Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 07:05 am

Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash

Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash

Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Aviagames Inc., Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 22nd July 2022 with the latest update 22nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash ?

14,759 people have rated 1.1.29

What is the price of the Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash released ?

Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash was released on 22nd July 2022.

When was the Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash updated ?

The latest updated date of Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash on 22nd May 2023.

Where can Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash from Apple Official App Store.



Play Bubble Buzz! A classic, skill-based bubble shooter game you can play to win real cash and prizes! Blast bubbles using a variety of power-ups and turn high scores into real money!

Download for free to compete in a wide variety of tournaments with REAL CASH prizes and more! We’re committed to providing a secure gaming platform based on fair, social competition for all our players.


Aim and shoot with the tap of your finger to launch and pop bubbles by matching 3 or more of the same color. Pop your way to victory with a huge array of power-ups! Race against the clock to earn the highest score you can and outperform opponents to claim match prizes. Play Bubble Buzz anytime, anywhere and pop ’til you drop!


Play Free Games, Win Real Cash!
-Use Gems to play free matches or participate in cash games to win real money. Earn free gifts daily by logging in and participating in various in-game events!

Compete in Exciting Multiplayer Tournaments
-Play in tournaments of different match modes with  5-10 other players, and the top 3 players win a prize. The higher you rank, the bigger the prize! Practice for free before playing cash games, then choose from a variety of prize pools to win REAL CASH and prizes!

Play Against Real Players
-Match with real players of similar skill levels to play classic, fun, and fair skill-based cash games!

Enjoy Safe and Secure Withdrawals
-It’s safe and easy to withdraw your winnings with PayPal. We also work with trusted partners, including Apple Pay, Visa, Venmo, and more to make the deposit and withdrawal process secure, smooth, and worry-free.

Win Extra Cash with Minigames
-Win extra rewards and real money through our classic minigames like Scratchers, Dice Cruise, and other fun features!

Enjoy an Ad-Free Experience
-A truly immersive gaming experience with no ads to interrupt your gameplay!

  • Cash games are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, VT. However, players in these states can still enjoy the fun with free games!
  • Players must be at least 18 years of age. In some jurisdictions where Cash games are not available, players can compete in our free games. See our Terms of Service for more information.

Ready to join Bubble Buzz?! Download now and get high scores shooting bubbles! If you have questions and concerns, please contact: [email protected]

Updated on 22nd May 2023

We hope you’re having fun playing Bubble Buzz! In this version, we’ve improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Play Bubble Buzz and fill your pockets with money!

Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash Review

Totally enjoyable game. Very challenging!!!

Awesome bubble gift Great way to keep us from being bored and restless. Awesome that you can win money! Look forward to keeping play app and keeping.

(Rated 5 so this will show up) This is a fun little game but you CANNOT win money on it. You can only win bonus cash that is not transferable and can only be used in app to enter games. We’ve been playing for over a month and we have yet to have a single cent go towards our withdrawal tab even though we’ve won $10+. Unless youre looking for a competitive bubble popping game, Id say pass on this one.

This game is fun and cool we like the way it runs and fast transition definitely give it a try.

Im not winning yet cant cash out its not worth it.

This is one of the games that DOES PAYOUT!!! And they even have free games that u can win real money without adding anything at all! Then say u win $3 well then u play a game with that and u can double and triple ur money easily! This is a game we play a lil every day and even if we withdraw 10 bucks for 10 or less mins of playing we would say HECK YES ILL TAKE THAT IM NOT GREEDY! And as for someone who said, they take like half her money when u withdraw NOT TRUE , ;they DO NOT let u have bonus cash (but every game has that rule ; and they may take $1.50 if u are withdrawing under $10 or $15 bucks (BUT we LOVE BEING ABLE TO WITHDRAW ANY AMOUNT AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WATCH ADS OR DO ANYTHING ELSE TO CASH OUT!) so i.

This is a fun game to play and we definitely have improved our game skills. Unfortunately, this is not a free game or a way to win cash as advertised on ads which pop up while playing other games. You must make cash deposits in order to earn more than a dollar or two. But if you are interested in playing a game of skill, definitely give it a try.

Its an okay game. Wack that bonus money is taken if you cash out. Seems like just luck on who you play against to win. The game also has connection errors which will make it so you cant play or see any info at all.

Been playing for a month now. Won $6 which isnt a lot but hey thats cool. Took a look at the withdrawal/deposit section. That $6 that we won can only be used in game. So the win real money part is a lie.

Its not an ethical game, the app disappeared all of our money and we cant even withdrawal any of it out since it deleted all of our progress after it makes you deposit real life money. ITS A SCAM OVERALL.

Well we had won $18 in total and when we got up the next day to play all our money was taken by the platform. THIS IS A SCAM. THEY WILL STEAL YOU MONEY YOU WIN OR DEPOSIT.

So this is the only game we have on our phone. Prior to this game, Id never had one where we’ve paid money. A few things: one, we have the setting set up where it has to ask for permission. If we use one of the paid games, this permission is supposed to be every time, every game. However, it only asks every now and again for permission to access our location. Second, the mini games where you earn points to use them does not always pay you the amount you win. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve won and it is not reflected in ny balance. We’ve also lost a lot of money (what we deem a lotlosing any amount of money is not fun) because if you accidentally click on one of the games you use money out of your balance to play, it doesnt give you the chance to back out before playing. So say we accidentally click on a seven dollar game, if the grant access to location actually worked, then we would have time to decline that and get out of the game. We would rather use points here and there when Im just playing to pass a little time and have a few minutes to spare, rather than losing money when there is no prompt and your thrown in to a game you dont have the time to focus on. Its a little different spending 20 points versus five to ten dollars. The games you pay for, obviously you want to be able to sit and focus. We’ve also had this game crash in the middle of a game and we lose everything. Im currently looking for a similar less shady version of the game because its taken at least $60 from us because of these issues. With all of that said, we dont recommend this game.

This game is tricky with their wording so they got us to long into PayPal thinking we won but really they were taking money but saying deposit because it is depositing it into the game .,, we are trying to figure out how to report this because we are very upset we would never have put actual money into the game we are on a tight budget.

Game fake and we really hate to delete but we just have to. You dont win real money unless you deposit so to us its a fake game period.

We were denied times for withdrawal over a months time. They said we did not have registered the proper PayPal email for our account. On the third or fourth denial we sent them screen shots of our PayPal account showing the email address that we have for our PayPal. Then they told us we needed to put in a different telephone number. We explained to them that we only had one phone number. They said to ask a friend if we could use their phone number. How stupid is that? We finally told him to just forget it they could have the $23. In reading the comments and reviews prior to ours, we see that others have had difficulty getting their winnings also. We have now deleted the bubble buzz from our iPad. We gladly share our name on this review. Kay G Szabo.

When it says itll give u money its actually gonna take it out of ur account.

How the heck do we unlink this from our Venmo we asked the in app support and the steps they gave us were to select our payment plan in the deposits tab but that wasnt even a real things Im so scared and sketched out.

Relax until the time starts running out. Then, its panic mode! Fun to chill.

We love this game. Its great mind exercise.

Great game gives you a fair chance.

We like the game and has potential but it just doesnt seem like its real and we’ve seen fake accounts. Dont put money in the game you will probably end up losing it all to fake people.

Am an old person, this is our first time playing this game And am really enjoying it, hope we can win Am 73 years old and loving game.

Im having fun playing, cheaper than scratchers. Pop pop pop.

Fun game. A little addicting but we never add money. Earnings coins can turn into cash with casual play.

Much more satisfying and positive game experience than most others.. It became our favorite very quickly. Love the happy music score and the voice of encouragement.(Like your best primary school teacher !)

This game is great. A bit of hoops to jump through to get your money. Just submitted a W-9 and waiting for that to go through. Hope we get our $$$ soon! Update: took 3 business days and a couple of chats! Got our money.

Are used to love this game. But we got off of it for a while and started playing your pocket seven games and we actually love that game. But now we go back to Bubble Buzz and your mini games are outrageous. Why did you guys go up an entry fee price and then you go up into the quantity of either the gas or the day or whatever you reward is that is ridiculous we wont be playing for a while now thank you. We enjoyed your game but not anymore.

This game is fun but when with cash you win real money they wont put your money in a account they wanted you to put your money into this game to keep playing its a scams.

We started to play the game and we were reposting 15$ and it kept saying our card was declining but we have our bank and card hooked up to our Venmo why do u need our debit card active to win cash ? Seems like ur tryna get our info.

So this is straight up gambling. Our family is prone to addiction and Im disappointed to be tempted like this. We spent money we dont think we have. Im contemplating doing a PayPal chargeback. Making payments on this app isnt a protected action like other apps ( ie apple pops up and ask you if youre sure you want to make in app purchases ) but they bypass apple all together ( Im assuming for avoiding the apple tax all developers have to pay, pathetic really)

It seems theres bots playing. Every time we have a pretty high score we seem to be beat by a few more points but only when playing cash games..? Pretty suspicious . Wont be adding any more money. Just going to play the free version when Im bored.

So, the game is not bad per se, but when it takes 15 to 30 days to get your withdrawal, and you cannot do a new withdrawal until the old one gets processed, it really makes you wonder if this is just another scam. We mean, were paying them real money, and they get our money in less than a second. When people play, they keep a cut of the total money spent by the players, so you would think they already have their profit there. Why in the world they have to keep your money hostage for up to 30 days when you ask to withdraw it? The money stays in the limbo for all that time, so you have to pay them more to continue playing. We would love to spend more money in this game, if only they would get us our legit winnings in the same amount of time they take away our money. Very irritating and completely illogical. Definitely a no no.

Its only a scam they want you to Pay for the money what you played for.

Game is a scam. Yes it is fun but, you have to spend money to even play the game. Once youre in and you win a match it gets really fishy because it starts calculating and adding another person into the group so they can scam you. Then if you want a withdrawal of your money say you have 15$ in we REMIND YOU YOUR MONEY they take 9$ and you take 8. Bunch of quacks.

We dont usually write reviews but Today we have time we’ve been playing Bubble buzz for a couple months and we finally tried to with drawl our money but its in bonus cash and apparently we cant with drawl anything. So how do we withdrawal funds?

This is a scam disguised as a game in its entirety, we don’t know how they can allow this type of application… Don’t download it, it’s a scam.

Just what the title says. You need to pay to play and maybe youll win cash. False advertising.

We would say the game is addictive and you really win money but they dont tell you that you have to have a PayPal account to withdraw funds until you are trying to withdraw your funds even tho its says you can get it in the form of direct deposit or Venmo but when you go to put your information in its only letting you put PayPal so technically your really not winning anything its a freaking scam.

Beware as the game may say that you won a certain amount money that they want to deposit into your account. Instead of depositing money they will deduct that amount out. Upon contacting their helpline, we were told that a refund was sent. They sent the refund and turned around charged our card for amount that was refunded.

Do not try to deposit money and play. We deposited some money but never win with 60k points. How is is possible? When we play regular game we win with 40k points. But when we play with money its scam.

This app is stupid and needs to be removed. No! You do not when hundreds of dollars u get like $1.50 maybe $3 it also doesnt let you deposit so if you just want to play for fun then its ok but if you want money this is not for you. A VERY HONEST REVIEW!!!!

We got this app think we would get some cash, no it took $5 and every time we try to withdraw our $15 it has in the app, it always says verify ur account when it doesnt even send us a email to verify. Its just a money hogging app dont get.

When they say you won and say they are depositing into your bank they are really taking out money from your bank account. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!!

They took $5 from us that we didnt authorize and when trying to go through customer support they just ignore you.

We had supposedly won $15 playing, went to do a withdrawal, didnt receive any of our money, instead a -$5 transaction showed up on our card. Very disappointed to say the least, the reviews looked so good. Going to paypal support if they dont refund our money soon. Scam!!

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