Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

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Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Raw Thrills, Inc., Big Buck Hunter: Marksman is a Sports game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 23rd April 2021 with the latest update 22nd November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Sports, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Big Buck Hunter: Marksman ?

11,300 people have rated 3.24

What is the price of the Big Buck Hunter: Marksman ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Big Buck Hunter: Marksman released ?

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman was released on 23rd April 2021.

When was the Big Buck Hunter: Marksman updated ?

The latest updated date of Big Buck Hunter: Marksman on 22nd November 2022.

Where can Big Buck Hunter: Marksman be downloaded ?

You can download the game Big Buck Hunter: Marksman from Apple Official App Store.



For over 20 years, Big Buck Hunter has been a cultural icon as the world’s favorite hunting game. Millions of players have gotten hooked on the simple-to-play, hard-to-master game in their favorite bars, restaurants and arcades around the globe. Now, the legendary arcade franchise is introducing a sharp-shooting, competitive twist to the classic series and bringing the best-selling title to an exciting new place – your fingertips!

Play Mechanix and Skillz are proud to present Big Buck Hunter: Marksman, the newest way to have fun, compete and win cash prizes while playing Big Buck Hunter anytime, anywhere!


  • Select an animal and a hunting location to challenge an opponent for either virtual currency or cash.
  • Tap and hold to look through your rifle scope and slow time. Drag to adjust your aim. Release to fire!
  • You have limited time to take your shot before the scope timer runs out. Swipe down to cancel your shot.
  • Shoot bucks (deer with antlers) to earn points!
  • Shooting does (deer without antlers) will incur point penalties. Don’t shoot the does!
  • Head and heart shots will down bucks in a single shot and receive more points!
  • Non-head or -heart body shots will require multiple shots to down the buck.
  • Maintain your Marksman Streak with consecutive head and heart shots for extra points!
  • The farther and more accurate the shot, the more points you’ll collect!
  • Take aim at all other critters and trophy animals throughout the round to rack up additional points!
  • Get a higher score than your opponent to win your match and take home the prize on the line!
  • You will earn coins based upon your success. Spend your coins at the Big Buck Outfitters store to unlock in-game upgrades!

Skillz is a powerful mobile competition platform that features matchmaking, tournaments, leaderboards, trophies, prizes, chat rooms and a rewarding player loyalty program. Please note that cash matches are not available in the following states: AR, AZ, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD and TN. If you do not live in a cash-enabled region, you can still play Big Buck Hunter: Marksman with virtual currency.

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman undergoes frequent software updates, so keep an eye out for fresh new content coming often. If you have any questions or feedback about the game, feel free to reach out to Play Mechanix at [email protected]. If you have any questions or feedback about the Skillz platform or cash matches, please contact [email protected].

Updated on 22nd November 2022

Version 3.24 of Big Buck Hunter: Marksman introduces the randomization of animal routes across all hunting sites; a second Elk location in Vancouver Island, British Columbia; holiday-themed in-game upgrades available in the Big Buck Outfitters store; an improved rifle scoping mechanism and much, much more!

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman Review

Big buck hunter might be the best game yet.

This game is so much fun to play. If your looking to win some prizes and have a good time doing it then this game is for you.

Best hunting game on Apple store.

Sometimes our screen goes black do like 5 min between games but otherwise the game is the best we ever played.

Love it the best shooting game ever.

Its a great game but if you dont have cash you just play thesame stuff all the time.

This game is a good game to play for kids.

Really like the game. Its really fun and the kids love it.

The competition is engaging and intense. Love playing!

Helps us show our grandkids where they should aim in real life hunting situations! Thanks,

Great way to kill time when your wife drags you to dinner with all her sisters.

Love the game and tournaments. Only issue is the types of animals ? Can we look at adding more game in the future?

Decent graphics and free rewards just wish you could play free more.

Super fun. Challenging. But love the challenge..

Awesome game difficult and challenging yet easy enough to play.

Exciting and the competition between players makes it even more fun. You have to try it!!!

Fun game. We love the competition.

Fun, competitive game against other players for skillz points or money that you deposit into the game.

Great competition latest update made it hard to finish each round it ran the animals off the screen once thats corrected it will be a great game.

This game is fun and challenging. We recommend it for the hunter that cant get out in the bush.

Awesome game, need a way to earn dollars or occasional matches in paid areas if you show you play enough.

Very good can you give us another update.

We love playing this game in the arcade and even better on our phone.

You have to really try it you can earn really money we have won $27.00 It is very very fun.

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