Apocalypse Inc.

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:40 am

Apocalypse Inc.


Apocalypse Inc. is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nikolay Partas, Apocalypse Inc. is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 27th August 2019 with the latest update 22nd January 2021

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


898 people have rated 1.4.3

You can download the game Apocalypse Inc. from APP STORE.


The time of the apocalypse has come!

Decide the fate of the planet.
Your goal is to destroy all of humanity in a hundred different ways!

● Collect sins on the planet
● Uncover disasters by reading their description and
● Choosing the strongest
● Summarize the destructive power of disasters
● Stop mankind’s rescue operations.
● Be the best destroyer!

The game contains the ability to create an apocalypse at different times of mankind in 14 scenarios:

► Ecology
► Space
► Wars

► Monsters
► Mystic
► Anomalies

► Technology
► Globalization
► Astronomy
► Food

► Diseases
► Time of kings
► Magic

Make your choice wisely!

Updated on 22nd January 2021

Fixed minor bugs

Apocalypse Inc. Reviews

The game is super fun and has TONS of room to grow and we love it love it love it!!!

Though the basis of the game is morbid its fun to play and pass time.

This is probably one of the best apps that we have played. We love how it kills time and boredom.

At first we thought this was just going to be a Plague Inc ripoff, but its very different with a lot more scenarios. Nice way to pass the time.

Of if the best games Id have the pleasure of playing. Way too much fun -RF HONTS.

Lol kinda fun youre like a minigod.

It’s a great game deff worth the money even tho plague inc is only .99 but it’s challenging and fun we recommend it.

This game is lots of fun and has a great concept.

We wasnt expecting this much strategy to be involved!

You can pick how you want the world to end you make a decision it closes other options and you can sabotage the relief effort its really fun and it is incredibley easy at least for me.

Didnt mean to buy but its fun.

Its a tough game u have to make the right choices and we like that good job on the game make more like this if you guys can we would really appreciate it.

We little bit to hard levels like we cant even past the first one but, other than that its awesome.

So we just beat the game and its amazing we love it but there isnt enough levels, we beat it in and hour and it would be awesome if there was a sandbox mode too.

We’ve tried so many ways, but it DOES NOT WORK.

We like the concept that it has and we like that the game is improving it definitely added way more scenarios than the last version and we like the concept.

We personally enjoy this game thought-provoking exciting intriguing and choice driven amalgam of pure fun if you like to have a game, which we do and we recommend this game thoroughly enjoy it!

We really like this game although we think animations for things like metors should be added besides that the game is great.

The idea of this game intrigued us, so we had a bit of an impulsive decision to buy this game. Im having a few regrets with it, though. The game feels very linear, and although you do have choices, they really do not have any different outcomes. With every new event, x people die, and your goal is to kill y number of people. Its a nice concept, but it would be better if the game was more similar to something of Plague Inc. Im not saying to make a copy, but at its current state, the game is honestly not worth paying for.

Its good but the time span needs to be slowed down on their defensive and more sins need to pop up quicker but still good just takes forever and tons of trys to beat a level.

When we explode a continent, we wanna see that continent go BOOM!

Great game but need more control over which branch to select.

Times are not running at the same speed at the end of the game.

We dont recall there being satellites in the 1300s correct us if Im wrong. The storylines are good but we would like to see the effects on earth, not it turning red as people die.

We thought this was a game but its essentially just a pick your own adventure book.

We started playing as it seemed interesting, but the concept quickly seemed to fall apart. If you chose the wrong path do you just fail? We got enough sins to get the path we wanted complete on all three sections, however as they have a set kill count instead of over time we just got stuck and could do nothing but wait to lose.

We cant imagine why this app costs money. Its a terrible knock off of plague inc except there is less randomization, only a few scenario paths you can go down, and not really much variety. We wish we could get a refund….

Not enough options, pretty restrictive gameplay. Total waste of $1.99.

Do not buy this game, it has no real choices. The game feels more puzzle-like, as there is only one correct sequence of choices to win each scenario. Your money would be better spent on anything but this.

Really no reason to buy this game. The ads will have you believe there will be some greater depth of visuals but its beyond boring. In the relatively extensive amount of time we’ve been playing this it just occurred to us that Im literally just spinning the globe around and there are no exciting events happening at all. Game looks good though, just wish the ads were a little more honest about the true content.

3rd level (War) the counter for the population glitches and stops. Therefore making its unbeatable. Even with the news stories indicating imminent doom. Thanks for stealing $2.

Not worth the price tag. The game is trying to be Plague Inc. Without all of the charm and challenges that made Plague Inc. Successful. A basic game session of Apocalypse Inc. Involves you tapping on icons that randomly generate on the globe to farm sins. You then invest sins into various nodules to advance your apocalypse scenario with the goal of reducing the human population to zero. However, the game provides little to no information on how you are doing. It is impossible to judge which of your decision will reap the most benefit to you. Youre left to test out all options until you hit the right path that will net you human extinction. There is no skill or decision-making invoked. Just pure brute forcing the system until you win. Unfortunately, the game does not let you refund or re-do your path. Once you select a path, youre stuck on it until you reach the end as the game locks you out from all other decisions for the rest of the session. If you choose a path where it allows even a single human to survive, you will lose the game and youre forced to wait until humanity beats your apocalypse. An unnecessary waste of time. This is most apparent, and most aggravating, in the third scenario of the game, War. Many of the options will not be enough to let you win the scenario. When you do manage to pick the right scenario there is still a chance youll lose the session because its so late into the game when you achieve the winning result that the game is near to beating you and the population is not falling fast enough. The game is also riddled with typos and grammatical error, which honestly gives us a dim view of this game and developer. To us that reeks of laziness, that the developer was trying to jump in on the Plague Inc. Name to make a pretty penny. Atheist people is such a ridiculous phrase. Do yourself, your wallet, and the App Store a favor by skipping this game and letting it fade into obscurity.