Ben 10: Up to Speed

Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 11:15 am

Ben 10: Up to Speed


Ben 10: Up to Speed is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Ben 10: Up to Speed is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 12th January 2017 with the latest update 12th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


357 people have rated 1.7.7

You can download the game Ben 10: Up to Speed from APP STORE.


Use Ben 10’s alien powers to run, jump and smash your way past enemies, obstacles and supervillains in Ben 10: Up to Speed!

Ben was on a road trip with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen when he discovered the alien watch known as the Omnitrix. Now, he can use it to turn into alien superheroes, each with amazing abilities.

Turn into the super-strong Four Arms, the fiery Heatblast, the lightning-quick XLR8 and more incredible aliens. Use their individual powers to blast the bad guys, smash through obstacles and even access alternate paths.

Level up your aliens and the Omnitrix itself to become faster, stronger and more heroic. Change into the right alien in each situation to make the most of your powers.

Stay tuned for massive updates! We’ll be adding new aliens with their own unique powers for even more ways to play. You’ll also get new levels & environments and new boss battles to test your skills.

Master the Omnitrix and its aliens to save the day in BEN 10: UP TO SPEED!

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Updated on 12th May 2020

Thanks for playing! Here’s what’s new:
-Bug fixes
-Performance improvements
-Privacy Policy updates
-Updated for new platform requirements

Ben 10: Up to Speed Reviews

This game is awesome, and heres the reasons. They got all 10 aliens, as well they have a bunch of levels to play with and all of the aliens have their own unique power. They also look straight out of the show! The background is beautiful. We love how they have power ups for ben like faster recharged and a extra hit and coin magnet. The game also has some down sizes. You can only choose 3 of the 10 aliens. We wish you could at least choose 5. And the time out is very slow, and so is the recharge but we said how to fix that in the good reasons. Now we dont expect any game to be perfect as nothing is perfect but this game is still good.

It is awesome love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun game but how do you beat level 30 in The Adventure Begins? We can not beat that Giant Robot. Ill just be running as Ben and then all of a sudden it knocks us over and says Im dead. Really need to fix that! Thanks!

This game is great we gave it a 5 star! But it has a few bugs everytime we jump the bots hit us but everything else is great but please fix this bug great game.

This games is so good we love that you have TEN aliens we mean this is one of the best Ben 10 games. Even though we like the classic Ben 10 better and also like how stinkfly and upgrade look in the classic better, we really like all these things he can do with the Omnitrix in the reboot. He can go to enhanced mode and he can amor up which is amazing. With that being said could you maybe out those modes to the Omnitrix in this game? Also can you make a mode where you can run in till u die. Last thing could you add more aliens. Its not really necessary because even if this game stays the same its still awesome. Thanks for creating this amazing game.

We were so excited when our mom Lost a bet for Ben 10 up to speed we downloaded it and we loved it so much we couldnt stop playing it Download it now.

Pls update the game Im back after years pls if you see this pls update and may god bless you.

The game is great but after youve done everything its pretty boring. We’ve complete the game and now we find myself rarely ever playing it. We think you should unlock an infinite runner mode after completing the game to keep people playing, because the short levels provided are well short. We want to be Ben Tennyson for a much longer period of like infinite.

There now are new aliens like rath and houmunasour and slapback now there is a movie full of aliens PLEASE CONTINUE THE GAME WITH MORE ENEMIES AND ALIENS AND WATCHES.

The game is fun you should add rath and slap back next chatpter vilgax.

4 new alians (shock rock humongousaur jetray and slap back )!

We like this game cus some levels are vary cool.

We need omnikix aliens and jetray and humongosaur and slapback and rAth.

Really nice , looking forward to coming levels.

Why does every good game cost money???? It would be way better if it was free.

XLR8 is too fast we cant catch up with him.

We heard there was a new update that gave you a new chapter and aliens but we havent got that yet this game is garbage.

Version 1.7.7 was just a downgrade, all it did was take away wildvine, stink fly and 3 of the chapters.

The bosses are so hard to defeat such a bad game because we’ve been stuck on one boss forever after that though its pretty good game but make the boss is less hard to defeat.

Cant get the alien mode to work. Very mad that we paid $3 for this game to only work for 5 mins because it gets stuck.

Our son plays for 5-10 mins and it freezes every time. $2.99 for a game that freezes? Needs a bug fix before we delete the game and get mad that we wasted 3 bucks.

They made level 30 impossible to complete we will never play this game again.

The invisible rocks on level one made do it 58 times until we had a one star review and deleted it what a waist of money make them visible and Ill down load it again.

Im on level 30 and Im not able to see the images on the game which has caused us to loose several times. Our son has it in his tablet so we know its something with the app we downloaded.

We are at the boss it kills us for no reason even though Im dodging everything.

Add Shock rock and Omni enhance aliens.

Add new bosses levels and aliens please.

Its great but its glitches a lot.

Can you update the game for new levels and chapter please.

This is the best game ever we have a omnitrix you have to buy it.

It is good and fun game but please add more aliens.

Um, you do know that 2 new aliens came up on the show, shouldnt the app be updated and add those 2 new aliens? (Shockrock and maybe vilgax because you know, that special episode of Ben having vilgax as one of the 10 aliens for a while..? EDIT: There is also the new omnitrix style! PLEASE CONTINUE UPDATING THE GAME! It is very fun :)

Add Omni-Enhanced Aliens, Master Control, Rath, Hummongasour, Omni-Chopped/Slapback. At least give us something. Make us fight Charmcaster, Kevin, Forever Knight, Steam Smythe. Last Update was 10 months ago. This game has potential and youre wasting it. We hope you see this review and add our suggestions one by one.

When are you going to update and add new aliens ? If you do we would love the game even more.

Its good but if it didnt freeze we would give it 5 stars and plus every time we play it glitches.

Since this game was released new Aliens such as Shock Rock, Rath, Humungasour, Slapback, and soon Jetray have released. These need to be added. Not to mention that the controls are frequently unresponsive.

Cartoon Network please we beg you to add more chapters and aliens. You have not updated the game since SEPTEMBER. Please add the Omni enhanced aliens. We now even have new aliens. It is season 3! Ben 10 followers beware this game is a fail.

This game has no updates we are tired that we cant have a NEW omitrix and this game should have been updated a LONGGGGGGGG time ago.

The app keeps freezing once our son gets to diamond head, and he cant go any further. Please fix the bugs in the app.

The game is really good we watch the show and we just want to say that make some Omni enhanced aliens and the 11th and 12th alien.

Good Awesome Game, but you make more villains and more chapters in the game :)

Im going to buy ultimate canon bolt if you do do the Omni inchansed aliens and shock rock.

Love the game but plz make more levels!!!!

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