Backflip Madness

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Backflip Madness


Backflip Madness is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hubert Sliwka, Backflip Madness is a Sports game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 20th February 2013 with the latest update 1st October 2019

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


12,730 people have rated 1.1.10

You can download the game Backflip Madness from APP STORE.


Backflip Madness is a fast-paced, parkour-flavored extreme sports game. Your goal is simple – make tons of spectacular tricks and stunts. Take it to the extreme!


  • Multiple backflips and locations
  • Parkour / Free running acrobatics
  • Realistic ragdoll physics and simulation
  • Achievements and leaderboards (Game Center)
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Action replay
  • Normal and ninja outfits

Simple and addictive backflip platformer game. Jump from the roof or platform, flip form the cliff, train backflips and become real flip master! Take a break, kill the time, make some backflips!

Watch PewDiePie playing Backflip Madness on his channel!

Updated on 1st October 2019

  • Fixed game rotation issue

Backflip Madness Reviews

Any chance for some new levels soon??

We’ve been playing this game since it first came out and Im still loving it. Just now writing a review but honestly, this is our favorite game OF ALL TIME!

Its such a simple yet such a fun game, we’ve had it on every iphone we’ve owned. Its so fun to go back and beat our high scores. Looking forward to backflip madness 2!

It is absolutely amazing to us that even after around 2 years of playing this game we are still overcoming new obstacles. This game is EXTREMELY difficult and at sometimes just downright annoying, but thats what always kept us coming back and playing again. The main campaign of this game has you backflipping in a unique control scheme that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and there are different unlockable poses that can help you with your backflip, or challenge you. With the added bonus of the ability to combo your positions together allows for what seems like infinite fun. We actually managed to discover how to do a double flip without needing any platforms to jump off of other than the ground with the awesome physics engine that this game has. Also, if youre not that into challenge, you can try out the free play mode that lets you experiment with any stage, without lives or basically any restrictions. You can even go into a secret MOON GRAVITY MODE if you tap the screen enough times! And this game basically never crashes, for us, at least, and Im using a super old iPad that we just keep updating. On the very small chance that anyone reads this, if you like video games at all, just get this game. It may seem difficult at first, but when you get the hang of it, you open up an entire universe of new possibilities and fun.

Please allow screen recordings on replays. When we hit an epic jump or landing Im like woah we wanna show that to our friends that play this game. But when we start the screen recording it takes the replay completely out. Its like it was never there. Just some minor issues with the replays but other than that overall great game 5/5.

Make a backflip madness 2, that would be lit, also you should add back fulls (backflip 360) into the game somehow.

We’ve played the game for a very long time but we wish there was more tricks and new maps. But overall, its fun.

We have been waiting so long to get this back for iOS!!!! We played it in 2016 and we loved it! But it became out dated so we have been waiting for it to be updated but now its back!!! Thank you m8!!!

Backflip Madness is incredibly fun and we’ve played it for years. Its a good balance of fun and challenging, but we would love to see the creative teams imagination applied to new levels and maybe even a Costume Selection, where costumes are unlocked based on XP or various tricks. We wouldnt change anything else, since the game has smooth mechanics, but it would add just a little more character to an overall great game!

We love this game, we downloaded it a year or two ago and fell in love, but once iOS 11 came out it wouldnt let us play because it wasnt supported, we were forced to delete the game. We went back to the game and found it now supported it, so we started playing it all the time, and we love playing gym on low gravity just messing around, we’ve done crazy things like we’ve made the soccer ball into the basketball hoop, or we’ve landed crazy flips but we enjoy messing around so much, but we feel it would be so much better with a massive map with more interactive items, because we’ve found gym is the best map to play on because of the soccer balls or the basketball hoops, but no other map has any interactive items, so if there was a big map full of interactive items people could mess around in low gravity and have so much fun. But the game is awesome and we recommend this app to everyone.

Please add a full twist to the mix it would add so much more fun possibilities!!

We love this game!! Its so addictive! We’ve finished all the levels but its still a lot of fun!! We definitely recommend.

The game really is quite fun. Our girlfriend and we spent a good amount of time working through the levels and trying to go for double+ flips but after a while it just get stale and for how long its been out we feel like they could add new areas or levels. So overall its very fun but wish they would add levels to it, especially since it is a paid game.

We hate this game so much because we could pass all the levels in the gym but once we got to the 4th level we couldnt pass it. It was like it was being slow on purpose so we couldnt win. So it just makes us so mad when that happens so Im giving it a 1 star rate,

Our boi updated this for newer OS’s, praise be.

We love this game it is a very fun one and one of our favorites we like how there are no ads or in app purchases we passed all the levels so we wish they would add a few more like canyon 2 and like two others it is a little easy to us it would also be fun if they had more then 2 outfits and if you could change the character to a girl tat would be great and it would be cool if you could race against your friends thank you for making a great game and we would really appreciate it if you made those changes.

… And a great time-killer. Too great.

Finally compatible with iOS 11. We didnt delete the app in the hope an update would come. Thanks Devs!

Yes, Im so glad this game was updated. We may be three months late, but Im here. Five stars for an amazing game.

Awesome but hope to see much updates adding abilities and locations.

Played on our iPod years ago great game.

PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZZZZZ UPDATE FOR IOS 11 Update: this game is soooooo fun.

Most free games surpass this quality.

Nope good now :). Thanks for the response.

THE LEGEND RETURNS THANK YOU!!! About to spend a very frustrating (in a good way) couple of hours trying to do back flips.

Please if u see this developer can u update for IOS 11 YES Thanks.

Please update the game for iOS new version please.

We love the physics of this game they are amazing along with little secrets and cheats if you are look for hours to waste buy this game cause it is the most addictive game ever us and our friends are having a blast and If we don’t get a second backflip madness we will die.

This game is really fun! Even if you don’t want to complete levels you can just throw the guy around. This game is great and we highly recommend it!

We love this game,the possibilities are endless. Every time we play,I always get a laugh out of it.

Backflip Madness is an amazing game, but, like all games, it has a few flaws. The game is amazing, don’t get us wrong, we just thought you would like to know. 1. In the level select, it says Prot 1 and Port 2. What’s a Prot? Also, and this might not be a flaw, but people play the game to pass through the levels. When they finish, then what will they do? They will stop playing the game. We suggest making some sort of closet. In settings, you have a ninja outfit you can enable. Make them work for it!! Make more outfits too. That, will get you business.

We are not very good at this game Just getting it a couple days ago and playing everyday we’re only on country 2 but every time we land a backflip we feel some sort of accomplishment and we feel amazing if your thinking about buying this game for the cheap cost of $0.99 just get it!

We love this game and we want to play it on our phone, please update it for iOS 11!

We played this game for a week and beat it. It took us a long time but it was worth it. The last level was the hardest though.

We LOVE THIS. We love how when you play "Free Play", you get to put Lunar Gravity (Zero Gravity) and the Ragdoll mode to when you fail the backflip. #BackFlip2The.

Ok we love this game btw. There’s an awesome glitch to. If you tap the circle in the bottom right hand corner and tap the bottom left hand corner multiple times you will get Kunitz gravity. It’s really fun so TRY IT OUT!!

Use to have this on our old phone, since then we guess the replay button is gone and like someone below says "Port 1" is spelled "Prot 1". That review was posted over a year ago and it still isn’t fixed, devs please fix these issues, we want our replays thanks.

This game is so fun and so addicting. We enjoy making him fail on purpose because it makes us laugh and we can do all day without getting bored. We recommend trying it out. If you don’t like it, u only wasted 99 cents. Big whoop. But we truly enjoy it.

Great game, should make another version or give it an update with new levels!

We can spend hours playing this without getting bored.

We love this game so much. Just to put into perspective how much we’ve played this, we’ve been able to double backflip on every single obstacle, including flat ground, to being able to quint-front without the use of moon gravity. We would love to see more levels and more achievements added to this game. We hope that you guys see this. We would love to see this game grow, even if it’s one more big update. Thanks for the fun!

This game is very good we would enjoy it more if we could play it on iOS 11 pls could you kindly update your amazing games.

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