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BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES AR is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SkyVu Inc., BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES AR is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 31st August 2009 with the latest update 30th November 2017

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


433 people have rated 1.7.3

You can download the game BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES AR from APP STORE.


Play the very first BATTLE BEARS game that started the award-winning series with over 30 MILLION downloads!
"Best Games of the Year" TouchArcade
"Top 100 iPhone Games" iLounge
“Battle Bears is a must have!” SlideToPlay

“A survival shooter with a ridiculous story line that is almost worth the price of entry by itself.” –Touch Arcade

“The story for Battle Bears is hilarious, it’s one of the reasons I kept on going through the levels.” -TouchGen

"That one game that brings everything you’ve experienced up to that point sharply into focus. A gaming epiphany… Friends, I have found that game, and it is Battle Bears."

BATTLE BEARS stars OLIVER, a teddy bear stuck behind enemy lines who must fight off unending waves of Pink Bears wishing to HUG HIM TO DEATH.

Game play is simple and fun. Use one thumb to aim and the other thumb to tap-and-fire.

AR mode requires iOS 11 and ARkit on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPad Pro, or iPad 2017. AR mode is best experienced in a well-lit open space with AirPods or headphones if you dare!

To Save AR Video Recordings: Use the Share Button THEN press Save Video.

To PAUSE the game: Tap on the pink bear icon.

To fire the LASER: Press and HOLD for a long time while using your other thumb to aim the laser beam. Aim at COLBEAR’s feet, hands, and face!

Battle Bears Gold Multiplayer FPS (FREE!)

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Using ARkit, we’ve brought to life our classic hit game BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES. Players can experience Zombie Huggables & Unicorns chasing them in real life. Players simply tap to zap them away as long as they can. On sale for a limited time, players also get the 64-bit optimized award-winning offline campaign mode which won TouchArcade’s Best Games of 2009 for its hilarious cutscenes, wacky weapons, and epic boss battles. With over 4 million downloads, we’re happy to introduce AR to the BATTLE BEARS’ iOS fan base with this epic new update that’s under 150MB for space savings.

This is the first update for BB ZOMBIES in 5 beary long years! Thank you for everyone’s patience and support. It’s great to get a least one of our BB TRILOGY games updated to 64-bit for iOS 11. We’re hard at work on revamping BB GOLD ROYALE with new weapons, new maps, new mode, chat and clans.

SHOUT OUT to all the amazing fans that have stuck with us since 2009:
InstableGriff, Wilpower784, Hackey5, Grimreaper0100, thecheeselover, Clinkzbone, Lethal, Massengrab, Soo_hey, smtony, FISHDO, CryCry, MooseOnTheLoose, Oyster, Can’tTouchThis, Dban1, TeddyRuxp, DrMilkyWay, Reckless04, Boboimo, SSP Rism, SSPooky, Cloud[SS], LoneWarWolf, TacticalWarrior, Nightlock429, Assassins Ace, saltshaker99, Pirate, N.Y.C.O, goose, alpha, NooseOnTheLoose, ChaoTicKraze, TrueChico1415, HuggableIsTrue, Oops_killed_ya, Fluttershyisbestpony,Slate, eXTCy, SleepylilReapy, Earmuffs, DoodleQuick, LXSXL, Naporu, MyLittlePwnies123, Muzzle, FishThing, theLurker, Guyfromanotherplanet, OCOliver234, Dylan, Dunchaxman, Hug2Death, Zorua52, Gnifle, Buckets, Alpha, candyissweet, akurotetsu, Cat_God, Spectrum_of_truth, Quantum,Slimefon, ComfySofa, WingedDragon, Imapeaceadvocate, Cryo, Ultimate_Bear, Wraith, FREESH, 88kai1, UltimateSwimmer, AI Crunk, AI Evil Surge, icezazae, NUGAT, DTA Delirious, chanceyboii, S8 Royalty, Chase81, WhiteHero, SnapPlay, DTA OssianKllYou, Cruzzzey, Sloaney panda, WeNoodle, Wildman, Nuclear Dawn, Shane77, AI Dank123, Hectic, S8 MARIO, OG Evolution, M0rty, Garlic, SAmik37, kidgunso, Hayden, Mudssun, Grunt, Kenmister1, Kenneth, Crayola.bbg, GrieverXVII, Storm, TotallyExist, PlasticMemories, bwearpoe, Conkers, Freddy, Gebarmutterhals and many more. WE <3 YOU ALL!

BATTLE BEARS was created by @BenVu and developed @SkyVu in Omaha, Nebraska. BATTLE BEARS is a registered trademark of SkyVu Inc.

Updated on 30th November 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Improvements for iPhone X


We remember playing this game when we were younger and as new apple products were getting released they got removed good to see this game is back up all we need is Battle bears -1 and battle bears zero and the set will be complete!

We love this game its awesome but the reason we wanted to add a review is because we want you guys to update bb -1 please its says we can download it but once you guys update it we can finally play it.

Love this game. But here is the question. When do you think you will update the other games to iOS 11? Also will you?

A developer could you make ar mode a little bit better by making it lower 7-11 plz cuz all we want is a good old fashion at zombie game of killer teddy bears! Plz plz plz plz plz.

They made the pony boss to hard but idc Im still on pony boss air craft thing BUT ITS TOTALLY FREE THATS WHAT we LOVE.

We’ve been in love with this ever since we were a kid and have grown up and moved on just to come back to it and want more. We dont have anything spectacular to say except that its fun, clever, and overall just enjoyable. We really wish that the other games were still available on the App Store especially Battle Bears -1. We hope that something is going on with the developers so they are working hard to bring us another classic experience in order for the whole fan base to enjoy again.

We love Battle bears what we want to Play the other Games in the Siri.

Please skyvu, please bring Battle Bears-0 back to the app store and update Battle Bears-1 to ios 13!!!! These games were a huge part of our childhood and would absolutely love to complete the collection once again!!! They are very much worth every penny!

Its a beautiful game with great characters, and an amazing story. Though the best one that was made was battle bear fortress- which disappoints us it was canceled, like every other from the series.

Why cant we get battle bears -1 on iOS anymore.


We thought we would never see this game again, thank you for bringing a relic of our childhood back. We have been playing Battle Bears since this game was released and Im excited to see what you guys will do next. We are hoping that one day you guys will update BB-1 so that we can play and enjoy it again. Thank you for your work and for the memories!

Thank you so much Ben and SkyVu for everything,I have made so many great memories with these games and they mean a lot to us, so thank you, and keep up the good work.

We must say that there is a lot of profanity but still a good game.

Before all the praise, one request. Could you please make a hard core mode? There seems to be no difference between easy and hard unless its a glitch?!. So much fun content for .99cents. Seriously thank you!! And as far as future content, anything that resembles this game here and its contents will be warmly welcomed! You guys know what you’re doing. This is a must play/experience cant tell ya how great n wouldn’t want spoil it. Love the story/cut scenes and humor which we usualy hate in other games but the writing and art direction for this is just delicious lol spiced just right nothing overboard. TRY IT! Please bb-0 and bb-1 on here. We wana play them so bad!

When we were a little kid using an iPhone 5s we accidentally came along this game and downloaded the beta version when it was free, that was 7 years ago we had lost our iPhone 5 due to a incident of us falling down the stairs ever since we forgot about the game and we’ve always had a slight memory of it it wasnt until 7 years later four days ago we accidentally again stumbled upon this game we were shocked to see it still in the App Store and still exactly how we remembered it That day was the day a big chunk of our childhood came back, although our childhood hasnt ended yet and Im still in the early/late teens its still the best thing we couldve asked for. ~ sincerely The annoying little kid in elementary school that went thru puberty and is now good looking and kinda annoying still.

Could you add backbone controller to work with the game.

This is a great game by iPhone standards, offers much more than your average one button iPhone game, but the thing that’s holding us back from giving this a 4 or 5 star is the age. Battle Bears Zombies was awesome back then on the iPod Touch, but on an iPhone X the image is stretched, the resolution is bad, the sound (for me) doesn’t work unless you wear earbuds or airpods, cutscenes sometimes take a second and glitch in between movie and game for a bit, unskippable cutscenes even if you’ve beaten the game or have seen them already, the fog that made the last level cool is completely gone, and we’re like 50% sure that they removed the option to view cutscenes after you’ve beaten the game. If you can look past the age of this game, it’s a fantastic game for your phone.

We click the red video button Doesent work we hold down the video button does not work.



We feel like we’ve been cheated on this game!!! Whats the point of making a cool ad and have a trash game like this?!?

We personally HATE this type of game Id rather play the original or bb -1 which was AMAZING.

This game is sooooooo fun and the cut scenes are drop dead funny. AR mode is pretty awesome on our iPad, the Huggable Zombies are pretty scary so try at your own risk.

Big update after 5 long years! Just in time for Halloween and our incoming iPhone X. Just like the classic campaign mode, zombie Huggables and unicorns on magic carpets chase you in real life! You gotta see it to believe it. Watch out for clowns, we are dead serious.

Really fun shooting zombies in AR. Classic campaign is fun too. Reminds us of our childhood.

Love this classic game about Battle Bears. So much of our childhood here. Same campaign mode with boss trials and survival modes once you win. Try beating the game on Hard, we dare you! AR zombies were a cool addition for iOS 11.

Will not work in AR mode, the only reason we purchased. Emailed developers days ago, no response.

5 long years and its here, we were beginning to lose hope.

Love running around and blasting them away! This game is sooo funny! Pretty scary in real life. Great update to one of our childhood favorites.

Battle Bears Zombies is back and its never been better. Originally one of the most popular games in the early days of the iPod Touch, BBZ is what sparked a legendary franchise that influenced the mobile industry in fantastic ways. This time around, we get to see the wonders of AR in the new AR mode. We’ve played a bit of AR, but not to an extent. AR we always found to be a bit gimmicky. However, this games AR really impressed us and is probably the most fun we’ve ever had with AR. The game itself? A true classic. In this remastered version of the first game in the Battle Bears franchise, you play as a young, robotic bear named Oliver whos stranded on a pink planet filled with Huggables, pink bears that want to hug Oliver to death. You fight waves of them while finding new weapons, fortifying your base, and trying to survive until the other Battle Bears come to bring you home. This game truly shines with its hilarious humor, creative story, and beautiful atmosphere. We do not exaggerate when we say Battle Bears Zombies has better atmosphere than any other mobile game we’ve ever played. The gameplay is simple enough to play, yet complex enough for strategy, skill, and a true sense of playing a game. A lot of mobile games are just Tap to jump runners that lack the immersion of normal gaming. BBZ showed us 8 years ago the peak of what mobile games can be as a game and as an art, and now its going to show us it again.

This game has potential and we hope it can reach it because this update has given it a chance.

It’s a good game but make it iPhone 5 compatible.

Well besides bbg this is one of skyvu’s best! Also check out skyvu’s battle bear shop. We got three huggable plushies and a tee-shirt myself. Thanks skyvu :D.

This is the Best shooter app like EVER!!

They need to update so it is compatible with iPad iPhone 5 and iPod 5th gen.

We love this game, but to get it on our new decide we had to find a link in a web browser. Why did you take it down?

This was an addicting app until we beat it on all modes, inside out, boom no more left. You should add this for Riggs in here! Thanks :)

BEST. GAME. EVER! It’s a bit short (well, at least on easy), but it’s super fun and the graphics are awesome! The cut scenes are pretty funny too, but easily skippable.

It’s cool but needs more levels and weapons.

It’s a cool game but can the makers of it make maps and multiplayer like call of duty black ops. Love the super cool ZOMBIES!

Just fought the Colbear, and, even though it’s midday, we bet we’ll have nightmares tonight. Lol, still really fun definitely a must get!!!!

This game is amazing,but can you fix the graphics to make it look more realistic and can you plz make more gun’s and can you please make more zombie bears!