Brookhaven Game

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Brookhaven Game

Brookhaven Game

Brookhaven Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Imane Louah, Brookhaven Game is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 21st April 2021 with the latest update 25th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Music, or Lifestyle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Brookhaven Game ?

22,164 people have rated 2.5

What is the price of the Brookhaven Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Brookhaven Game released ?

Brookhaven Game was released on 21st April 2021.

When was the Brookhaven Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Brookhaven Game on 25th August 2022.

Where can Brookhaven Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Brookhaven Game from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the insane house in amazing world you can enjoy your time Discover a lot of rooms and enjoy the time as you run outside to see your amazing cars

You Are Free to play and enjoy your time with family.

  • Colorful and HD graphics!

  • Challenge and help your friends!Math games,blox fruits,brookhaven rp,Adopt me,mr p,baldis basics,roblox,fnf,piggy games,Jailbreak


Go as far as possible and discover your home to beat your FRIENDS!

Updated on 25th August 2022

Fixed Some Bugs
Added new levels and amazing new design
New City…

Brookhaven Game Review

We love dis game game SOOOOO much.

We wish you could add some like tornadoes and stuff.

This Brookhaven among us is really good and rich. We love it so much thank you so much because we cure our depression and we can see our grandma finally our parents and we were on the streets for 20 years and if it werent for this game, we would still be on the streets this game give us 1 million billion dollars now Im so rich and we went to college and we got a medical degree and now Im an interventional radiologist grandma stop it oh, we want to have chicken curry for dinner grandma your dog is biting on our Jordans get him off when you fat rat youre such a bad grandma this is a really good game and we appreciate the amount of work put into this game and we really appreciate it. We love God God is really good and we appreciate. Girls play soccer. We love God girls rule boys drool. Mom can you give us $1 million please Im so rich. Stop it you fat rat hey our brother we will eat you do you wanna say anything? Anything Fortnite battle pass? We just pooped on our butt. Because we need need to get that Fortnite bat we love Fortnite a Fortnite night night time its nighttime nighttime nighttime even though its 5 oclock Thats basically anytime even though its not. We bypass Fortnite battle pass. BB boo-boo poo pee, pee pee poo. Poo pee, pee poo poo pee, pee poo. Poo sky send it.

We got traumatized and violated. Not fun.

Hi our name is Naomi and we hate it it will not work a our iPad It is gust a blue screen we will try to play on it thanks for Reading.

This game is to scary when we saw that person we were about to cry.

This game is so good our hold entire family download it and they will never stop playing on A vacation they still play sometime our cousin download it and then she said it was a scam we love you so much thank you for making this game.

Our friend Hoshbaba plays this and its fire Good game for days for me.

We know this game is on Roblox but it’s way better when it’s it own app!

This game so fun we role played with our dog it was fun and killed us and everything and jt was bald and it chased us and also we got key!!!1!1!1!1!!11! Best game ever we quit our job to play this every minute!

We love goat honting so we did the goat 1 and we see a House and we see it had a strange message on the door like a hacker message and we got out of the game and Im going back to investigate Bye.

Brookhaven was good,on Roblox and its good on this game! But it needs a update.

Hello, This game Is not the best the Music gives us the creeps and its MORE like a SCARY game then a Brookhaven game we dont recommend Thanks for reading.

Ok hi so we are playing this at night and we heard the creepy song so dont play this at night for you own will and if u go outside you start in the woods its creepy.

It scares us and you have to like run around to avoid this person its really annoying and its sort of scary but this guy just keeps following you around then you have to escape the house or the city and its just very annoying and its hard to avoid him because when he doesnt die until you cant jump and when he touches you or when you touch him or her we dont care when you touch them you like die and you have to restart and it erases all of your progress so you cant like keep it the same way that you had it when you started playing it and like its super annoying and hard to play so fix it please and it is not at all like Brookhaven it is it is very annoying we dont care just fix it rename it we dont care it is horrible it is not like Brookhaven just why so bye.

We do not recommend this game might as well get granny.

We don’t feel like playing it but then we did play it now we feel like we have a very bad dream so we might delete this game we were about to cry so ya we rate it a 2 two out of five 5.

We never played the game but by reviews we think its pretty bad..

So we got this game cuz we thought it was like roblox game but its not you pick house or city and we picked city and A man just follows you and he doesnt die so yea .

Ok so we thought it was going to be the game from roblox. No. We choose the option house and 2 second’s later we’re playing the granny game?! We read some of the other reviews and we were like this is the complete opposite. So if you want to see get it but we’re deleting so yeah. : (

Okay this game isnt what you think! You might think its the game on roblox but its not!! Some guy just keeps following you around and you HAVE to try to escape the city or youre home and its quite scary unlike the actual game but all Im saying is CHECK THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD IT!

We were playing and then some one came up to us an killed us and we were so scared when we were in the town because a dog came and killed me.

Do not download its not good it is really bad do not download its a scam they dont even have the Brookhaven map or house its like a granny house mixed with a normal house its really weird do not down load unless you want to see cringe.

So you loud into the game right and we pick city its not even a city your ina very creepy forest and they play very very scary music and we thought slender man was there we saw a black tentacle but when we got closer it was gone.

This game is a scam it is nothing what you think it is it reminds us of granny but in a different way. Play block man go or PKXD their the best games if you are looking for a game similar to Roblox because this game is the worst.

OKAY SO if u play ROBLOX, THIS IS OBVIOUSLY STOLEN BY PIGGY, HELLO NEIGHBOR, GRANNY, AND OTHER GAMES LIKE THAT, its not even fun, we thought this would be the best game but rlly its the worst if we could we would rate it 0 stars. Not even a fun game. Its so fake. And it looks so innocent. They didnt even tell us it was a horror game! And its almost impossible to escape our house! We clicked on city thinking it will be normal and fun. BUT RLLY IT WASNT!! It was a waste of our time of downloading this game. Low quality. Everything about this game is concerning. We thought this was gonna be just like ROBLOX Brookhaven but really It wasnt even close. What is wrong with the creator. They thought this would be good but rlly its not. Fix yo game.

This app better be discontinued in this store.

We’ve actually played the original game just search up granny and grandpa, this game is such a copy because every thing is the exact same. This just deserves a 1 star, never download this game never we repeat NEVER.

This game is not for kids it like really scary we couldnt leave the game at 3:00 am it was creepy plz delete and never download again s.

We wont thank you l dont like scary stuff when l entered the game l saw the cabinet door l clicked on it it hid us so l was wondering if it was a scary game or not so l decided not to play and deleted it it scares us a lot.

Ok so let us just get this started, so we feel like this is a horrible game because literately we feel like theres nothing to do literally u just wake up in a room and theres this guy that comes in and completely kills you but you dont even have time to do anything literally when we saw the game we got excited like it was the Roblox game of Brookhaven also FYI They total 100% copied hello neighbor or granny we literally just deleted the game as fast as we could and we were just like -WTH-and also, this is totally a horror game so whoever thinks that this is a cute Brookhaven game -THINK AGAIN PPL-literally the graphics are horrible just Im telling you right now. Please dont download this game.

Yeah this game is a knock off granny and also House Looks like it and we think this is just the worst horror game of our life its going to jump scares just a dog what German Shepherd but we dont know how to say bad graphics bad design another one they looks like it and we think this is just the worst horror game of our life its going to jump scares just a dog what German Shepherd but we dont know how to say bad graphics bad design we know the phone cant have that kind of graphics to us all we wanted to say dont play this game we gave it a 1/5 because the graphics again Im sorry.

So we got the app because on Roblox it wont let us play it all we dont know why so well sigh we only want Roblox because to play Brookhaven and we found this app called BROOKHAVE in but actually it showed us a weird light blue color and a Google thing so come by our furniture it was really weird but we clicked on everything it just froze and said youre abandoned from the game and do you know what we did we did nothing to deserve us so Im not trying to be rude or anything but this is a very stupid game.

Always glitchy, and terrible graphics.

We thought this was the real BROOKHAVEN Game but it is it its so bad.

First off you ripped off of roblox Brookhaven,piggy and granny now thats just messed up because all of this can lead to copyright and you can lose your job because this is just soooooo messed up and we hope nobody plays this ripoff game, seriously make better games that is unique not other peoples work because this is wrong and can lead you to jail for copying other peoples work. Honestly whoever is reading this have a nice day because Im speechless now that we seen this piece of nothing game and we also wanna say that we played this before and the controls are horrible.

This is not the game people were saying it was in the reviews deleting this game immediately.

This game is a virtual garbage can.

This is bad because there is not much to do you can only do homes and city and not scary we though it was going to be fun but it not fun so we recommend getting this game.

So we wanted roblox and we saw this Brookhaven and we got it and it looks like granny game they should band this game.

At the start we couldnt get even in the game plus when we did it still suckedI love the Roblox Brookhaven better. Also some people say its a good game?1 star!

We like Brookhaven but this is a little bit of a knock off its like not as good as Roblox but we mean its pretty bad its so boring like extremely boring like Im literally gonna delete it off our phone we dont recommend it.

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