Animus – Stand Alone

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Animus – Stand Alone


Animus – Stand Alone is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TENBIRDS Corporation, Animus – Stand Alone is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th December 2017 with the latest update 4th November 2018

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Action, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


200 people have rated 1.2.0

You can download the game Animus – Stand Alone from APP STORE.


◆◆◆Developer Notes
Animus pays homage to punishing, albeit rewarding action games of a similar nature or genre. In this sense, it may be one of the rare and interesting additions to the App Store.

If you enjoy subtle, intense boss fights, this is for you. We don’t smother the screen with numbers or excessive effects — engaging combat is the focus.

Now, let us seek out our monsters, and meet them face to face.

Animus – Stand Alone (Ire SA Edition) is the companion game supplementing continued work on Ire – Blood Memory.

"Countless possibilities had been while hope rose and fell, but all were beaten into the dust, bringing an end to the age of champions. The lands now lay desolate and empty but for the acrimonious shadows, enslaved in the falsehood of their own creation. Yet… there is one left wandering the lands in torturous pilgrimage, to escape this prison… or end it."

◆◆◆Game Characteristics*
. Standalone (offline capable)
. Tactical Action(RPG)
. Linear progression
. Tense combat mechanics and boss fights
. Button mashing will get you killed
. New perspective (literal and figurative)
. New bosses and weapons
. Cutscenes
. 4 levels of difficulty: Dawn, Midday, Dusk 1~3 (Day 1 ~ Day 4) . 3 different endings (Dawn, Midday, Dusk)
. 4 area themes
. 24 main quests (per difficulty)
. 13/17 sidequests (Dawn/Midday: 13, Dusk: 17)
. 11 main boss fights (final boss in Dusk)
. MFi controller compatible

*Following updates: Weapon type and boss

◆◆◆Device Requirement
. OS: iOS 10 ≥
. iPhone*: iPhone 6 ≥
. iPad: iPad Air 2 ≥
. iPad Mini: iPad mini 4 ≥
. Req Storage.: 2.2GB ≥
*Best on iPhone X
(Note: MFi controller compatible)


Updated on 4th November 2018

Minor bug fix

Animus – Stand Alone Reviews

Just needs char customization and open world.. Tbh… Its amazing regardless though :) we love the combat technique and stamina skill needed to win. We have the a-ranked eastern set so far max level. The game is very technical compared successor, Harbinger, which takes the stamina bar and adds much more fast-paced fluid gameplay imo… Still they are both awesome and incredible renditions of dark souls for the mobile devices.

Ok so lets start with the fact that this is first time we write a review for a game not out of spite . Ill get straight to the point. This game is a masterpiece. Every part of it. The environment theme, the music, combat with beautiful ( and whats more important ) real moves like combos, the challenge of it, absolutely great dodge mechanics, the tactical aspect. All these are 10 out of 10. These guys cranking out masterpieces and Ire: blood memory also one of them. Somebody wrote that its a button smasher and gave this game one . Let us assure you that if you mindlessly smash buttons you probably will not beat stage 3 . Check the trailer and if it looks like something you enjoy, you will be blown away. Just dont give up easily because you will die. A lot. But dont give up and youll be blown away. Great job 10Birds.

Its very hard but Iit thank you.

As title says, really good game. Tons of different play styles and combos, challenging and rewarding. Definitely recommend!

Downloaded both Stand Alone and Harbinger after two hours we knew this was the mobile game we were looking for. So far so good. Handed down our XboxOne to our son with our Souls Games on em and found these gems. Typical farming necessary, upgrading balanced, unique bosses. Love it. Cant wait to see where these games and company go. Great Job.

Definitely need a controller but totally worth it. The levels are fairly light but its a mobile game so we get it. Gameplay is really fun though.

Love this game found it super late but controller support on iPad makes it feel like a console game. A few down sides but majority is positive. Bought it one steam too we loved it so much. Better than harbinger by miles.

Id give a 4.5 honestly. The difficulty scales harshly at times and the drop chances are abysmally low but the game is solid.

Solid game, only issue is the bad RNG. Also anyone know what the capes do?

We have had this game for over a year and still play it through a lot. The only gripes we have are sometimes when you die and press checkpoint to start at the last processed point, you either get locked into a stall mode, the boss or enemy becomes immortal to your weapon, or you become substantially weaker to enemies. Especially when you die in the Advocate level and try to restart from beginning using checkpoint, you defeat the sword men and cant pass the barrier after that, hence stalling out. We would also like a breakdown of regular and boss enemies of their weaknesses and strengths. That way we know to use a certain weapon and weapon strength (wind/lightning/night/poison/flame) in order to defeat that enemy because sometimes you have to really race through a level to meet the 5 minute requirement to obtain 3 stars for that level. Also some of the rift bosses take forever with the allotted weapons for the grade and have double enemies so when we call for backup warriors they die well before the second duplicated enemy comes out and Im left to fend for myself with random sword blows at us that are difficult to impossible to dodge or block. Just a couple of ideas at you guys but other than that, its a solid game for the platform. Thank you.. Forgot to add an issue about potions. When you use potions it takes way too long and sometimes those seconds can mean life or death in the game. Most the time we get bombarded and need to use one only for it not to take and we die. If you could make potions instant, that would be great.

Bought the Animus series pack and figured Id start with the first one, then Harbinger, then the newest. Havent played any of the latest ones yet but Im really enjoying this one so far. Boss fights are cool, armor and weapons look pretty good with a great amount of variety, and you can summon and fight phantoms. Our only complaint is the frequency you get memory shards and how much it is to concentrate relative to the drop rate. We know this game draws inspiration from Souls, but most importantly it draws from Monster Hunter. Which means farming. We dont mind farming but its a tad too much for a mobile game. For example you can kill the Advocate 10 times in a row while consecrating every time and not get that drop that you want (love that boss fight btw, well done!). Overall Id give this game a 4.5/5. We were pleasantly surprised with this game. Ill be reviewing again once we complete it and will review the other Animus games as well. Would recommend! Edit: the fight with the chaplains is a little ridiculous. They have too high of an attack frequency together. Other than that its been ok.

This is an all out good game. We highly recommend it if your looking for a mobile game to take your mind off things or something new in the genre. For anyone whos looking! Now to the developers: Eveything about the game is great. Besides the farming aspect. We’ve at least fought the samurai guy at least 40-50 times and only got 2 pieces of his armor and 1 tachi from him. We’ve used up all our points to gain more rewards after match and still get nothing. We’ve always fought in the golden area to try and get better equipment with no luck. All we get are D rank items and its quite frustrating. Farming for 2 hours to get something we can do that but to farm all day to only get 2 items is crazy. Monster hunter farming didnt take that long. Is there a way to get high rewards that Im just not utilizing or is this the way the game is intended? We just would like to gain more armor and equipment so we can go head on with the story. We bought the 3 in 1 package. Im thinking just skipping this 1 and moving on to the next. Just because of the farming aspect.

We are in late game and stuck in petram with his sentries. Its impossible to beat, the damage is too high, the sentries keep stagging us, and his health pool is just too much. Either outgear the opponent or keep reviving.

Why did we pay $5.99 for the bundle when theres IRE: Blood Memory (same game!) thats free. Dont waste your money on this rubbish! Go buy PascalsWager instead. You wont regret it!

We’ve been playing for a few days and Im starting to get bored because we cannot beat one is the bosses. We have tried about a hundred times and the game is not compelling enough to keep going. Also- it is unclear how to use various objects to boost our weapons strength. How do you do it? It doesnt say anywhere!! Very annoying.

We’re honestly disappointed in this series and really want our money back we hope you give us our refund in full we’re not just trashin on your game we genuinely do not like any of them and yes we took the time to try each one before deciding to try to get our money back sorry to be an inconvenience but we’re beyond unsatisfied with this purchase, p.s we tried to vist the developer site and it says server not responding so there’s that.

Just picked this game up and already regretting the money spent. Game controls are very clunky with both controller and touch screen on an iPhone 11. Buttons are occasionally responsive and combos rarely work twice, no matter how precisely you time them. Blocking works well when its not a powerful attack that knocks you over or stuns you. If you try dodging, the monster attacking spins around 180 degrees mid-swing to make contact anyway. Started out very excited to play this game, but ended with very disappointed.

Very bad performance on iPhone 13 pro Max. Unplayable even.

The first few areas are amazing. It was quickly becoming our favorite mobile game ever. About halfway through the map theres an enemy called warrior of lightning. The boss wields a sword like the black knights greatsword in dark souls, it is stronger than any weapon you have yet it swings faster than the lightest weapon. It makes no sense especially considering before this point the game was great. This enemys hit boxes are completely broken in dark souls the bkgs is very easy to dodge. The broken hit boxes ruin everything about this game that couldve been perfect.

We love this game, its like dark souls for mobile. We use a phone controller to play this game and it works brilliantly. The controls are nice and the gameplay is nice. New boss fights for us are either one try and Im done or 100 trys and still fighting. We love that type of challenge. Keep up the good work!

To us Soul gamers, this game is the bliss of heaven on a mobile device! Please dont dumb it down just to appease those who complain its too hard! We are a mediocre player but always prefer those games that can bring up a real challenge. We also realize how much hard work, utmost care, and even pride have been needed in creating a game seemingly out of the mainstream like this one, and we truly appreciate the developers so much and wish you all the best! Even though the environments may be somewhat repetitive and the skill tree limited, the huge arsenal of marvelously detailed armors and weapons with distinct functionalities enrich the gameplay significantly. For example, tarnished sword and tachi, though both being 2-handers, do affect your speed in wielding and evading differently. The elemental aspect also gives some depth to your tactical use of gears, depending on the types of adversaries you need to go against. We have rarely written reviews, but the negative ones we’ve read here about this game drive us to put in our humble support for the game developers. Please keep up your hard work and create more games like Animus! Count us in as a fan! If you make more games like this, Ill definitely vote with our money. Updated Note: we had voted 5 stars, and saw our review then posted with 5 stars. However, it was mysteriously changed to 3 stars without our awareness the next day. We have just resubmitted our review with 5 stars as we dont wish to see our vote tampered in such a strange manner.

A master piece that was left to wither, and become frail, due to the passion, from the devs, that once nourished this art piece, now dried up. You can see/feel all the devotion, effort and passion that went into this gem. A true spiritual successor to DS. You can tell the devs are gamers at heart. Full control support here. Which is GREATLY appreciated to the highest degree. But why devs? Why no Co-Op versus some amazing bosses in dungeon raids? Why? Such a missed opportunity. We would gladly pay for dlc that offers such co-op adventures like monster hunter freedom unite has done for iOS. We hope Reality of supporting a studio, bringing roi for investors, knock some senses in your head. Such careful crafting here, and you let it slip by not allowing social gameplay so friends can have fun together. Yikes. We have love for you guys & gals (if any there). You always kept it skill based games first, none of the free to play shenanigans. But co-op guys? Thats not shenanigans, thats the start of developing a community, and community sustains studios.

We know its supposed to be hard but vidar keeps spamming the skull slam attack.

The game is pretty hard a first, the controllers may seem unresponsive at first, but tweaking with the settings can fix it. Now lets talk about the dodging, it took us a long time to kinda figure out that there is a very small opening where you become Invulnerable attacks, but some how the hit box of some of the monsters is crazy, like standing behind and still getting hit from a front swing that completely missed us. And the drop rate is crazy, doing a mission 25+ times to be rewarded the same D tier items, while having 5+ Droppable C Items is crazy if you ask us. (I only have the C tier helmet for that mission) Maybe you guys can tweak it a little bit more. But overall no complains! Awesome game! Hope to see more from you guys.

We’ve made it pretty far in this game and with Dark Souls being one is our favorite games of all time, we’ve been having a lot of fun with this game. – The story is interesting and the graphics are great. – Its very much like Dark Souls with the controls and boss fights. – You get invaded by player-like AI characters, and you can summon them to help you with a boss and theyll appear with a blue aura much like Demon Souls. > Itd be nice if these invaders and phantoms had more relevance and story behind them like in Dark Souls. – The blacksmith looks much like Andre from Dark Souls – There is a large variety of armor to upgrade – You can build your character and theres a variety of weapons to choose from – The game is challenging and very difficult, much like Dark Souls There are flaws to this game at this time that can be unforgiving. A flaw that CAN be forgiven is the repetitive bosses. Repetitive bosses isnt a problem as they eventually become mini-bosses but sometimes theyre too repetitive to the point where they become absolutely sickening to fight. Not because theyre hard but because youre tired of fighting them and want a new enemy. Some UNforgiving flaws is one such as the hit registration. > Some times when an attack clearly makes no contact with you will still do damage. Its very cheap and frustrating to dodge an enemy blow and for their weapon to hit away from you but still you take damage. Another unforgiving flaw we have encounters is a boss fight late in the game, where you fight 2 Chaplains at once. This fight is very cheap and imbalanced. In this fight you have no time to get any combos off and you can get spammed to death very easily as almost all of their attacks will knock you down, and right when you manage to get back on your feet you just get hit again and knocked back on the ground to which if they attack while youre on the ground you still take damaged making their attacks impossible to counter or avoid. Count this along with the hit registration issue and its all the more cheap and frustrating. Getting away to heal is nearly impossible as they have speed attacks that will then knock you down. Its very easy to accidentally end up with your back against the wall, and if you do then its pretty much game over immediately before you are spammed without any chance of countering. This fight could be seen as some equivalent, in difficulty, to the Ornstein and Smough boss fight in Dark Souls. However in Dark Souls Ornstein and Smough have their own styles of fighting that make them go hand in hand, and on top of this you could summon Solaire to assist you and distract one of them. In the 2 Chaplain fight they have the same style of fighting that goes well in 1v1 but in the 2v1 its overpowering and cheap. > A simple fix for this would be to allow the player to fight 1 at a time, or get a head start on 1, switch one out for another boss to make it more balanced, and/or add a summon and make the boss fight a 2v2. As the fight currently stands it feels more like chance and luck based than skill based. Another very annoying flaw is how you can attack an enemy and they will not react unless its a combo. In Dark Souls when you hit an enemy they will react, meanwhile here enemies will interrupt your attack but you wont be able to interrupt them unless you manage to complete a combo. Overall we would consider the cheapness and flaws of this game similar to what was known in Dark Souls 2, with the exception of the overpowered boss fight.

We feel the game itself is very enjoyable but the level system is way to short to give major gratification.

Game than involves dodging attacks doesnt even care about the major frame rate problems that cancel attacks and combos and can lead to even fatal injuries. Why paid stuff to you stupids. What your paycheck aint fat enough. Come on.

Bosses 1 hit kill you and attack way too fast, where we cant even get 2 hits in without dying right after. Game is okay.

People who gave this game a bad review are not used to play a high quality game like Animus. This game is not that difficult nor have clunky controls. If you have play dark souls youll completely understand how this game is played. It just require a little bit of farming to get more advanced equipment as you progress into stronger opponents and by the way the drop rate is not bad at all( not like scamming fermiuns that make grinding unbearable and you still end up having to spend ridiculous amounts of money in order to progress into a linear repetitive boring game). Also, you need to dodge the opponents blows. Seven dollars is a heck of a deal for a gorgeous, fun, complete game (without thieving micro transactions needed to complete the game).

Well we know this may be a lot to request but when your just doing the story it get really old so could u maybe add we dunno PVP like in IRE that would be amazing like 1v1 for now and group battle later if your reading this thank you for your time and also your game is still very good.

We actually think its a better version of that game this game reminds us all of ;). But nonetheless its perfect in its own way. Game play is nice. We like using our controller with it. So far its great.

We like the game but we recently had a glitch or something when we got to lvl 20 now when we click on a boss to fight with in loading screen the game crashes also when we go to the inventory we started a new game and it works fine we dont really want to start all over again if you could plz fixed that it would be nice so we can continue where we left of.

Needs a way to transmute low tier weapon and armor shards to better ones. Otherwise we have 999 green shards we have no use for. Also gold is useless at a certain point. Needs things to spend gold on.

We love playing this on our iPhone 8 Plus. Its nice to really show off the excellent graphics in this game. We havent run into any lag or performance spikes. Take warning: if you dont want to replay levels over and over again, dont play the game. You have to grind each level for experience and gold, along with upgrade materials, not to mention weapons and armor. All of the items have chances of dropping. Unfortunately, we forgot to download our save to iCloud before upgrading our phone. We lost our previous save with a bloodied cape that we bought gems to get. :/

Graphic are very good. But missions are hard.. We want Story mode games more.. Thanks.

Good but needs many fixes like better dodges and added content.

Animus is like dark souls. If youre patient and have a good strategy and execute your tactics well. Than this game shouldnt be too challenging. We would recommend replaying boss fights a few times to gain more XP and items before moving on. This game has high replay value and a lot of content.

The game is pretty good. We like the souls like genre so when this game showed up we were just pretty excited to play it. The gameplay is good, some mechanics are almost useless such as dodging and blocking g, at least compared to console games and the Soulsborne series. You get use to them though. But the bosses are pretty good, and fun to fight, though everything leading up to the boss is simply a chore. Our problems with the game are that levels are copy and pasted quite a bit, and even some of the bosses are reused several times. And the grinding is ridiculous sometimes. A lot of the time you have to fight one boss farming for equipment again and again until you are completely bored of the game to the point where you either dont play again for days or you delete it for several months at a time. And we know the devs want it to be a grindy game, but there is far too much grinding to the point where players get bored. But honestly its a great GREAT game and you should buy it. Its one of the best games on the App Store and its an awesome mobile souls like game. If you like the souls games and wanna play something like them on the go, then this game is perfect. Thanks to the devs for this awesome game. We really hope to see another game like this come out sometime. Ill buy it if you make it!

A bit rough around the edges, but pretty good! We can definitely see the inspiration from games like Monster Hunter / Dark Souls. There was only one technical issue we had (it didnt hinder gameplay), where if the enemy is to aggro you through an object it would automatically lock on the enemy through the object. As for quality-of-life issues, not having the ability to change stick inversion in the pause menu was a problem as we jumped right into the game and struggled with the camera through the entire first area (not fun!), but after we found the options menu in the map that was fixed. An option to rebind the MFI controller keys to different buttons would be a nice touch (there were so many times we kept trying to press X to light attack). There are a couple of things we wasnt a fan of, but understand why because of the limitation of the hardware/ size of the project; such as level scope, amount of enemies, visual effects, and lack of voice acting outside of particular moments. Given its price tag, scope of the game as a whole, and the quality of gameplay we can easily recommend this game to anyone a fan of action-rpg genre. Highly suggest a controller for enhanced gameplay.

Why is this game so slept on? It needs a bigger community! We were never really a dark souls fan but we’ve always loved the genre, monster hunter is our favorite franchise of all time so we still see the appeal of this game. We have around 10 hours or so into this already, the grind is relentless but rewarding once you finally get that rare drop you’ve been aiming for. We’re just now getting to the point where we can get rarity B items so id imagine there’s still quite a lot of content left. We usually mained longsword in monster hunter so the latest update is amazing with the addition of the new weapon type. We go back and forth between the longsword and Lance. The touch controls work just fine, we’ve had no input issue. However, since the latest update we are having a lot more crashing. Playing on iPhone 6s with lowest graphic settings. Most crashing will happen when there is a cinematic before a boss fight. Aside from that, and a few complaints about the camera system, we love this game and recommend it to any die hard fans of the genre. Aside from MHFU, this is as close as we’re going to get to a QUALITY hunting action game on ios. At least in the United States. We hope to see new weapon types in future updates! A REAL ranged weapon similar to the bow in monster hunter or toukiden would be fantastic.

We had to change our review after playing the game much longer. We were determined to not waste our $8. We have to say that the graphics are decent. We wish there was much more explanation and a tutorial with various weapon types so people can learn faster. This game is HARD! Without the proper equipment and a lot of LUCK. You wont win. Im lvl 70 and still struggling in day 3. The weapons types make the game. Elemental weakness will help you anything else will slow you down. We really dont like the inapp purchase after youve already paid $8. You need to take that out and increase drops. The shear difficulty and iAP makes it a 4 Star. Good game though.

Maybe Im spoiled by how well the Dark Souls series feels but the controls fee stiff and unresponsive. Collision feels off, we feel like Im getting hit when we shouldnt and that makes the micro transactions seem in bad taste. Im okay with learning from our mistakes, trying over and over, but it doesnt feel like Im dying as a result of our mistakes or timing as much as its inability to do what Im telling it to effectively.

Feels like youre playing the same thing over and over again. Controls are clunky to say the least. No real physics engine during battles, sloppy response. The environment is the worst, rehashed sameness every level. If youre going to make battles the entire point of the game, why not actually make said battles actually realistic. We’ve seen better responsiveness in 20 year old console games. Plop plop flush. Dont waste your time.

This game is really just a rip off of a bunch of other much cooler games. It really doesnt matter because its a cheap game on your phone right? Wrong. This game has ZERO originality what so ever. On top of that. The drop table algorithm is WAAAAYYY too low. We played a single level 57 times! In a row! Your telling us that, at 5 minutes roughly a piece for a mission, that after 57 times we still havent received a better weapon than B class and Im level 55+? Still we did not receive a better drop? Weapon drops specifically are MUCH too sparse. We receive TONS of armor we do not want and have no use for. But where are the weapons? Enemies are over powered by a great deal as it is. Not just a little bit so you can enjoy a challenge. Die a few times, figure out a strategy and beat them down. But ridiculous to the point of frustration. Hhhmmm, if only we could go backwards to grind for better drops? Oh wait, we tried and wasted 5 hours and received NOTHING for our dedication and time! We understand its a game and nobody is going to be giving us a cookie for playin it. But seriously? Your overdoing it, 285+ minutes on the same stage for nothing? Am we retarded or are you trying to play us for a fool? We could go on all day. We like the game very much for passing some time but realistically we would rather play pinball on windows 98 than this right here. Total and utter disappointment. These Developers need to change their lane or think of something original. Either that or do us all a favor and just dont make another game. Dont come and respond to us with any excuses. We do not care. Your game is trash. We already posted it to every social media outlet and our vlog. We dont care if we have to pay to spread the word. Nobody should be wasting their money and or time on this anymore.

This game is making our iphone x so so hot!

Exactly what I’d expect from a Souls mobile game. The levels are smaller for on the go. The action is great. It requires a lot of skill and you WILL get stuck at places. Just keep trying, you’ll either git gud or get lucky. For those who are just starting, stick with either lance or greatsword. We’re at day 6 in this game and it’s just a matter of getting all the items we want. Which brings us to our next point, what’s with the super low drop rate on tachi and gatekeeper armor. Even with consecrate, we’re only getting S grade equipment. We’ve used over 500 memory shards just to get an eastern sword S+. -1 star for the drop rates on some items. Lastly, keeping throw out that content. We’re starved here.

Hit boxes are off. You cant actually dodge most boss attacks as advertised, they just cleave the entire screen and insta-gib you. Progression is crap. The advertised linear progression really means farm super low content in hopes of… We actually dont know. All the rewards are crap. To compare yourself to the great Monster Hunter makes us beyond annoyed. Not even close.

Before the rest of this review: It is very much worth the money. No question. Given how much preparation and assets the developers had with Ire, we expected more polish. Amazing game but we have some feedback: 1. Some animation times need cleaning up 2. Perhaps most importantly the inventory is awkward as hecc. The button to switch tabs is tiny. There has got to be a better way. 3. Hitboxes need tweaking Thats about it for major gripes. A smaller thing we would like added is the ability to dodge out of blocking by swiping right into the dodge button or the ability to use two fingers to dodge and then roll.

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