Basketball Life 3D

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:54 pm

Basketball Life 3D


Basketball Life 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ugur Muhassiloglu, Basketball Life 3D is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th November 2020 with the latest update 12th February 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


44,252 people have rated 1.7

You can download the game Basketball Life 3D from APP STORE.


Basketball Experience at its best!

30+ Mini Games with a simple objective, make buckets!
Swish your shots and be the best baller!

Updated on 12th February 2022


-New Levels
-New Items to Collect
-Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Basketball Life 3D Review

We love you so much honey you are so beautiful right now friend we love you Ella you are so beautiful right now friend we love you sweetheart.

Im really liking this game come on its fine.

Its really boring because we played for hours and it was SOOOOOO Boring it was the same levels and it wasnt REAL basketball.

We were so excited about the game then we saw that it was super fun but it tends to freeze a lot one time it freeze up to 43 times in one day of playing and when it freezes all your buttons on your iPhone or Samsung or other cellphone there is an ad after everything and you cant pay to get them to go awayI hope this helps with your decision of getting the app or not . In our opinion we dont recommend this app Thank you,

We enjoyed the game; however, just deleted app. Adds time is insanely too many. Goodbye.

Unplayable. Level 2 and we’ve spent more time watching ads than playing the game. Immediate delete.

We dont do ads especially if we didnt choose to or when decided to watch one.

This game is to easy and boring.

We wanted to play a fun game but it was nothing like the ad it is soooooooooooooooooooooo bad.

We understand the need for ads but you better really really like to watch ads to play this game. Spent more time watching ads then playing the game. Deleting this app.

How are you supposed to play when there is an ad every 2 throws ? Or even ONE ? This is insane. Cant even get to like the game or get into it cuz of constant and we mean CONSTANT ads. Also, no clear instructions as to how to play in some areas no clue. THEN another ad ! Might have been fun otherwise Shame on yall! We wouldve given you 0 stars but we had to give you at least 1 so 1 star you get but you dont deserve even that.

So fun makes us happy and sometimes makes us feel better and sleepy.

This is so fun its kinda like nba.

This game is so awesome Abby want to try it.

We extremely recommend this game it is so amazing because it has so many levels but Im giving it a four because it runs out of levels maybe some bonus rounds and its kinda to easy to make shots we literally just swipe our finger up and boom it goes in the hoop but still highly recommended from us please get you will be surprised.

This is a great game! Our only issue is with the ads. Some mini games take seconds to complete then you have to watch a 30 second ad. With so many ads it almost make the app not worth playing.

It is a good game but to many adds.

It is pretty fun but we like 1 other basketball game a little better.

To much ads for no reason other then that the game is good.

We like the game but there was just to many ads not that it’s unprofessional it’s that you wand to play the game not watch alot of ads, and it’s only one ad maybe two other.

We get this game is try to get money from the ads but it a lot.

Loved the way this game looked and we normally dont download games but we did and of course soon as we dont the first little 10 second opening play a 60 second ad then a few seconds of playing another ad everytime you do something you get a 30 second or 60 second ad do not download we have had friends download this and then we talk them into deleting it.

This is not a game at all. Its just a vehicle to show ads. Chucking the x to close just ask you to download other games. Everything is an ad.

Your bombarded with ads like a ton of bricks, we’ve spent more time watching ads than playtime.

10 seconds play time 5 minutes of ads.

Now this might not be a surprise but it is nothing like the ad. The ad shows you playing against two other people racing to shoot your ball into the hoop, but when you launch the game it simply throws balls at you while you catch them with your hoop. Even though this is a decent concept, its miss leading and full of ads.

Too many games on the game is trash because theres so many glitches and we could while Im playing the basketball game why is people completely black and why cant they make any more levels and different mini games.

They put 60% ads for kids that how they make money of you its not what they say it is its disappointing.

This really not what we expected but okay!

Our son comes up to us and his dad every two minutes. Literally. Sometimes every 30 sec if he figures out the level fast. This is ridiculous we had to delete bc as fun as it was to watch him play we had to constantly exit out of ads. It was making him frustrated and upset. If you get this games and its a version where we can buy it. Wed rather do that then deal with the ads.

Its super duper fun be making 3s like curry install now and support this brand.

Dis game is sexyyyyy we love the character customization and all the games in Basketball Life 3D because we recognize them all. Like the jumping on trampoline, the free throw and back up, the basket ball arcade machine, etc. Dis game jus da bes and all deez players dum. We play wit ads and other times we dont all we gotta do is turn on Airplane mode in our settings and we dont get one single ad, tho ads give u good money each time u watch em. We love the ads of Basketball Life 3D we’ve found on Snapchat and we jus love how it puts u in perspective of a basketball player with goals, or should we say scores, in basketball life.

Its pretty frustrating when a mini game starts immediately with no instruction on the object of that game. Theyre not all that way but some of them are and when you have to watch another ad every time you screw up, it gets a bit stupid. Could be a great game with a little more thought.

You now hold the world for the dumbest game on the App Store. Quite the accomplishment.

Nothing like advertised and completely overloaded with ads. More ads than game time.

Ok we wanted to like this game.. But good lord so many adds! We dont mind a few but come on even when the ad is over it still trys to trick you!