Bacon – The Game

Last updated on January 12th, 2023 at 08:25 pm

Bacon – The Game

Bacon – The Game

Bacon – The Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Philipp Stollenmayer, Bacon – The Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th September 2018 with the latest update 4th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bacon – The Game ?

139,051 people have rated 1.90

What is the price of the Bacon – The Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bacon – The Game released ?

Bacon – The Game was released on 26th September 2018.

When was the Bacon – The Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Bacon – The Game on 4th October 2022.

Where can Bacon – The Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bacon – The Game from Apple Official App Store.



Put bacon on E V E R Y T H I N G !

Have you ever tried bacon on…
… ice cream?
… Piña Colada?
… the United States of America?

from the creator of "Pancake – The Game" and "Burger – The Game"

Updated on 4th October 2022

small improvements to make Bacon perform better

Bacon – The Game Review

Some levels are hard and some levels are very east what the fri- shut the frick up ingamr us best darn game ever BACONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bacon- the game. MORE LIKE bacon- the stupidly funny game that is to silly.

Be part of the game and then the jumpscare of us being the mona lisa was very clever.

We love this game so much we play it when im boarded and watching tv best game ever wish it had more levels.

Idk but for some reason we want to put bacon on everything now whoever made this game is a freaking Genius, we love yall guys work keep it up!!!

We love this game and it helps us calm down.

Im not joking when we say THIS GAME CHANGED MY LIFE, we never knew the endless possibilities for bacon, we never knew how fulfilling putting bacon on the Mona Lisa would be, but it truly gave us some insight on the true mysteries of the universe, every night we have visions of bacon, a true masterpiece of a game. ALL HAIL BACON.

Some levels are hard while some levels are super easy.

We put bacon on a Chinese character for pleasure.

This game is amazing and addicting also very strange and weird, just like us!

This game is super fun and some are hard some are easy the only problem is our dogs tap our screen but other than that its awesome we hope you get it it is really fun and some are funny keep up the good work we love it is awesome and fun we love it it is really great keep it up But 1 more thing the cat round is really hard we want you to fix it because we dont want to delete the whole game and dont allow paw prints to tap the screen thank you bye.

Putting bacon on everything cured our depression.

We love this game its so fun and interaning.

This game is the best game we’ve ever played in our life. Because of this game, we have been cured from depression. We never thought putting bacon on things could be so entertaining.

We honestly have no idea how we came across this game, but it was luck! Im very picky with games and usually delete them after a day or two. But this bacon game has become so funny and addicting, our family thinks its hilarious that Ill be on the couch for hours with this game. Thanks for the laughs! -Autumn in Hawaii.

Very fun game we played it right away we got it and didnt get bored of it one of our favorites games of all time.

This game makes us laugh, its rly funny. The jokes r just oddly funny idk. Theres adds, but not that much, so its not a big deal To me.

Some levels are really hard and some levels are really easy so that makes you want to play the game more and its really fun and theres so many different levels we really recommend this game.

We love the game but it needs more levels.

Uhm can someone tell us how many levels there are? We kinda really want this mystery package if you beat them all.

Ok so we downloaded this amazing game today we played through a couple levels and some are hard some are easy but we absolutely love this game.

Some levels are hard so,e are easy a pretty solid funny game!!


The all mighty bacon has spoken and given us the gift of having bacon on everything. We shall not trust the non bacon believers and have faith in the all mighty bacon. Trust in the bacon and join the bacon, by playing this 5 star bacon bonanza. (This is a joke do not take this seriously the game is good but bacon can get stuck sometimes. :)

This game is so smart its a perfect and fun game. Also this is really smart to whoever made this they know how to business.

Really funny cool and awesome game.

Mona Lisa is hard to put bacon on.

We LOVE BACON! This game is fun ! No brain needed just unwind and drop the bacon lol.

Its a really fun game but some levels make us rage but other then that its really fun you should try iT.

We are a starter and we think this is super fun.

We just started playing and the Mona Lisa is the best.

Whether it is waiting somewhere or just being bored this game is a great way to pass time.

This game is probably the best mobile game we have ever played in our whole entire life we flabbergasted of how good this game is.

Best game ever. Nothing else. No need for any other game. We cant locate a better one. This is it. Best game has been found.

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