Call of Duty®: Mobile – 1v1 Duel Mode

Call of Duty®: Mobile - 1v1 Duel Mode

Official Update : Call of Duty®: Mobile – 1v1 Duel Mode

Call of Duty®: Mobile – 1v1 Duel Mode.

Watch the official update for Call of Duty®: Mobile brought to you by Activision Publishing, Inc., enjoy.

Once Upon a Time in Rust is well underway and with only a short amount of time left to try new modes, like 1v1 Duel. Like most limited time modes, this one may be returning soon, but for now make sure to take advantage of it during this western themed sea…

According to a video posted to the Call of Duty: Mobile YouTube channel, the latest update to the game, which is known as the Call of Duty®: Mobile – 1v1 Duel Mode, has arrived.

At the time of writing this, the update has been viewed more than 73401 times. This clip has more than 3116 likes.

I want Zombie to come back

"I want Zombie to come back", TransportAllAround commented.


"CODM bring back zombies and. Add in more secondary weapons plaese"

Follow use and don’t miss out on all the fun and action!

Interesting comments by other players

TransportAllAround: I want Zombie to come back


Fly away28: CODM bring back zombies and. Add in more secondary weapons plaese

IdkMyName2: Bring back zombies soon please!!

ZT: Zombies should be back around season 7 or 8

Serhat Bilir: I hope we can play a more optimised game with the new update…

Incrazyboyy: Really appreciate that we get fresh content every single month! :)

iDeviceGaming: Add weather effect on BR map and MP map like night, rainy,snow,fog

19Alll_9197_Anisuzzaman Juboraj: #callofdutymobile you devs are doing a great job in every season but can you actually tell us is there any sights coming to this game?so that we’ll not get bore using the red dot.

Akhilesh iyer: I played this mode 20 times it is nice please keep this mode permanent

Blink: lets goo! i enjoyed it 😀 if you keep grinding you’ll do very very well no doubt about it very solid content! 👍

Marko Milo: this mode is so fun! love the insane and consistent amount of varied gamemodes, guns and content <3

Aparajito Choudhury: Amazing updates guys.
But have you thought about making a 5 person squad for the battle royal instead of a 4 person squad.
We have a fixed team for multiplayer and one person always has to sit out when it comes to battle royal.
Would you please consider increasing the squad number form 4 to 5

Alberto Santiago arrollo Luna: Para mejorar el modo creo que deberían poner rachas de puntos por ejemplo el shockRC

PlayerSlayer69: tencent you should slightly reduce recoil for all guns so a lot of weapons are viable

Ayush Ø: After seeing various beta 7 videos I am wondering about the update size when released in global server

J Borges: Tenho uma crítica a fazer sobre ter que formar equipe para segunda fase vocês poderiam sortear os candidatos para jogarem

Yahir Corrales: Que en la proximo actualizacion queremos crear nuestro propio personaje 🤷🏻‍♂️ es my sueño👍👍😢

Devi Play’s Games: Great game by the way, have been playing for 2 or 3 months now.

Al though there is something that I have noticed while playing this
mobile game for the past 2-3 months.
I had already tweeted it to you 2 times and activition them myself, there are many
players who cheat, who mod, who hack and spawn camp or map camp and small amount of sportive players.
There are also a large number of snipers who mock only one player or players who find them
and stay in their “ sneaky ” place, yet again a small number of sportive snipers who play the game the way it should be played.

Does reporting a player or an entire team do anything at the end of the codm?
that butt hurt snipers and players camping, cheating, modifying and hacking annoy the small amount of players who love this game.

Could you please do something with the reports, and listen to the players reporting bad sport players to you.
Update your anti-cheat system or find the reported players yourself or something.
Battle royal, nuke town, 10 vs 10, domination, death match and ranked matches are already ruined.

Please do something!

Mr.Professional: I never get tired to play this game . thanks cod 💯


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