Bombergrounds: Reborn

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 01:50 pm

Bombergrounds: Reborn

Bombergrounds: Reborn

Bombergrounds: Reborn is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gigantic Duck AB, Bombergrounds: Reborn is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 6th March 2020 with the latest update 11th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bombergrounds: Reborn ?

6,080 people have rated 1.3.2

What is the price of the Bombergrounds: Reborn ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bombergrounds: Reborn released ?

Bombergrounds: Reborn was released on 6th March 2020.

When was the Bombergrounds: Reborn updated ?

The latest updated date of Bombergrounds: Reborn on 11th May 2023.

Where can Bombergrounds: Reborn be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bombergrounds: Reborn from Apple Official App Store.



Unlock and upgrade cute animals with powerful abilities to fight in many different game modes! Collect unique skins, make friends, team up and let the battle begin!


Game Modes

Battle Royale
A chaotic free-for-all where up to 12 players engage in battle to get the Victory Royale!

Duck Grab (team mode)
A lovely and chill game mode of 3 versus 3 (team mode). Grab 10 Golden Ducks that your team holds for 10 seconds to win the match.

Team Fight (team mode)
May the best team win! Defeat the opposing team in a Best-of-Three. If you are defeated, you’re out for the round.

A classic one-on-one match. Defeat the opposing player to get the W!

.. and more coming soon!

Animal Heroes & Powers
Unlock dozens of cute animals with deadly powers that are simple to use but hard to master. Do you have what it takes to become the best?

Level up your Animals!
Upgrade your animals to level 10 to have them reach their maximum potential. Check out the game and the daily shop every day to be able to level up your animals faster.

Bomber Pass
The Bomber Pass is the best way to earn rewards in Bombergrounds. In this system, you’ll be able to earn skins, characters, gems, resources and much more, just by playing!

Trophy Road
Noobs, look away! This system is for professionals. Win matches to earn trophies, which unlocks cool ranks & exciting loot.

Compete in the leaderboards, both locally and globally. Can you become the best player in your country, or perhaps even in the world?!

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Updated on 11th May 2023

  • Improved Lobby and In-game performance!
  • Battle Royale queue is now enabled for teams!
  • All game modes are now unlocked from the start!
  • Fixed Battle Royale crashes!
  • Default game mode is now Battle Royale!
  • Fixed issues with Ads!

Bombergrounds: Reborn Review

We love this game unborn and reborn even though reborn is basically just brawl stars.


Our brother is better at it then me.

When is the axolotl coming up. But we like the game looks better, and we like how you let us have rare, epic, legendary, and mythic pieces of the packs now in the trophy road. So your gonna fix the axolotl when you are in the loading screen cuz we looked in the news the picture in the news is with the axolotl with the mask on, and the bubble, but the other loading screen is the axolotl without the mask, but with the bubble. You now have picked to let us have the older clothes from Halloween, and Cherry Blossom Winter. Thanks, but one weird glitch that we said.

Great game and all but the update ruins it. Why you ask? Well now you have to watch an AD after EVERY SINGLE GAME. We understand that a company needs to make money and ADS are a great way of doing so but seriously?!?! AFTER EVERY SINGLE GAME AND THE ADS ARE LIKE 30 SECONDS LONG?!?!?! Its ridiculous. Konnies bamboo shooter also was increased to 5 seconds its a lot harder to hit people since it is 5 seconds. We honestly dont feel the game is fun with this update now, it feels like we were enjoying a game and having fun before this update but now? Well it feels like Im working for something and we know that even though it feels like Im working to get animals trophies bombs and prizes we know we will get no where because theres a 30 second ad after every game, it will be a lot harder to earn bombs and trophies because of Konnies set back and 5 second wait. We hope you decrease the number of ADS if not at least please make the ADS shorter.( Im sorry if we were being a bit mean with this review)

So we bought a 5$ gem pack for 75 gems and it took our money and gave us nothing and also the game copied brawl stars format really good game btw and finally every game we complete we get a ad its so annoying FIX YOUR GAME AND GIVE ME REFUND.

We have been a Daily Active User for 6 months now since we discovered this great game. We spent about $50 so far. 1) we are slightly disappointed in this update because of the constant ads. We understand that you guys need to monetize – completely understand that. But one ad per gameplay is a bit too much, and we did not enjoy playing it at all today. You also did not specify $19.9 is for our future season or just the season? 2) regarding Trophy Road: theres got to be a better way of incentivizing your users, then pushing them back down to the beginning of their trophy road AND take away their ability to achieve those rewards when they redo the Trophy Road. 3) regarding the game design: the winter update was a beautifully designed update. But after that, for kitchen mayhem and sunken valley, it feels like you guys cant meet the deadline and just put a 2D square game board on a JPEG backdrop, it feels much lower quality than winter blossom. We hope we will continue to be very into this game.

Hi dev team, we love your game. Its very sticky. We spent a lot of money on this game. But today when we open the app we were asked to login. We cannot login. The email we tried did not work. We sent a support ticket. Please address this today:)

This game would be just about flawless in our opinion if only it had daily quests, which would ideally make it a bit easier to earn the in-game coins needed to upgrade characters and to purchase cosmetics, and for just about every other type of in-game transaction. If daily quests were added, Id change our rating to a 5-star one in a heartbeat.

This game is a rip-off of brawl stars now with just bombs. Please bring back the old style or make a variant of the game with the old style.

They changed the entire game and we wish they would have kept it the same the game used to be one shot one kill which made for much faster and high action gameplay plus we got the game again to play battle Royale with our friend and u cant even do that anymore, if they at least added battle Royale with friends we would give this a 2 or a 3 star.

We love this game so much! But it would be cool if you could add a elephant character and a Duck character.

We really like this because we get more upgrades (idk what to say now and we going somewhere to the store.

Had a blast competing against our friends, but now that we only have the option to play on the same team while in a party it isnt fun anymore.

Is very ok not high quality low and garbage ish.

After playing for 2 days you realize that you wont win because you have to spend over $100 to have a fair fight. Waste.

This use to be a very fun and simple bomber-man type game with unique mechanics. However, now they legitimately just ripped everything off of brawlstars even inlcuding game modes. Game also has a crazy level of predatory monetization. They still suffer from the same issues of the original game being low player base which leads to you fighting the same people and bots over and over. Before every fought on a level playing field, there were no health bars, and the only monetization was cosmetic. Now te game just feels like another soulless cash grab.

We love this game, but it is really hard to get gems if you dont want to buy any with actual money. But it is easy to get coins and so like after a month or week of saving you have tons of coins but barley any gems, so maybe something that you guys could add that would be helpful is if you were able to buy gems with your coins. Because if we are already able to buy coins with our gems than maybe we could switch it around and add, that you are able to buy gems with your coins. So if you add that we would thank that a lot. Thank you!

This game used to be fun and fair (everyone had the same chances). They added few cool elements like stealth grass etc. They ruined it with special characters that not everyone can get + unique character abilities that make the matchups unequal. So much for equity. They also introduced woke language trying to indoctrinate lids into thinking that self applied and self induced cognitive disabilities are something to be proud of. GG.

This is the best game we ever played it is so fun to play with our sister and we are so good at the game.

The game is fun, but we think that the ptw and tanky characters shouldnt have so many advantages over the other characters. It makes the game less exciting and often one sided. The tanked characters shouldnt be able to completely heal, take less damage AND deal more damage. Its an unfair advantage over the rest of the characters in the game. The tiger should deal more damage with its ult than it does. If any character needs to have a healing ability, it would make more sense to give it to the squishy characters than the ones that are already built to last. It also seems like some have way shorter ult cooldown times. Overall, the game is fun. These things would make it more balanced and exciting.


It seems very pay to win and shouldnt cost so much for a big chest for a insane chance to get a character only skill based players are the ones that are forced to pay money for a advantage.

Downloaded the update today and started to have this bug constantly All day: 1) after our animal makes a kill, for the next few seconds we cannot move!!! (The eliminated xxxx text goes away after a few seconds and we can move). 2) clicking on the emoji button after winning a fight doesnt work!

Bombergrounds you changed our life in 2022 we love the game so much but you need to make gems easier to get please but youre still a five out of five thank you.

We do love this game but we encountered a bad bug(or at least we think its a bug). When ever we end a match,I dont get bombs. Do you have any suggestions on what to do?

Graphics were better before too.

It gives you the same people over and over and they are way more experienced than we are we played 4 games in a row and got them all the time.

We keep blowing myself up cause we lag.

We really love the game and we would love if you guys added private/custom games so we can play one on one with friends.

We had the game before the reborn update and it was fun and a basic game but now the reborn update has better graphics and we like how you get an id if you sign in.

Great game. We like it for bombs goin kapow !

Please make the skins cheaper please. Right now the rare skins are 79 gems, maybe make it 50 gems. Thank you.

Although people complain about the game being similar to brawl stars there isnt teaming in solos and the gameplay is smooth and fun. (Already rank 35 Konnie)

We love the game but we will love to play it with our controller.

When we try to give power points to a character it says we already did it but we did not and it is still glowing and it is only on daily.

It is a good game, but the thing that takes it down is that it is the entire layout, idea, and setup as Brawl Stars. Everything looks the exact same and the only difference is how you attack and the characters. Overall fun and addicting game though.

100% this is a clone of brawl. Is it good? Yeah, very fun. As a pro brawl player, we actually enjoy this game. Its like if Brawl Stars and Bomberman had a baby.

We like the game just the water hurts us so we dont give it five stars.

The daily rewards do not work but the game is fun.

Bombergrounds, Hello, we hope that the development team sees this message as we will write it as a review and as an email as well as commenting it on your video. We recently bought the season pass and what we realized today is we will not be able to get the skin at the end of the road. Since we only can get about 200 bombs per day, and there is 57 days left, we will not have the time since Im only on the 9th tier. This frustrates us so much. We really want the explorer skin but we have no possible way to get it. Plus the expectancy of bombs will only increase other time Im assuming so we will have no way of completing it. What we say is as long as Im putting time into completing the pass we shouldnt have a limited amount of bombs. At least add quests to make it more fair. This was one of the reasons we dont play brawl stars anymore!

Its like the computer game but different and the gameplay is good overall its good.

This game is great other than all the bugs in the game. Some are: matchmaking, daily rewards, not getting rewards after a won match (trophies and bomb tokens), and a lot more bugs.

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