Beauty Care!

Last updated on August 8th, 2022 at 06:00 am

Beauty Care!

Beauty Care!

Beauty Care! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, Beauty Care! is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 29th June 2020 with the latest update 17th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


144,962 people have rated 4.0.6

You can download the game Beauty Care! from APP STORE.


Complete SATISFYING mini games to unlock more tool and update your office.

Can you trim all the hair?

Updated on 17th March 2022

  • Bug fixes & improvements

Beauty Care! Review

We enjoy this game very much we wish we could pay so IWould not have to watch full ads the short ones are OK with the long ones are too much other than that we love the game we think its a lot of fun.

We really like this game and most fun part about it well we really dont know but anyways this game is fun we definitely recommend downloading it.

Sooooo we LOVE the game. Especially when you pop the pimples its so satisfying just one thing Make the foot fungus less gross and/or remove it Other than that great game . Have a good day!

This is such a cool game to play.

Its a great game but the adds are kinda buzz kill! We love playing it thought it makes us feel more relaxed! We also wish they added calming music in the background. To give it a more nice vibe! We hope game developers see this! Any who great game!

Our bsfs secret admirer constantly telling everyone how hot he is and showed us this game we love the feature of feeling the vibration of shaving toes.

We love this game and its so addicting to play hope you have more levels thanks for the new game.

Okay thank you so much we love this game.

This would be a good game. Too many hangups. Too many slow moves. Very primitive. Need to fix ASAP!!!

We would like to say that the game is super relaxing to play, however. The amount of ads makes us not want to play it. And on the same note, this is a more kid directed game it seems, and the ads are super provocative and sexual.

Wayyyy too many adds, which is felt to solicit further money. Gives the feeling of being set up and manipulated. Actually makes a person just delete the game.

So we like the game but the ads Im getting are very graphic and s*xuall so yea . One of them was a woman that was holding a butt plug and uhh was naked we were concerned to say the least.

This game is interesting and fun to play but there is WAYYY to many ads. Like an ad will pop up in the middle of a patient. Not cool.

The tasks are very repetitive. You can collect thousands of diamonds and do nothing with them once the few office upgrades are complete. Nice idea for a game, but nothing very exciting.

We think we can all agree on that this game has more ads then the average amount of ads for a game! The game itself is good, but the ads just ruin it all, RIGHT when your trimming hair off a foot, cleaning ears, basically the only fun part about this game. Why not put the ads somewhere else so we can actually enjoy this game more then five minutes? You guys made it almost impossible to enjoy this game. We understand that the ads get you money, and thats fine! Games can have some ads, its no big deal. But you guys MADE it a big deal. You dont have some ads you have a hand full of ads! Please fix this problem! We’ve seen other reviews and they dont like the amount of ads either. Thanks for reading, bye!

Firstly- Too. Many. ADS!!! After each step in a level there was an ad, and then at the end of the level theres an ad! Sometimes even before we finished a step in the level there was an ad! We understand the game devs need to make money but thats pretty excessive. Secondly- There needs to be more upgrades you can get. Maybe an avatar to decorate, upgradable tools, or SOMETHING ELSE added to the game that you can spend the in-game currency on. We downloaded this game and was totally upgraded after 20 minutes of playing. Then theres no point to the currency because theres nothing to spend it on. Lastly- There needs to be an update to the level design. We get that theres only so much you can do with this type of game, but at about level 6 things had already begun to repeat themselves. We understand having the same mechanics or problems with the clients you get but when you get the exact same thing back to back its a little boring. Maybe add some facial work or back work or something else to help diversify gameplay. This was a great game, we just think the developers need to be better about updating it and implementing new assets. And limit their ads to at least only at the end of each level if they still insist on having an abundance of them.

Im always getting feet or ears! When or how can we get faces?

Just need more variety in the levels. Its the same thing over and over again. And for all of you whiny crybabies about the ads, you can pay$3 and that takes care of the problem! Thats a pretty decent deal unless youre a cheapskate and think thats too much to go ad free.

The equipment is hard to move. There isnt much clear information. There are absolutely TOO MANY Advertisements. These result in a not very satisfying game to play.

It only has 6 task maybe more that repeat It needs like 100 to keep it interesting.

Depends upon how many more times we are interrupted.

It could be a fun game but, basically you’re just sitting through ads most of the time.

We tried this game and liked it, but we cant get past the 2 operations on the foot! What am we doing wrong? Its the same 2 things, over & over.

Way too many ads. We get it when there is an ad in between levels but right in the middle?? Not worth it. Additionally, you never leave the room your in, we’ve been in the same one for more than 20 levels. Its all the same thing. AND the hame keeps locking on us. Just not worth it.

Its way too many interruption.

We understand the need for ads on a free game but the amount of ads in this is unreal. Half way through the level, ad end of level, ad we liked the game as a time killer but most of the time spent on this game is waiting for the ads to be over. Im just uninstalling it for that reason.

The game has you using the same thing everyday.

An add after every single level. Sometimes these developers just get greedy. The game is OK, But definitely not worth all of the ads that you have to watch. Stop showing so many ads!

Just started to play the game and after every procedure that requires an ad just terrible going to delete the game most other games give you at least five tries in a row before they have you watch an ad.

We paid to remove adds. Took our money and still have adds! Fix this please.

Very satisfying and good stress relief. But the ads kill it. Ads every time you do anything, ads at the bottom, ads that have really obnoxious sounds and are for super sexualized soap opera games, so forget about letting our kids play. Needs a paid version. Not worth the ads.

This game has way too many ads. In the mist of playing the game even when youre not done doing what you doing boom theres an AD. Its takes the fun out the game. We wouldnt recommend anyone to download this game.

We bought this game so the ads werent popping up after each patient we thought there would be pimple popping like the video shows, but so far there isnt. The awards dont show up other than the very first one, and after you get through about 15 levels the gems are pointless. We wish there were levels like advertised.

Too MANY ads!! We shouldve paid attention to the reviews. Its ridiculous the amount of ads that interrupt the game. This game wont be played much.

Cant enjoy this game because there is an add to watch in the middle of each level.

Too many apps. We understand the ads have a reason. But not every couple of minutes.

Still seem to be on the same level, doing the same stuff. How many times can you do the same stuff over & over again. Very little award, not as much fun as we thought it would be. We guess you never get to the good stuff. Very disappointing!

The game is fun but way to many ads.

We just want to do the pimple popper game and Im having to go through manicures!

This game could be a lot more fun if there were fewer ads to sit through after each very brief round of play. It made the game feel very boring and not worth the time. Also there is very little skill required. The game basically plays itself so its also boring due to a lack of challenge.

Game not as advertised and way to many ads.

We downloaded this game because the ad showed you removing pimples and black heads. We’ve only been clipping nails and cutting mushrooms and hair off of feet. We’ve been playing the same levels over and over again. We have yet to remove blackheads. Way too many ads and no point in accumulating gems when youve updated the office.

We cannot enjoy the game with ads popping up every minute. We’ve ONLY been playing this game for about 10 minutes and Im highly annoyed with the ads. We probably wont keep it.