BlackJack Teacher Pro (21 Pro)

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BlackJack Teacher Pro (21 Pro)


BlackJack Teacher Pro (21 Pro) is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Pepper Dog Soft LLC, BlackJack Teacher Pro (21 Pro) is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 17th April 2009 with the latest update 4th October 2018

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, or Casino games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2 people have rated 3.6

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Become a BlackJack Pro, with BlackJack Teacher Pro.

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Become a BlackJack Pro, with BlackJack Teacher Pro.

BlackJack Teacher Pro is an advanced BlackJack trainer which will teach you how to maximize your odds when you play at a real casino.

Not only does this trainer help you learn basic strategy via Bet Cards, but will help you learn how to count cards, and how to use the count to your advantage.

You will learn about the True Count and how use it to alter your bet and play strategy.

BlackJack Teacher Pro does this via different practice modes that focus on certain areas of play strategy, as well as a Test mode which scores you based on time and accuracy.

BlackJack Teacher Pro will also let you see what you keep making mistakes on, then you can configure practice modes via targeted training to focus on certain card combinations that you need the most practice with.

Of course each casino is different, and some players like to alter their strategy to their needs, thus BlackJack Teacher Pro also has built-in editors for Bet Cards, Count Systems, and True Count Systems so you can customize your training to your specific needs.

Features Include:

  1. Practice and Test Modes with information on your play/progress

  2. Many included Bet Charts for: 1,2,4-8 Deck Hit/Stand on Soft 17 Types (w and w/o Surrender)

  3. Many Count Systems: Hi-Lo, Red-7, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, KO, Mentor, Omega II, Reverse PC, Uston SS, and Zen

  4. Built in True Count Systems: 4 & 6 Deck Ill18+Fab4 for Hit/Stand on Soft 17

  5. Ability to create your own Bet Charts, Count Systems, and True Count Systems

  6. Targeted Training that will allow you to focus on your weak areas.

  7. Extensive built-in help with lots of information, including how to play BlackJack itself.

  8. Different true count types (Half/Full Deck/Relative)

  9. Runs in HD on the iPad

BlackJack Teacher Pro is brought to you by the BlackJack experts who make the iPod/iPhone Multi-Hand BlackJack game "BlackJack Multi-Hand (3-Hand Edition)" already in the AppStore. With this and our other BlackJack game you should be able to master the table and bring home the cash (With lady luck on your side of course!).

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Updated on 4th October 2018

  1. iPhone SX Max Support
  2. Bug Fixes
  3. Copyright Info updated

BlackJack Teacher Pro (21 Pro) Reviews

After 8.02 update 10/14/14 still crashing all the time so is unusable. If you’re running 8.02 don’t waste your money. 10/16/14 Thanks for fixing the crashing! Program has returned to 5 Star status!

Love the app. Crashing on ios8 though. So if it’s an app you like wait for the update before getting iOS 8.

Would love to see this app offer additional counting drills of a single card and two cards (like Casino Verite), in addition to the sole 4-card layout of you vs. The dealer. Otherwise, another very nice app from this developer.

We’ve had requested the true count variation awhile back and had been waiting on this update. Now we can lock in our system for practice. Hopefully we’ll be seeing it added to Multihand Blackjack soon too.

Would not recommend to buy —- does not even have a simulator where you can play —

Great tool to practice basic strategy, as well as the ability to learn to count cards.

To the previous reviewer, the cards are drawn from a randomly generated shoe based on the number of decks set in the configuration screen. If you are using Targeted training then yes it is random and the trainer tells you this when you start up the training mode. So before you post a review please know the facts.

Great app. Helps you learn systems to play black jack better. Interface is easy to follow. Does not crash like other have stated.

This is "must have" app for everyone who practice card counting! Very useful and flexible in set up. Looking forward for new updates and improvements!

This is an excellent Basic Strategy drill and counting drill program. We use a slightly modified KO count and we were able to adjust the index values and Initial Running Count in the app. We have no complaint on the Basic Strategy drill. We believe the counting drill needs a tweak: allow the user to see a programmable number of cards (e.g. 10) then ask "what is the count?". Also allow the user to program how fast those 10 cards will flash on the screen and if the user wants 1 card to flash at a time or 2 cards at a time. That better simulates what happens when a dealer deals hands to a table and the player has to quickly scan a lot of cards. Currently the program shows a player hand and dealer up card and asks "what is the count?". Then repeats. However we would say the programmers know a lot about Blackjack, as seen in the configurability of this program. Great job.

This is a great card counting app, there are numerous enhancements we would love to see. (1) keep timing statistics on each triplet so the player can determine which hands they’re bogging down on (2) keep good/bad/timing statistics across sessions (overall statistics) and allow user to track how they’re improving on problem hands (3) add a drill mode for basic strategy, many triplets come up infrequently using a normal shuffled deck so add a mode that drills on learning the basic strategy by displaying random triplets (yes, card counting at this level is useless, but for a beginner, attempting to count the cards is useless anyway until the basic strategy is nailed) (4) modify drills to increase probability of displaying triplets where there are problem areas (5) allow multi-card drills rather than just triplet drills, this is true for both basic strategy and card counting that player will have more than two cards played out once they hit/split and correct strategy requires knowing the secondary plays after a successful hit. Thanks for the great app, and we hope to see more of these features going forward.

Very nice! Would be the ultimate except for two things we’ve noticed: (1) True count divides by full decks. It needs to have the option to calculate true count by dividing by the number of half decks left (i.e. With 6 decks remaining, divide by 12, with 5 and a half decks left, divide by 11, etc.). We play a strategy that uses this method so without this option, we can only use this app to practice counting. Practicing betting and playing strategy are useless which means we can only practice 1 of the 3 elements of counting; (2) In the action menu, there needs to be a stand/hit option. If there is one, we can’t find it. This is used for every player hand 12-16 against any dealer card 2-6 and a few other places. If these changes are made, we would give this app a big 5 stars!

Overall the app is great. Our only major concern is that the true count (TC) is calculated incorrectly. For example when the count is +9 and there are 20 cards remaining (~.5 decks) the TC should be 9/.5=18. Instead the app shows TC= 6. TC should be equal to the count divided by the number of decks remaining rounded to the nearest quarter for 2 deck or fewer games. This would be a five star app if not for this error.

Crashes constantly. Works well when it works, but needs bugs worked out. Also, for counting, it would be great to deal multiple hands and simulate a casino experience.

Cards are not random. Count becomes ridiculously negative very quickly. Should be programmed as if taken from a shoe of cards. Not a realistic representation of real black jack hands. Not good practice at all.

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