Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Bendy and the Ink Machine


Bendy and the Ink Machine is one of the best $6.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Joey Drew Studios Inc., Bendy and the Ink Machine is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st December 2018 with the latest update 29th April 2019

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,851 people have rated 1.1.3

You can download the game Bendy and the Ink Machine from APP STORE.


Henry was the lead animator at Joey Drew Studios in its 1930s heyday, a studio that was best known for producing animated cartoons of their most popular and beloved character, Bendy. Many years later Henry receives a mysterious invitation from Joey Drew himself to return to the old cartoon workshop. Journey deep into the sketchy madness of this twisted cartoon nightmare.

Fight the darkness. Escape the Ink Demon. Fear the Machine.

  • Varied Game Play! – First person combat, horror, puzzles, stealth and numerous hidden secrets.
  • A Beautiful Cartoon World! – Lovingly crafted by a small indie studio.
  • A Global Bendy Community! – Delve deep into the mystery and join the discussion at

Updated on 29th April 2019

Additional Bug Fixes

Bendy and the Ink Machine Reviews

This game is really cool and we beat the game in 2 days also the controls are cool the hole game is like the bendy and the ink Machine In pc.

This game is our childhood thank you.

Im honestly impressed! We never thought a mobile port of BATIM would come! There are no bugs, just us being bad at chapter 5 !

We love bendy and the ink machine and always will but theres a bug in chapter two its soo hard we hope you fix that and Iam a big fan of bendy the end.

When is Bendy and the Dark Revival releasing?

So the game is awesome, five stars. It just wont let us talk to boris in chapter three. We just end up staring at him awkwardly… But apart from that, its awesome.

Its good havent run into any bugs expect if we go to the left of almost finishing the game (The part where you make beast bendy go into the pipes) it breaks bendy and he gets stuck at wall so yea and also just good game so would recommend so play it and dont go to the left on that part:]

This is the best game ever we love it.

There is one part that made us sad though, in chapter 3 when Henry (or player) walks in to heavenly toys, he says, Wow! And then we get exited out of the app… Oof.

We loved the gameplay. Recommend this to anyone who likes scary games. Thanks.

This game is crazy good and we love it but theres a small bug in chapter 4, the little thing that carrys you across on the enter darkness objective it speeds then the rope breaks and you fall to death then when in the ink tunnel it speeds up and then the game glitches all the way to the end. Also this gave us and idea it would be EPIC if Joey drew studios made a movie. We got the idea from the credits anyway GREAT game :)

We have been a fan for a long time. We just love the game on mobile. We feel like then we dont have to carry our switch around. This is better. Thank you Devs for the game, we could not of been more happy to see this on mobile.

We love the Xbox and iOS cuz it very well-made and we hope you release the second game you were wishing for.

So we get in to the game it looks great but the we get it every single chapter then in every chapter we go in it sends us back to the our home screen and its annoying so can you please fix that.

We always love Bendy and the ink machine so when we got this game we were really excited but they were just a few glitches that you could fix The first glitch is that when we leave the game in the elevator on chapter 3 we cant open any of the elevator doors and Im stuck in the elevator with Boris the second glitch when we died on the brute Boris level it kicks us out of the game and we have to do that ride again and why do we not just respon near the bendy statue anyways this is one of the most best games we’ve ever played and the only horror game we played its so fun its ink credible.

The title of this is our feedback message.

This game is very good. We’ve played through the whole thing and we havent got any problems with it. We maybe going to get the game on our PC. Actually we have 1 tiny concern. We think the graphics are ok. We mean we’ve seen other people play the game on PC and the graphics are very good. Is it just us it is it always the Ipads dont have good graphics. This game is is very challenging for people that have just started playing the game. You just have to play it a few times to get the natural concept of it. Thats basically how games work. You play it until youre really good with it. We forgot this game actually existed when we saw our BENDY handbook. And then it all came back. We really recommend you playing this game because its really fun. Hope you enjoy.

We completed this in a few weeks nothin it said we got archives and the seeing too for previous chapters then it crashed and now we dont have the seeing tool or archives pls give us archives and seeing tool or fix this and Ill rate this 5 stars this bug almost made us cry cus we celebrated so much T.T pls fix or give us archives and seeing tool BTW GREAT GAME! PLS FIX OR GIVE ME SEEING TOOL sorry SIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHH yo TheMeatly we figured out what happened so our storage was full and our device crashed it and when it crashed it started a new game sorry if that was rude we put 5 stars sorry it was our fault oh and please add a place that has mirror but you have to do so much to unlock it pls add this oh and we found a few glitches now a lot of people are saying they cant get passed chapter 3 cus of a glitch now it happened to us but we just saved our progress left and rejoined pls fix this tho cus for us it fixed when we rejoined but we dont want other people to not be able get passed at all oh and make the ink demon in chapter 3 a bit slower pls we saw him once in heavenly toys he saw us to so we ran and 3 seconds later hes right behind us we cant look for little miracle stations cus ink is flooding our screen pls make him slower. We found a bug in chapter 5 too we were fighting beast bendy and he got stuck in a wall after destroying the first ink tube pls fix this we found life saving glitches with the butcher gang in ch5 but we aint telling cus we need them staying sorry Im asking a lot but still welp bye! Oh wait one more request please make the achievements on mobile but you only get for signing with a Microsoft or Game Center pls we want the achievements! Another bug. In chapter 3 we press pause and when we press resume the pause menu stays but we can move. We were gathering power cores and we paused then bendy came so our whole screen was blocked pls fix!

So as we were playing with the Bendy cut out with Sammy from Bendy and the revival we just thought that you well lets say that how about you make the game where you can pick up candles and Bendy cut outs this is the best game in the world.

We love watching bendy videos but sadly our mom does not like it we love the app it is so amazing we hope the new bendy game can come in a mobile great job on the game we love it.

Thanks to the Meatly for creating this game. We very love this game. All the characters are our favorite but the one we like so much is Bendy. Very especial thanks to the developers and the creators like the meaty.

This game is great, but the Boris Boss is lagging and not letting us do anything, please fix this. Other than that, great game.

We love it and we have beat it twice and am working toward a third and we would like to know if Sammy is coming back in the dark revival.

We play this game every day so fun!!! Its awesome we love the jump scares!!!!!!

One of our friends has a switch and they have been playing it for a couple of years and when we found out there was a mobile version we freaked out and we are excited about bendy and the dark revival Because we have a Xbox and pc so we were wondering is it going to come out on Xbox or pc first or switch sorry to bother ok thats our two cents bye Ok update we think something might be wrong with our phone because none of our apps were working and we had to get a new phone and we thought we would have to pay again but nope we didnt tho we got sad when we realized we didnt have the thing that lets you see the secret messages anymore and we have seen a few idiots Saying This game is just trying to milk the success of cuphead. And we completely disagree with that we mean this game is awesome and we think that those ppl who say its milking the success of cuphead are totally and completely wrong . You know who you are alright peace out.

We LOVE IT!!! Our fave chapter is the VERY LAST ONE, because its when Bendy really shows himself. In all the other chapters, besides when you meet Sammy Laurence (sorry is that spelled right?) he never really gets in plain sight. AND OH MY GOD, THE DETAILS ON THIS ARE INDESCRIBABLE. The ink on ink bendy and Beast Bendy are OH MY GOD rated from us. Us and our brother play this over and over, but we never can find the Record. Until we found out we HAD BEEN PASSING IT THE WHOLE TIME! We HAD SUCH A COW! Being honest, our fave character is Tom, dont ask us why he just is… Our brothers fave is Boris, and we love him too. Bug though…. In chapter five, when it says to take the spoon, nothing happens and we get killed by Bendy, so THAT frustrates us. Fix dat so we can move on with the game plz we have only seen YouTubers play this part, so please fix it so we can heed that advice. BYE, LOVE THE GAME!!!!

Hey we love every game like this but hurry up and get going and finish dark revival or if its already out put it on mobile so just hurry up.

So Im stuck on the level 14 because a glitch please fix it it says we have the ink hearts the Gun its there like it did not melt and we cant deposit the hearts please fix it but its a great game.

It is better than roblox fortnite and mlb tap sports and those were the best games we ever played we thought.

We play on mobile its all cool until bendy spawns and the ink effect on mobile makes you go blind and we really want the vains on mobile so we wont go so blind when he spawns but its a 5 star for the game tho just bring the vains onto mobile so we can see bendy more clearer.

It has jumpscares creepy music hard puzzles and other thing that we like we wish you did more updates though but we still love the game.

This was a very great game. We really liked every since it came out. We watched SuperHorrorBro when it first came out. Anyways, in Chapter 4, in the boss battle vs Bertrum, when you try to cut of his arms, ( we dont know what else to call it) a glitch happens and makes us turn around. We still beat it, but it was very hard. We had to restart like four times because it kept on shutting off. Also in Chapter 4, when you try to beat Boris at the end, the first time we died, the game just shut off. We did it though but it felt like the boss battles were worse for us then anyone else. But everything else was great. We always wanted it on android and now it is. We really liked it ever since it came out. Well, anyways, Im Outta Here!

This game bendy and the ink machine is so fun and marvelous. We have always been wanting to get this game. It is just awesome and fabulous. Thank you so much Joey drew. We love this game. Because of bendy we like games like this. This awesomeness has been so fun and the best and most enjoyable but scary game. Thank you again Joey drew studios we are so happy about this game.

This is one of our favorite games we do request more bendy games on iPhone we really like the trailer for bendy and the dark revival! That has made us wonder will there be something like that for iPhone ?

Every time we press continue in BATIM after we did the angels wrath we saved and then we would keep glitching from the elevator and clip under and go to level fourteen.

We like creepy games thank you for making Bendy our dad deleted all our creepy games but then you were the only creepy game we had left.

We LOVE BENDY. HE IS MY FAVORITE HOROR CHARACTER. BUT THERE IS A PROBLEM ON FINAL CHAPTER. After you defeat bendy you can grab the tape and have to do it over again.


At the end of chapter 3 when alice angel sends the lift in a turbo speed down to the bottom level the player ends up falling through the elevator into the void and its really. Irritating. Can you guys PLEASE fix this glitch.

Please add this if u can. Please make the game compatable with a controller through Bluetooth.

We were finishing up Alices errands, but then we fell threw the bridge. We tried turning our phone on and off and stuff like that, but it didnt work. What do we do? Can you fix this up in a patch please?

This game is more than we could ask for. It is perfect if you like horror games, because of the jumpscares, Creepy characters and setting, still perfect if you dont like horror games, cause of all the exploring and openness of the environment, and, no matter what you like, its still perfect. The absolutely Beautiful hand drawn environment, The mysterious storyline, the hard parts that will keep you determined, the monsters, just EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!! So stop reading this review, and buy this game! No bugs, no issues, its worth the money! We cant wait to replay the game and find some more secrets! THE END. (Distributed by joey drew studios)

When you try to go into the exit and you look back and move forward Bendy does not appear at the door.

We found out about this game from a YouTuber Thinknoodles and we disided to play it the game costs $8 WHAT A RIPOFF we started playing it we successfully heated all 2 chapters and went to chapter 3 we knew how to get the tommy gun so we wanted to try it and literally THE GAME KEEPS KICKING ME OUT so we had to skip to chapter 4 and same IT KEEPS KICKING ME OUT AT RANDOME TIMES so we are thinking about deleting this game but we Mean ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME!!???!! Please fix the glitch oh also please put a Easter egg about Thinknoodles and our channel Coltons Theater and we will talk later.

Its is a great game and would date recommended too you.

As we were playing the game glitch out a bit we thought it was fine and continued to play. But when we got to chapter 4 the door the is supposed to open so you can continue to put the power on. Well the door didnt open at all we tried restarting the chapter and everything. And yet still the door didnt open. We were hoping to finish the game but it wont let us finish it.

This game is freakin awesome- sue there are a few bugs but yall cant rate this one star bc your game crashed once- the worst bug we’ve had was whenever we got hit with a cart by Boris our game would crash, but thats not a problem anymore as we figured out how to never get hit :) although it would be nice if you did a little more in chapter one and a little less with Alices tasks, its still a great game, and Im super hyped for batdr to come out! We dont understand why there are so many bad reviews, its probably bc some people somehow cant figure out how to play it and are mad lmaoo- but really this game is super interesting, it leaves you with so much to think about such as if characters/ink monsters are employees, what the employees looked like pre-game, pre-game designs for characters like sammy and bertrem, it just gets better and better! The story is outstanding, the characters are aswell, basically this is all around amazing and we dont understand how some people think its stupid at all-

We always get stuck on chapter 3 it does something we dont really know. Plz help. And plz give notification if u find out. We try u tu e but Im still confused to. Plz help.