Beyondium is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Mediocre AB, Beyondium is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th March 2016 with the latest update 16th May 2016

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


34 people have rated 1.1.1

You can download the game Beyondium from APP STORE.


FROM: MEDIOCRE, Apple design award winning lab behind mind altering experiments SMASH HIT and DOES NOT COMMUTE.

SUBJECT: Explore the microverse with top scientists from across the world using the revolutionary Beyondium engine.

MESSAGE: Congratulations!

Thanks to the Mediated intern opportunity colocation research (MEDIOCRE) laboratory, you have been given the exclusive opportunity to work with Beyondium, the latest in computerized quantum disentanglement technology. You have been granted unlimited and unsupervised access to the Beyondium mkII Quasi-Fibonacci de-unfocusing vectorscope terminal. Through phase-distorted intermodulation inference you will be able to manually disentangle and sort through the macroscopic existence of the microverse.

Press the appropriately labeled button below to claim your shot at the understated glamour of life as a lab technician (intern).

Updated on 16th May 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Minor update

Beyondium Reviews

We don’t know why so many people gave this one star. This game is great. It is very fast paced and challenging. People complain that there are no power ups but the force multipliers ARE the power ups. We have gotten up to 14 multipliers in one game, meaning all the points we got during that time were multiplied by 14! Once, in one single move like we got over 11,000 points. Our best score on the first level is over 210,000 points. We would be curious to know what the high score is. Our only complaint about this game is that our hands get so sore from playing it for so long. (Btw, can someone explain to us what the hell is the point of that "Does Not Commute" game. We don’t understand that one at all and people are RAVING about it. Am we missing something?

We love this little gem. Mesmerizing motion and fun play.

We’ve read several of the reviews, and we agree with most of them. This game is awesome! Yes, phenomenal, even!!! However, those that say its repetitive or boring are not following the simple instructions or engaging the tutorial. Initially, we thought it was repetitious, until we started thinking and playing outside of the box The super cool atmospheric soundscapes are calming and yet, the star production intensifies as you successfully connect them together. We havent even gotten out of tutorial mode, and Im fascinated. Excellent concept for busying the complex human mind. A geometry lovers delight! Thank you!

This is a really enjoyable little game. You’re trying to connect dots of the same color on the screen as they’re "decaying" out of a molecule in the center of the screen. It quickly gets pretty hard. Also especially fun with the Apple Pencil because of its precision.

Great once you play it for awhile.

We love this game! It has good music and good picture quality, and connects to Game Center. But… We dont think you should have to pay. We almost didnt buy it because we didnt think it was worth it. We do love it, but the price makes it a little iffy. It would be so great if you lowered the price to $0.99, or if you made it free. Other than that, this game is great!

Feel like we just wasted our money. We should’ve paid more attention to the details of the game. But it’s boring it’s repetitive and it’s monotonous.

Dude this game would be better if this game did not cost money.

We’re usually a big fan of mediocre but this is by far their worst release ever. This game is beyond boring. Can we have our money back please!

Becomes repetitious after awhile. Not as interesting as Smash Hit n.

This game won’t be suitable for the 1st person shooter who does not have the true strategy and planning capabilities to be successful in a game that requires true thought. This is an amazing game that tests hand and eye skills while forcing the player to develop strong strategies as the game advances. It does not surprise us that many did not get it. This game is much like chess, one has to be cunning and think ahead.

We’ve had severe ADHD our entire life and this app is more efficient than any treatment we’ve ever been given. If you have a hard time focusing, this is the app for you. There’s so much going on at once that you finally get to fire off all the nerve endings in your brain all at once: a hyperactive person’s dream! This is the best app we’ve ever encountered. We also love smash hit but this is even better. Well worth the two dollars.

Definitely challenging, but conceptually unique and overall a great game. Would appreciate more content depth from the studio that made Does Not Commute, but not sure what else they could do with this framework – gameplay is great but not exactly conducive to a plot or different game modes. Brutally difficult at first, but once you get the strategy down, we think it’s actually too easy – it took us a long time to perfect the first couple levels but not that many tries for the last two.

Mediocre always makes great stuff !

This game is different from any others we’ve found on the App Store! A must have game, for casual and intense players!

Ever since Smash Hit, we give these guys our money, no questions asked. Does Not Commute is one of our favorites. This one isn’t as ‘big’ as some of their other games, but it’s one of their best. If you like puzzlers, this is like a fast-paced Connect the Dots that requires a surprising amount of strategy. We find myself unable to put it down. Love everything about it, and we’re picky. Mediocre, you guys are awesome.

We see a lot of reviews that make us think people are crazy. The point is simple, connect the dots fast. No power ups, ads, or any of the other BS that makes you spend more and more to play a simple game. It’s $2.00 up front. More games should be like this. The only reason we gave it 4s was we wish there was more levels. The game is fun, and something different.

Fun game but Mediocore has a game about breaking glass, one about wreck less driving, and now this one.

We like to think of myself as a pretty good gamer, but even on the easiest skill setting, this game seems almost too difficult and awkward to enjoy. The margin for error is so small that you’re constantly getting penalized and losing your precious multiplier. Feels like getting luck of where the dots are placed than skill. Devs: this could be so much better of a game if you made it more forgiving. Or at least made the easier levels more so.

Does Not Commute is still one of the best iOS games we’ve ever played, and Smash Hit saw no less play time from us. But this. … Meh? Controls are easy but your finger gets in the way. The complexity doesn’t make it feel any less 1-dimensional, especially when compared to Smash Hit. I’d vastly prefer to spend $5 on some great IAP-supported content for DNCommute than the $2 we spent on this.

We expected more from the price we think it worth half the price and we are just getting board after an hour.

Interesting, but just a picky, annoying little game with itty bitty graphics that you can’t see if your finger is in the way. And this was on iPhone 6 Plus.

We don’t get what we’re supposed to do. Like, gimme a tutorial or SOMETHING! It took us a few minutes to figure out and it’s super boring and we don’t even know the objective! It’s moving connect the dots. There aren’t any power ups we’ve found and we don’t know how u win, or lose or anything. From what we’ve been able to decipher, it’s moving connect the dots that u can’t even win at and costs $2. And we hate ppl that post reviews on a game saying its trash and u can’t do this this and this and u CAN they just don’t know about it. That can be SO EASILY AVOIDED if game just put in a tutorial! So if we’re missing something and the games a lot better than we can figure out, we’re rlly sorry, but now, the game would be better priced at ‘free’.

The game is really boring and a complete waste of money.

This is a terrible game to have paid for. It basically connect the dots on a timer.

Too hard at the beginning level… Too much anxiety and not enough fun. Smash Hit is still the best game to go back to for pushing the skill envelope without feeling immediately defeated. Too, bad – we really wanted to like this, but we’re going to delete it — and our $1.99.

We played it twice and lost all interest. Wish we could get our money back, total waste. It’s okay but difficult, fast paced, and feels like there’s no end goal or reason to keep playing. Endless runners have more replay value. There aren’t even upgrades or cheats to work towards that we can see anywhere.

This game looked really fun BUT in reality it is very VERY boring. The dots move WAY too fast, no set patterns, just randomly generated blue and red dots shooting out of the middle way too quick. It’s pretty much impossible to "enclose" one of the gem multipliers and there are no power ups to help make the game more fun or easier. So really this game is no good at all. Don’t waste your money, we’ve warned you. Don’t let the good looks distract you!

This game might be fun to play with a stylus or a larger device like the iPad Pro. As is, fingers seem to get in the way of even being able to play. It starts off too fast and difficult and just gets worse from there. We won’t be pursuing a refund through Apple though as we don’t mind subsidizing this studio’s next (hopefully) big hit with our two dollars. They have yet to create a match to the incredible Smash Hit, and I’d pay 5x what we paid for that as it was so much fun. Let’s see what’s next!

Should have a demo before playing, lame game. Not worth paying for.

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