Bus Simulator 2023

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 06:45 pm

Bus Simulator 2023

Bus Simulator 2023

Bus Simulator 2023 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Alexandru Marusac, Bus Simulator 2023 is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 15th February 2015 with the latest update 31st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bus Simulator 2023 ?

2,370 people have rated 4.8.0

What is the price of the Bus Simulator 2023 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bus Simulator 2023 released ?

Bus Simulator 2023 was released on 15th February 2015.

When was the Bus Simulator 2023 updated ?

The latest updated date of Bus Simulator 2023 on 31st May 2023.

Where can Bus Simulator 2023 be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bus Simulator 2023 from Apple Official App Store.



Bus Simulator 2023 puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you become a real Bus Driver! Featuring detailed maps all over the world, modern buses with realistic interiors and a groundbreaking 1:1 physics engine. Get behind the wheel and drive your bus to complete all the routes!

Pick from diesel, hybrid, electric and articulated buses and customize your bus as you wish. This bus simulation game features next-gen graphics, a wide variety of buses to choose from, and multiple cities from around the world to explore in career mode, freeride, and online multiplayer with friends.


  • Realistic intracity and outside of city maps: United States of America (San Francisco and Texas), South America (Buenos Aires), Europe (Germany, Spain, Prague, St. Petersburg), Dubai, Shanghai and more…

  • Multiple Regular/Diesel, Hybrid, Electric, and Articulated buses to choose from.

  • Career, Free-ride and Multiplayer modes.

  • Lots of bus customization options including paint, accessories, body parts, air conditioning, flags, decals and many more.

  • Detailed and customizable interiors.

  • Open/Close Doors button, animated people entering/exiting the bus

  • Steering wheel, buttons or tilting controls.

  • Locations of any kind: city, countryside, mountain, desert and snow

  • Multiple time of day and weather conditions to choose from.

  • Bus company management system with hired drivers for your buses and custom route scheduling.

  • Intelligent Traffic System

  • Immersive online multiplayer cooperative gameplay.

  • Add your friends, use live chat and invite them to play in coop bus routes.

  • Leaderboards, achievements and rankings.

Become the best bus driver in the world with Bus Simulator 2023!

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Updated on 31st May 2023

  • New feature: invite friends to earn rewards!
  • Earn tickets to unlock the new electric bus!
  • Bug fixing!
  • More updates coming soon!

Bus Simulator 2023 Review

Can you put in drivable double decker buses and vintage buses please.

Absolutely love this game!!! Such a good game! Everyone should download this game and play it! We cant stop paying it! SO FUN! LOVE IT!

~ other than the complaint about the way the a. We will drive, this game is absolutely perfect !! We saw it in an advertisement, and thought that it was for sure fake. Absolutely not ! The maps are beautiful, the but even makes realistic noises such as shaking sounds when running into a bump ! Its so realistic when it rains, and the windshield wipers have a purpose which we havent seen in other games ! This is our FAVORITE driving game we have ever downloaded, seriously ! ~

Thank you so much ovilex games. This is the best app ever of all time this is the best game this is the best transit product ever thank you much simply awesome game.

We LOVE!!! This game its so much fun we’ve had it for a week but we just want to let yall know that it have ads after when your done with your route the graphics are amazing.

Its like Im on our desktop but we cant believe this is on a mobile!

Love the game is really go our only problem is traffic the cars are constantly going the never stop if this get fixed the game will be good other than that we think the game is awesome!!!

Backbone controller compatible please.

Can’t connect to the network, solve the problem.

Plz make articulated buses or bus free plz we have to try level 10 with small special bus plus Im 9 our mom wont allow us to buy it plz Im begging plz read ovilex and make a update thank you.

We wish the other school buses could be bought with money, not the coins because some people dont want to spend their money on getting that parts because we dont.

Great Game but wish there was a way we can save our progress on all our devices:(

Love it helps us distress so much.

Its great we love hitting people and crashing into other cars and neglecting our passengers by driving crazy especially when we go for an ultimate stop and we think of it has them flying out their seat.

The graphics in this game are AMAZING. We really hope that upcoming driving games also have these kinds of graphics instead what they have now.

Graphics are great driving are also great.

Thank you guys for adding the school buses but we need more options and we need more country maps!!! Great game thou.

Please add us maps to this game especially country maps!

This game is so fun that we would play it 24/7.

Overall, this game is exceptional. However, we do suggest we earn more money. Its not a lot considering we only get $1K-5K.

Hi there, our name is Joseph and im a fan of your software. We were wondering could you also bring out a fright liner school bus?

This game is actually really good. The graphics, the controls, the smoothness of the driving, even the little things like the shutter of the bus every time you have a bump or pothole in the road. But one thing we do have a slight issue with is the AI. Theyre dumb. Like that other review, what Im trynna say about the AI is that they genuinely drive like robots in a linear pattern without any awareness of you. If you fix that, in telling you right now, keep making your games with these same type of sounds, controls, smoothness, graphics, UI, all that. What we would really love to see is a remake of the driving school games with these graphics and controls, thatd be great. Other than that small complaint about the AI peds, this game is a perfect 5/5 stars.

Please please please continue doing whatever it is youre doing. We are so excited for the update, different school buses with an actual working Bus Light System. Cant wait to see what the future holds for this game. Also if possible, please add more school buses of different variations aside from the ones already in the game, we would love to have a mass selection to choose from.

Love this game but when will there be new bus routes keep playing the same ones lol The school bus is good but wheres the school lol.

Its fun because you get irl stuff like weather, traffic, passengers, ect we’ve only had the game for a day but we love it.

Love the game, graphics, different cities w/ multiple routes, many ways to earn more money. We do have an issue with how sensitive it is when using the breaks that causes us to get penalized. There should also be more stop signs or traffic lights. Thanks for all the hard work put into this game, its the best so far.

This simulator is both amazing and addictive! The reason we gave it 4stars, we paid $280,000 for a bus and a couple days later noticed it’s charging us $280,000 to choose the bus although we have already purchas3d that particular bus with our hard earned game money.

Im in awe with this game. The slide sensitive pedals and automatic button for looking both ways at stops are both brilliant user controls, ones that we’ve wished more games could incorporate. Other driving simulators need to take note!

The game should have a highway mode where we can cruise from one state to another like a highway bus moves. Itll very enjoyable to play if this happens sooner . Overall its good but this mode will make it the perfect bus simulation in terms of graphics in the history of app store .

Its a good game we like it honestly nun wrong w it.

This game is so great and perfect. This game makes you feel like your a real bus driver. The graphic are good and seem realistic but the game could be better 1. They have a lot of maps but not enough American maps to choice from. They should add more maps and make more room so you could have more ways to go. 2. We feel that they should add back-up camera to all buses, so we could see more. The back up camera would make it so much better for reverse 3. The traffic is terrible. They dont stop, they just keep going. Im actually trying to play by the rules but the traffics is terrible. They dont even stop for you 4. They should add a light monitor in the inside for the school buses. They should also add the yellow and red caution lights for the school buses. There should be a way you can cut them on and there should be a way to open the door and the stop sign. ( we only drive in free mode) But overall the game is pretty good definitely a 8/10 its worth it just needs a little more work.

But we hope that the developers will add another American city such as La or New York City if its possible to do so or Las Vegas Ives seen the transit system up close in Vegas and we were on a articulate bus there and it was for the first time and it looked justed like the one in our game ps the school buses are comepletly magnificent but we hope that there can be one more American city added to it as well.

We like the game and all but it unfair certain buses u have to buy to with real money.

Why in the Saf T liner C2 the student loading lights are really small and why are the front of the bus wider than the bus itself? Im a school bus driver btw. Can yall also add the 2023 ICCE school bus with black window pains 2 stop signs. On free mode we wish there was an option to turn on the loading lights.

It is a extremely good game, but there needs to be some fixes. 1. Can you fix when there are NO people getting onto the bus? Yes, you heard us right. NOBODY. 2. This really isnt a bug but can you make a multiplayer mode with a microphone and free mode going along with it? 3. When it rains it literally looks like it is permanently raining. Just why is it raining for so long? 4. Can you make more maps? (not off-road ones.) 5. The other drivers are such idiots. Can you make them better? 6. Can you make the buses cheaper pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? 7. When we do multiplayer career, the AI in the bus are just sooooooooooo annoying. (So is the derections.) fix it pleaseeee? 8. We went through ALL the buses and we couldnt find any school buses.

This game is Great overall but we don’t think the fact the school buses are pay to win is great for people, you guys advertised it everywhere that you were adding school buses and we’re pretty sure you got alot of new downloads for your app from people who want to use the buses but can’t because they just started other then that Great game Ovilex keep up the good work!

We feel that there 3 thing that the devs can to to improve this game 1. Less adds. Yes we know that how you guys make your money. But must there be an ad at the end of each level. 2. Offline support The reason why we put offline support because where we life there not much Wi-Fi and and we do try and play this game it says please Connect to Wi-Fi, and we kinda hate that idea that nowadays theses games must be connected to Wi-Fi to play. 3. Better graphics for more higher end phones. As expected for a phone game the graphics are all blocky, not great as PC game. Yes we know that a long stretch comparing a phone game to a PC game but have you seen gensin impact that game has beautiful graphics for a phone-pc game, we know the devs might not have time but if you can add a bit more polygon in your models to make them look a bit more smoother. Other all then that we think you can have a pretty decent game if you could at lest include 2 of this ideas in your game.

We like the game but the traffic is terrible they literally drove in front of us while we were trying to drive.

We’ve paid money for multiple buses, and now its not working properly. The screen turns colors while driving with certain buses, and we can see where Im going. It looks like the drivers arm takes the whole screen over.

We cant open the game because it sad please turn on your internet.

Long buses inside bug us messed up you press the gas and a blue screen comes up.

Not realistic that we run someone over and theyre just standing there.

School buses were finally added but it costs stupid dumb coins. Nobody wants to use money for a school bus we were happy when we saw the school bus but then it said it was only available in coins . That was so dumb ovilex.

Good game fun and can play with friends.

Omg we love this game so much it has everything we want it to have.

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