitant to try again and lose all the effort. Shame.

Great digital version of an excellent board game.

Good port of the board game, but no one playing multiplayer.

Locking up on the first new campaign stage after the last update. AI starts to think, but never plays.

Great 4 player draft game, highly recommend. Adaptation is smooth and fun.

This game is true to the board game it is based on, but adds nice graphical touches, effects, and sound to enhance this experience. We havent really noticed any bugs, but there is a minor problem when choosing to use more than one energy to power up a section you are adding to your space station. Normally your available power sources are highlighted, but when you are drawing more than one power from multiple available reactors, none are highlighted so it can be confusing as to what your choices actually are. Aside from this, we have not really experienced any bugs. We hope they offer new updates offering more of the content from the game expansions, soon.

Very straightforward and quickly addicting!

Among the Stars is one of our favorite drafting games, with placement and scoring rules that are well-balanced between complexity and simplicity. This app is quite a reasonable implementation of the game, and even gets around one of the main problems of this style of game, that it can be hard to keep track of what other players are doing, by showing you what the other players are doing by default, and letting you skip that if you choose. The graphics and music are both very good. Overall, we quite recommend this game!

You will pick it up after Judge a dozen moves. Read the cards understand the options and it be comes an easy fair game.

Kind of blown away by how beautiful the implementation of this board game is in this app. The cards and backgrounds are very impressive. The campaign feature is very fun. The interface is slick and easy to use. This might be the best board game to app transition we’ve played.

This is a nicely done port of the original card game. We appreciate the extras they put into this, like animations, a campaign mode, etc. It does make our iPhone 8plus run hot and drains the battery quickly which is very unusual.

We love this game, but the races are buggy. About half of them (any ability to do with cards) does not work. If those would be fixed, we would make it a 5 star rating.

This game is a great first implementation, but needs a good amount of polish. Unfortunately, no one actually plays online so expect that this will be mostly pass and play and playing with the AI. In any case, now we want to purchase the physical game! Bugs and lots of nice-to-haves listed below. – bug: The game got stuck during tutorial so we closed the app and you cant continue the tutorial where you left off so we never got to finish our game – bug: AI got stuck thinking on first level so we have no choice but to abort and lose our progress – bug??: nowhere in the game can you see the max effects of cards even though they exist and apply to card abilities in the background. Please add the max text like they have in the physical card game Feedback: – drag and drop placement would be cool – get more people to buy so online is more popular – maybe make price free with free demo and IAP to purchase the whole game. This could help with feedback number two above. – enlarge cards in your hand. See hearthstone for a great hand implementation. Something like that would be nice. – swipe to change currently viewed player would be nice – show draft direction on main play screen with arrows between player icons indicating hand pass direction. Also visually represent – have a view all cards button on main menu so people can study the different cards in the game – expansions please!!

Wow Cublo! This has to be one of the best board game adaptations we have seen.. And we have a played a lot of the other tripe out there. You didn’t have to do so many of the cool things.. But you brought the universe to life. Animated races, animated station building, animated space backgrounds, excellent tutorial, top quality soundtrack, a CAMPAIGN!!!!!.. This is obviously a labor of love with no corners cut. We hope you sell tons of copies. And we hope you continue to invest in adding the expansions and promos to the base digital port. Don’t abandon it. We need local pass and play. Notifications for online games are not working.

We think the title sums it up. Well worth the price.

Love the game. We have both the cardboard and the app. We are running the app on the new iPad Pro 12.9. Everything works except the special powers of the races. Passive powers work fine but any power requiring interaction like trading cards or selecting specific cards have card selection overlaying the selection buttons making the ability impossible to use. So we just play the other races and everything is fine. Would go to five stars if this could be fixed.

This is a great implementation! Game is fun and single player is solid (although the AI is bit weak). However, there a few wrinkles that need ironing out. Some of the alien race powers seem bugged (card trades dont seem to work). Also multiplayer aborts a game if someone times out rather than adding an AI meaning any one player abandoning a game blows it up for everyone.

The game itself is good. Added objectives in campaign cool But the app has way too many bugs : alien skill not functionning, message stuck on th controls that prevents you from going on and need a relaunch, HUD disappearing… Not worth it, a game is made to have a good Time, not being frustrated.

We originally rated this game as a 2 Stars because of some bugs when it was originally released, as well as some issues we had with the UI. However, the developers seemed to have listened to peoples complaints and they have since fixed the issues that caused us to give the rating that we had given it. We’ve changed our rating to 4 stars. Its a quick, fun game and it works well. We think that if they come out with the expansions, this could turn into a five star game for us.

The game has a learning curve, but plays well enough on an iPad. Drag and drop would have been nice.

We havent played the real life version, but this version plays well and keeps us coming back. Id like to see a couple interface changes: An option to speed up or remove animations: while nicely done, they can get repetitive as a game plays on. A swiping motion to move between players stations: clicking the player to view their station is fine, but the zooming animation makes it tedious. A swipe left/right that goes directly to that player would speed things up. Perhaps a mini view option where you can see a small color-coded station layout below each player would help as well. An option to skip the play screen for single player games. A drag and drop mechanic for cards. Tapping, reading, then placing a card should remain, but advanced players would like to just grab a card and put it where they want. Im just scratching the surface of the game, and we already want to do that about a third of the time as we learn the cards. The method of choosing which reactor powers a card feels like it can be cleaned up a little; we always feel like we’ve made our selection, yet have to tap again to make it stick. Some sound effects would be cool! Otherwise a slick presentation of an engrossing game. Its definitely in our rotation, and we suspect it will be there for a long while. Well done!

Even after the update, we still cant join a locked game with friends. We can get into the game, and choose a race but when we hit join, a connecting pop up appears for a second then disappears, then nothing.

One of the best tabletop implementations we’ve seen, up there with Waterdeep and Tsuro.

Among the Stars is one of our favorite games of all time, so we’ve been waiting for this since we saw an announcement during Essen 17. After playing a few rounds, we can say it was worth the wait! The app is slick and smooth and has everything from the base game Id want. We will echo what the other review says however – Id love to be able to skip or speed up opponent animations, and it would be good to see the money/VP bar more clearly when Im in a card selection menu. Im also hoping that we get future expansion content down the road (havent officially heard that yet), and Id like to be able to have a specific search function in the online game finder as Im sure that lobby will fill up and become cumbersome to search through. We really enjoy the graphical updates; nothing is hard to read or see on here with the expected pinch-to-zoom interaction, the art is still there for the cards and animations are smooth. Great job Cublo! Keep it rolling!

Beat our expectations for an digital implementation of this game. Everything looks polished, UI is clear, and is just fun to play. Did run into a bug with the tutorial not accepting inputs and thus getting locked in placed. But that was a one time thing and havent run into any problems with the actual game.

Was excited to see this game come to the App Store and that it was cross-platform. Our friend and we play a ton of Through the Ages. He is on Android. We both immediately sprung for this game since the physical version supports 2 players. We were surprised and disappointed to find that 2-player game mode is not available. Devs please rectify this. We think 3 player with one A.I. Player would be cool.

We own the physical game + the expansions + Fields of Green so obviously we like the gameplay. It is a sold card drafting game with a spatial element and two currencies (credits and reactor power). But we have a few minor quibbles about the app implementation: – Your remaining credits is not shown on the buy screen. If you are considering making a big purchase and want to know how many credits you will have left but forgot to look on the main screen, you have to back out of the buy screen, look and remember, then go back into the buy screen. – Needs an option to speed up the animations. In a 4 player game, we think we spend more time watching the AI play than we do playing myself. We are a fast player who is already familiar with the game so that may not be true for everyone. While we could go to two player to speed things up, that would make some cards less valuable. – Every time it is your turn, you have to click a Play button. While this is needed for pass and play, it should be an option to turn it off as it is not needed for solo play. Those extra clicks add up. None of this should keep anyone from getting the game. Those mostly are meant as feedback to the developers.

The fact that there doesnt appear to be a save slot forces you to finish games in one setting. The game is fun, but we could use a slightly sped up ai turn. Fortunately, havent found any bugs in the scoring. Sometimes you cant tap too low on the map for placement. Still worth the buy.

All in all an excellent implementation of an excellent game. We only wish that at the end of the game you can go back and look at your (and your opponents) stations and see how well your end of game rooms scored, or during the game see how much they would currently score. Sometimes its a little hard to keep track of in our head, more so than the physical game.

This is a good translation of the board game. The art is good, and the AI appears to be pretty decent. This would be a five star game with a couple of improvements. First, we’re really disappointed with the lack of drag and drop for building. This would help speed up gameplay. Second, the animation is nice, but we would like to be able to turn off or speedup the visuals of the other players turns. We’re not generally worried about what they built. All in all, a good game.

Having never played the game before, we found we were really enjoying it and played several games against the AI with no major problems, though there are some typos and alignment problems on our iPad 12.9. Also is one of the symbols on the score card wrong? It seems like it should be the end of game scoring symbol, not the winning player symbol. We wish their was more audio feedback when the sound is turned on instead of just a little clicking. But when we tried pass and play with a human, it fell apart. We had a human player, and AI, and a human player. Every time the AI player went, there were weird anomalies. It would show the AI spending the first players money. Sometimes it would show him building tiles in the middle of nowhere on the first players board. This seemed to correct itself when it finally got back to the first players turn, but it was really confusing. But when the first human player tried to build cards that required other players to do something, game breaking problems occurred. When it came back to the first players turn, there would be text at the bottom saying what the AI players decision was, but it wouldnt disappear blocking the players cards and the building did not score. We had to quit and come back to the game which allowed us to continue, but the start player reverted back to a different player than it was (this caused more problems later) and the cards never scored and had the Waiting icon for the remainder of the game. When the final round started, the start player went to the player it was supposed to be, so a player got two turns in a row who wasnt supposed to. This was disastrous. Not sure how this game got out of beta testing with critical errors. Hopefully they are fixed in an update because we really like the game otherwise.

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