Beat Battle

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 11:00 pm

Beat Battle

Beat Battle

Beat Battle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dalian Jingmao Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd., Beat Battle is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th August 2021 with the latest update 28th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


57,341 people have rated 2.1.1

You can download the game Beat Battle from APP STORE.


A new free music rhythm game.

How to play
1.Tap the note as it reaches scoring area.
2. According to the accuracy of tap you’ll get a score.
3. Try to challenge harder songs.

Various types of songs and well-made Musical score is continuously update. Pop, Anime, Hip-hop, EDM, Vocaloid, and more genre of music are waiting for you.

Game Features
1.Variou of songs, play anytime as you want.
2.Different difficulty makes more choice, choose the difficulty that you like the most!
3.Use high quality music source and musical score, make your game experience better.
4.Continuously update various songs.

Install right now and enjoy it!

Beat Battle – Full Mod Fight is a music game from Jingmao Tec. Contact us by App Store or email below. We’re looking forward to your game feedback to improve our game!

[email protected]

The app follows standard Apple Terms of Use (EULA)

Updated on 28th July 2022

Bug fixed, General optimization, Various content added.

Beat Battle Review

You have to download this game NOW.

You should add the songs devils gambit,badtime,and despair.

Can you please add pibby Vicky.

This is so fun! We luv this game, and, even though Im not very good at it, it has so much to do!!

OK there is a lot of songs on there but you dont have the shed song or any song from elements of insanity.

Can you please add the song brothers in arms thanks for Among us to.

When you earn the deeply corrupt BF, there isnt a song for it. If you earn points to get skins, the skins need to have a purpose. Make songs that go with the skins.

This game is pretty fun and awesome.

We love this just one thing please add the five nights at sonics mod.

Who cant live without This game.

When its loading it keeps telling us to retry sometimes please fix this.

This is one of the best fnf games we’ve played in our opinion but can you add confronting yourself.

The problom is that why cant players make a song? And people are making logn words.

Its one thing that we dont like the hearts just remove them okay we mean the game is awesome but just removing OK.

Ok, so this game is the best FNF game ever, but it needs to have an area in the selecting thing where you can be different characters from other songs and it has to have botplay and thats all so can you add those features to this game? If you do it would be more like the actual FNF game. Ok bye!

The creators of the Naruto mod should make a another song called the nine tailed fox where Sakura and sasuke show up.

You know the ads there ok with us just ok we dont care about them and the part that we love is that u can play as both characters and paying ads is just good instead of money so BaCk In our DaY our brother had a galaxy/samsung (if we had a typo idc) and he could download MANY MODS on mobile but we had an apple and us not so many mods but then beat battle came out and it was our time to shine! P.s thank u so much beat battle.

Problem 1- to many adds on the game Problem 2- cusses in the storys Problem 3- when you die on a game and hit cancel it gives you an add every time Problem 4- this app can ruin a childs life and they were probably use the cuss words on the game Problem 5- it sometimes freezes up Problem 6- there are a lot of cuss words Problem 7- lots of glitches and sometimes when you buy stuff it doesnt give you it. Thanks for reading this please fix all the glitches here it would mean a lot to us we hope this game changes soon thanks for all your time if you reading this it isnt because of the game its because of the problem -PS- we love this game and if there is any problem with you on this game everyone its not the game its the problems that do this but we wouldnt blame the game because the creator might be sad -beatbattlesfan12345funny gamer.

Its really good thats all we have to say.

You see we have a lot of boyfriend (or skins) but we cant use them because we have a lot of skins and we cant scroll down and we even got the Cn takeover Skin that is soo cool but we cant use it.

What the heck is wrong with personal sonic.

Okay so we love this game so much but like it has ads every where can you get rid of them please because we get really mad since they are long and we hate ads so Im still learning to do it just saying lol but thats all we want to say for now because its very annoying and it makes us angry so thank you!

Like we would really really like if you add any more songs often but this is a really good game.

1: add a bit more story mode 2:make some songs free.

Jingmao Tec please it a review but also something eles. Please can you bring back the plants vs zombies bf back cause we really want it. Also you are doing a really good job at the game. :)

Can you please add hog and curse from the sonic. Exe mod cause those two are our favorite exe characters.

We love this game but a few problems. First of all sometimes notes we tap act like we didnt and kill us, and we then have to watch like a 3 minute add only for that to happen again and watch the same add again. Like, why.. Moving on is the second one, which is an actual bug/glitch, idk how but when we hit a note (btw this was in triple trouble and we were almost to the end) it counts but somehow kills us, after watching a add we realized the freaking vocals had 1000000 ping, making the vocals messed up and way slower. Btw a bonus glitch messed litteraly the whole song up, we die regularly with the vocals still having their 1000000 ping, we watch an add and all of a sudden the game freezes, but except u can still hear the static vocals plus the animation of exe sonic and bf are still vibing to the music and we even say that the notes froze in place, litteraly 30 seconds to the song left and our reaction made us almost blow up our phone. Our actual rating is 3.5 bc we want people to see this and possibly relate to these bugs/glitches until its fixed.

First of all, thank you so much for making this game. It made our life better. :D There are a large variety of songs, but we WANT THE OTHER SUNDAY SONGS!!!!!! There’s only one so far and that’s just sad. Also, the Bob week is incomplete. There’s only Run. In addition to additional songs, we want to be able to change the gf skin. Sorry if that’s too hard for you….. Oh…? You’re still here? Have a cookie.

So it all started when we were playing Hug us (Huggy wuggy) and when we finished the song and we got no gems we tryed to do fc but it said we miss when we LITERALLY PRESSED THE NOTES and we got no gems again we rated 5 stars bc its still good and to get this to the front.

This is the best app its like free fnf it has all of the mods but can you make more easy mods?

Can you please help us on the hard one we love this game so much is the best Friday night Funkin game in the world.

We love this game but there are a lot of adds and at the start you cant really play easy mode it and if the mode you start with is easy then its a very hard easy we hope the game can make less adds and make an actual easy mode.

Add a new mode we want like a battle mode where you can fight other people that is all we want plz add it :)

We love Friday night funkin Im so happy its free 3 simple rules 1 tap the arrow close to the line 2 it has mods 3 theres 5 modes easy normal hard expert and insane ps please make more songs and mods Best fnf game ever.

Hey we Dont play inappropriate songs on beat battle and its.

When is new songs coming soon plsssssssssssssss tell us plss.

Pls add you can change the note pad.

We LOVE IT SO MUCH *Sans songs best * (im a Sans fangirl ) idc about adds we CARE about dis AMAZING GAME! This is 100% BEST FNF MOBILE GAME!!! We have gotten to the point where if you dont like this game idk if we can trust u its so good.

Hey something is missing we need the pico glicth legends one because our little brother is like where is the music so pls can you add it for our little brother thank you.

We love this game soooo much its like Im playing the real game!!!!


We were playing a game and this add came up we were like what the barnacles its fnf on mobile we play we see they got the pibby songs and Im going in on thos weeks go bye and they have GLICHED FALLS love the game keep up the good workyou should add an update where you can sell revives and bf skins for gems and add speaker skins.

This game is so awesome and so fun and we cannot lived without it and now its fun and free. Im not going to stop playing this game. There is catchy music to our ears.

This game is so much fun we five star it.

We dont have a computer so we cant play the actual game and this is almost exactly like it so if you guys have time can you add more of the twinsomnia songs please.