Backgammon – Lord of the Board

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 05:05 am

Backgammon – Lord of the Board

Backgammon - Lord of the Board

Backgammon – Lord of the Board is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Beach Bum Ltd., Backgammon – Lord of the Board is a Board game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 31st August 2016 with the latest update 16th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Sports, or Casino games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Backgammon – Lord of the Board ?

71,114 people have rated 5.37

What is the price of the Backgammon – Lord of the Board ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Backgammon – Lord of the Board released ?

Backgammon – Lord of the Board was released on 31st August 2016.

When was the Backgammon – Lord of the Board updated ?

The latest updated date of Backgammon – Lord of the Board on 16th May 2023.

Where can Backgammon – Lord of the Board be downloaded ?

You can download the game Backgammon – Lord of the Board from Apple Official App Store.



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Built by Pros
Backgammon – Lord of the Board is brought to you by the creators of some of the top online social games! Enjoy incredible features such as:

  • Enticing Graphics
  • Easy, Enjoyable Gameplay
  • Exciting Game Progression
  • Playful Chat Options
  • Live Tournaments
  • Player Statistics Profiles
  • Dice Roll – Completely Random! (Sophisticated RNG)
  • Lots of Free Bonuses, Rings, Trophies, Prizes & More!
  • Unique Competitive Leaderboards

Have any suggestions for the game? Contact us at [email protected].

This game is only available to users of legal age. Winning any valuable items or money is not possible while playing this game. Additionally, your success in this game does not guarantee success in a comparable real-money casino game.

Updated on 16th May 2023

Hey backgammoners!

New Version, New fun!

Update for the latest version for:

Fixed bugs & Improved performance.

May the Dice be with you,
Lord Of The Board.

Backgammon – Lord of the Board Review

Real backgammon with a little suggestion from the board.

We love the whole outlook of the board and dice.

This one of the best backgammon looking games , but it is not classified as arcade like the rest , it is classified as an casino game , thats why they get away with the not so random dice Hope it helps some folks.

The dice algo for this game will put you on the bar no matter how unlikely a roll is. Or if you are on the bar and only the 6 is covered, it will roll 66, more than once. No fun.

We hate the fact that you cant just turn down a double instead you are forced to resign so many players want to double before the game even starts and your only options are to accept or resign.

You say strategy and luck factor, you’re lying outright, we’re asking one thing, lets Bet on your federation certificate and your company that you can’t finish to praise? We have played over 3 thousand games, most of them have records, what do you say, let’s review the games whit federation official ? You can’t because you’re a liar…

We have played over 11,000 games here and never pay for a thing. We have kept stats on games and there is no way anyone can say the rolls Arent fixed. It is clearly not random. Anyone that says otherwise is wrong as what we have seen the past few months we have a better chance at winning lottery. There have been hundreds of games that a significant lead was erased with multiple double 6s or multiples back to back. We kept track over 50games and the results are incredibly lopsided. Say what you want but its not random. If we would buy coins we bet the odds would turn in our Favor.

If you enjoy getting repeatedly bamboozled, this is the game for you!

We have played this app on and off for several years! It is a love/hate relationship! We love the format and it is a great backgammon app until you make a purchase! After deleting the app and not playing for almost a year, we decided we would give it another try. We played the game for a month or so and by winning enough cards to complete various albums we were up over 1 million in coins. Then its downhill! The app is fixed for you to lose if you have a lot of coins! Why? They want you to buy more coins! Our winning streak that allowed us to win the albums and amass over 1 million coins quickly became a losing streak! We know how to play the game and there is some luck of the dice but it becomes all about the luck of the dice and you are not going to roll a single die that is to your benefit! We lost all of the 1 million, so once again, we were hooked on the game and spent over $40 to purchase over 2 million in coins that also included cards and diamonds. Out of all of the free cards, only one was new, and the gambit that was only requiring 10 diamonds to continue play now jumped to 20 diamonds! They also raise the amounts of the boards you have to play to continue to win more cards for the albums! We assumed that because we had just spent over $40, we would have the luck of the dice back on our side! No, we may win one game out of five if we are extremely lucky! In just a few days, we are back down under 1 million! At this rate, we would be spending at least $40 a week to play this app! It is most definitely rigged to keep you making purchases! Also, we read negative reviews that have a 5 star rating! How is this possible? We are giving them 1 star and will be curious to see if it becomes a 5 star as well! FRAUD!!! BEWARE!!!

We have given this game so many chances and it never fails to prove us right that if you buy coins to play you will lose and continue buying coins. We do not recommend this game because its not fair and its a scam.

We believe this game is totally rigged to make you run out of coins and buy more. They escalate the requirements to get anything if you earn more coins so you have to bet more and more to get anything. Opponents regularly defy the odds to roll doubles repeatedly and win games they were losing badly. SUPER RIGGED AND IM DEFINITELY OFF THIS GAME.

Heres whats going to happen. Youre going to be unstoppable for about a week. Youre gonna love it. Youre gonna amass about 25k-40k. And then youre not going to win a game. Maybe 1/15 games. Its not even subtle. Clearly, their business model is to get you to buy coins. Why cant they just make a fair backgammon app? What would be so wrong with that?

We cant play this game. Literally. We wait for coins play 2 games and coins are gone its not us its the rolls and the cheaters. We want to play backgammon. Not spend all our time waiting to play backgammon. You need to get a handle on the cheating. Oh yea its built into the programming to sell coins. No deal again we need gas milk bread eggs not useless coins so no deal goodbye. We keep Loki g for a fair backgammon game there is none all you programmers are using the same cheating unfair dice program.

We play this game, losing 90 percent of the time. Just enough to have a few points to play again. Then, the app freezes up and you have to delete it and reinstall to be able to play! You would think with all their updates that they could get it right.

14 games without a win. You need to back off on your algorithms. Im to goo to lose like that.

So, theyre blocking any negative feedback. Thats all yous need to know about their so-called honest game design.

Between 3x same rolls and perfect rolls or consistent doubles for higher ranked players and stakes, this is statistically not accurate for a fair roll..

We cannot rate it any lower and never never buy coins. Nothing is random and theres no way the dice algorithm correct..

9/10 matches, opponent goes first. Opponents always seem to roll the numbers needed. Terrible RNG algorithm, probably because im f2p. Wont be wasting anymore time on this game.

The most entertaining thing is to see the responses from these dishonest and crooked people. Instead of looking into what almost every criticism of this app says, they say its strategy and luck. Well, we guess theres no harm as long as you NEVER give these untruthful people any money to play this game. The game is a fraud. Accumulate a lot of coins? Get ready to lose almost every game in every way imaginable. Their Diego game is not random and they decide when youll get a bomb. They also are untruthful when they tell you to contact them via email with your concerns and yet they NEVER respond. You know why? Because they are dishonest. Its amazing how they get away with it and continue to cut and paste the same dishonest response to users unfavorable game experiences. Do they have any remorse for being dishonest? And just try and make a comment on Facebook. Theyll block you from commenting. Shame on these dishonest people who own and operate this game.

About 90% of the time the opponent gets the first role. This is not statistically random. We dont like games that are too easy, but we find this so challenging that its not fun and we’ve been playing this game for 20 years.

Horrible game .. Cheats to make you buy coins.

Rating never changes from 4.4 because developer deletes negative reviews. EVERYONE knows this app is rigged.

Opponent doubles 3x as much as you – particularly when going off the board. Plus opponent hit rate is 75% to your 25%, if that. Game blatantly favors opponent who more often than not is a bot. Obviously a money making app for developer. DO NOT SPEND $$$ ON THIS APP.

We really like everything about this game except it is rigged. Gets you addicted and then it is cleverly manipulating you to make purchases. The more you make the faster you loose. We have uninstalled the game. We are a good player and we have never seen dice being so biased. We deleted our account several times to start from the beginning but each time same thing happens. First 3-4 days you win 90% of your games and make coins. Then one odd day, no matter what you do, you will keep loosing till you loose everything. By deleting account, everything resets but it is like ground hog day. You live through exactly same situation. Also all the rewards are rigged. First you get great prizes and then eventually it completely dries out. You dont win prizes and you cant win a game. To Developers: we know you are using casino tactics of delayed gratification but you need to keep the hope up. Your algorithm is so biased and obvious that you dont keep the hope alive. No one will but with such extremes. You need to create hope..

Last week we left a bad review, and havent won a game since. Finally just deleted the whole app. Algorithms are skewed, dice are not random.

We have always loved backgammon. This has the added excitement of mini games and card collecting. We truly enjoy this app.

Our connection is the best u can get as our internet guy gave us the best and fastest available! While winning a bot in a game theg took down our connection and scooped up 120 k points in a game we were winning ! They refuse to make this right ! We cant put money in a game that does not support customers !!

Lord of the board great fun. We play everyday. Thanks we just want our regular game system and no new updated version. We love the way is already. Thinks.

A minus because sometimes they play games with the dice.

1st day of a new game. We cant find the music yet. Someone sent a hurry up message but we havent found that feature yet. We do miss our old Backgammon game. We got fed up in seeing what looked like a rigged game. So we deleted the game with over 30k points. Thats why Im here! Lol! Im not usually so impulsive! The game has become addictive!

Software gets stuck, 3rd time delete and down Load.

Love the graphics of the game but most of the time youre playing with a bot and not a real person. One way to tell is when you give them the thumbs up emoji. They will respond with a mad face emoji every time! Even if youre loosing. Dice rolls are also not random and predictable. Too many ads pop up every time you start the game. Overall its fun at times but frustrating rest of the time. We still play it and see if the computer will let us win this time.

The randomness of the dice are fishy and we think are manipulated. We hope the developer takes takes that time and check the dice codes.

More than 24 hours game has been unavailable. Unacceptable!!

Be careful about buying coins as we lost several million coins we had accumulated before the last update and you cant contact them to fix the problem. The game is fun but starting over at zero is not what you would expect after playing their game for two plus years they could do a better job and have a way to fix their errors.

The game play is fine … I’d even call it good! The problem is ! HOLY MOLY! The ads are relentlessly stupid. We’re choosing not to endure the gantlet of ads JUST TO BOOT UP anymore and am deleting the app.

We know the the developer will respond with something about this, but this is one of the most rigged game here. We could ramble on with plenty of examples. We are a seasoned Backgammon player and we’ve played folks who pull the strangest moves and get away with it. Dont buy coins.

It has good game graphics and play. The reason for the low rating is the clear and obvious manipulation of the dice rolls. Play in the lower coin games and the rolls seem relatively even allowing for a reasonabke win rate. Move up to the higher limit tables and it is amzing how lopsided the rolls become, to the point it is predictable and comical. Then you have the game rake of 25% of the coins so when you bet 8k you actually win ~6k.

It is an insult to our intelligence to get beat by a very visible BOT than asked to play again. Why dont you list your reviews as most recent? The fact that you say 4.4 out of 5 in the reviews isnt true. We have played 15,000 games, and the amount of BOTS is disgusting. Tremendous waste of valuable time.

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