Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games

Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 04:06 am

Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games

Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games! Developed by the innovative team at Matchingham Games Limited, this Puzzle game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 3rd November 2021, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 5th June 2023.

Are you a fan of Puzzle, Word, or Entertainment games? Then Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games

Over 8,348 players have rated Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games Cost?

Good news! You can download Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games on your iOS device absolutely free!

Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games Release Date

Eager to know when Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games first graced the App Store? It was launched on 3rd November 2021.

When Was Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games Last Updated?

The latest version of Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games was updated on 5th June 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games?

To get started with Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games

Introducing Braindom 3! A brand new game from the creators of Braindom that will breathe new life into all brain games ever produced! Would you like to witness the crowning of Braindom 1 and 2, played by 90 million people of all ages to date?

Our hero Brian brings you our new fun and challenging game. Braindom 3 is a combination of fun mind games that will make you think critically and mysterious scenarios where you will find out the truth behind the curtain.

Braindom 3 presents you with a true brain challenge! Original creative levels will trigger you for the real answer. You won’t be able to wait a moment to solve and enjoy them all. A unique experience awaits you with the riddles that will twist your mind and puzzle you hard. Find out who shot the sheriff, save the cat in danger, help the mother find her children, just crack the mystery!

Mind puzzles and riddles should be fun for all ages and Braindom 3 assures you that. You will be able to play with your child or partner without any hesitation and have a pleasant time together.

Brain teasers allow you to search for clues and brainstorm to determine the answer. Enjoy the “this or that” kind of gameplay, pick an option each round, and also improve your ability to draw shapes and reach conclusions by thinking differently. This intuitive logic game requires you to be both a detective and a skilled magician to find the answer!


  • Think outside of the box
  • Brain tests to test your or a friend’s IQ!
  • Brain training that develops elaboration skills


  • Act like a real detective and open the veil of secrecy
  • Improve your critical thinking by looking for clues within the picture
  • See the big picture instead of just choosing this or that


  • Brain teasers for all ages!
  • Hundreds of puzzles and quizzes to solve
  • Mysteries to crack! Challenging clues to find

Braindom 3 brings you the most original brain challenge! Unique tricky mind puzzles and riddle games guarantee you hours of fun!

Enjoy Braindom 3, the newest game from Matchingham Games dedicated to fun!

This game has a subscription-based premium feature package, it enables users to use the app without advertisements and with extra features. It’s an auto-renewable subscription. The subscription period is weekly. Payment is charged to the App Store account at confirmation. Subscription is renewed unless turned off 24 hours before the end of the period, and the account will be automatically charged for renewal as well. You may turn it off in your Account Settings anytime.

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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games updated on 5th June 2023:

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

User Reviews on Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Braindom 3: Smart, Brain Games below:

The game has too many commercials, but its a fun way to pass time. We have never been able to collect the daily bonus though. It say pick one but tapping on one does absolutely nothing.

Theres funny easy levels but its annoying because every second theres an add.

We hate this game because its not letting us go to the next level.

This app makes us realize that maybe Ted Kaczinsky was right. For every 5 second riddle, theyll play you 2 ads that usually take about a minute. This game is just so they can make money. Its fun and all for two seconds and then theyre shoving ads down your throat again.

Way too many ads Way way way too many ads.

Probably 4 or 5 times more royal match ads than game time.

Its a great game and it help our brain with hard levels.

We enjoy this game a whole lot but we’ve noticed that the daily login reward isnt working at all. We got it on the first day then we havent been able to ever since. Maybe a glitch? Just thought Id let you guys know.

The game is fairly fun, but some of the images for the check points arent correct. For instance, the images of Queen and One Direction were mixed up. Otherwise its a nice time burner when Im waiting somewhere.

We love the game so much, it improves your IQ, but the ADS. Theres literally an ad after every level. THATS SO MANY ADS. If you dont get this fixed, we will give you a one star review and will delete the app. We dont care if you get your stupid money youll lose people who love the games because EVERYBODY HATES ADS.

The game is fun however its more time spent watching ads than actually getting to play.

One of the hints for the puzzle didnt make sense.

To many ads. Every other level has an ad and its unplayable.

Its so easy that becomes super boring. Our 5yo can solve it all.

We paid for NO commercials but it continues to show commercials! Ridiculous thst you get one game vs 20 ads we want a refund!

Muchos anuncios no dejan disfrutar el juego.

Just downloaded this game and after solving the first puzzle in 5 seconds, spent 1.5 minutes watching a looong ad to get to puzzle number two. And if you want to add a few credits to the game, be prepared for another looong ad. Not worth it! Deleting app.

RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF ADS! One after just about every single puzzle, and they award NO points unless you watch MORE ADS or pay. Nothing but a cash grab. Deleted.

This would be an excellent game if it wasn’t for so many ads. It takes 3 seconds to solve the problem and then you have to watch an ad for 30-60 seconds. And this is every single time you solve a problem. So, if you want to play this game then they want you to pay to play otherwise you are just watching their ads only. Not worth paying to play games every month. Even if we do pay to play they will find more of a reason to make more money from us. Sorry to say that we have to delete this.

On level 341 the drawing line was far away from our finger and it would not let us get a hint we watched YouTube videos and tried that but nothing worked. Very aggravating.

This would be fun if there wasnt an ad after every game. We dont mind ads but this is over the top.

Now sure how to play, no instructions.

We dont understand how this game works!!

We keep pressing it does not work.

They make you get a weekly subscription just to use the app and its still so full of adds its pointless. Also the riddles are geared towards toddlers.

Get thru a level, pop up comes to retrieve brain or to do a spin, no videos, where are they, seems like everyone reads, no videos.

Cute and fun game, its just way too many ads that you can barely enjoy playing. Almost after each question is an ad. Makes it kind of annoying.

Its okay but the bug fixes are not working .

We actually really enjoyed this game and got to level 98 AND IT MADE ME START FROM THE BEGINNING. Absolutely stupid.

Too many ads plus stupid ideas.

Im on level 301 and its frozen and we cant play because Im stuck in the race and Im now in fourth place when we literally was in 1st place.

We like the game, but there is a lot of ads, Im not deleting it but if downloading keep in mind.

We are currently on level 301 and it is stuck spinning and we cant play the level. We also noticed a couple of levels back the daily reward was stick and we couldnt click on it. The wheel reward worked fine. Now we cant play the level. This is frustrating!

This game is so lame!!! When a choice is made it does not acknowledge it. The clues are incredibly feeble! It only wants to play the ads. Dont waste your time!

Too many ads and the game has way to many glitches.

We try to do it (the activities) but the show your proof is stupid and wont work.

We try to play and everytime we press the level it shows a circle with the man in a country fit and wont let us play.

This is so good for your kids with riddles and other kinds of stuff 5 STARS.

We like this game & enjoy playing. It doesnt get 5 stars because we’ve had to delete and reinstall a couple of times. The Daily Login will get stuck and not let us collect our Daily rewards. Its annoying because we have to start from the beginning of the game. Theres no way to restore our previous progress.

We give this game a 3/5 because it is very slow and kinda annoying. Its fun and enjoyable but it doesnt always work or load, but other than that it is really fun!!

The game glitches so nothing works and you have a spend points to get out. Ie; hint said to pay attention to the bush but the bush doesnt move.

We give this game 3 stars because when you click on some of the objects nothing happens it says show your proof but if you can get the objects to appear you cant show your proof even if you close out the game and get back in. This game would be quite fun except for the problem. Thank you.

Way too many adds. You spend more time watching adds than playing the game.

We downloaded this game and it is not what it advertises. Boring! Dont get it. Deleting today!