Blackbox Level 67-Blue Box Solutions

Blackbox Level 67-Blue Box Solutions

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Blackbox Level 67-Blue Box Solutions

Blackbox Level 67 – Blue Box Solutions

These are the Answers for Blackbox Level 67-Blue Box with Cheats, Solutions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with screenshots for you to solve the levels easier. This game is developed by Ryan McLeod.

  • Level 67 -To complete this level, the notifications should be on and you are not in “Do Not Disturb” mode. Then wait for the minute hand to land on the red line. Minimize the app, then you will get a notification. Tap the red button in the notification to go back into the app. Now there should be a blue line which is 30 minutes or less away from the red line. Wait for the minute hand to reach the blue line and repeat the steps as you did with the red line.

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6 comments on “Blackbox Level 67-Blue Box Solutions
  1. Lacy says:

    What do you do when on the distance level it just flashes red after loading and doesn’t do anything else?

  2. Mario Jad says:

    This is amazing. Thx for the effort. There’s a new box (Apr 1 update) plz add the solution.

  3. Lucidfeuer says:

    Boxe 15 is not lighting, even though the 16 did, and I completed the full 24 hours…wtf?

  4. James A Mills says:

    Bahhhhh!!! iPhone 7 has no headphone jack 😓

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