BobbyPlays Comes to Call of Duty® Mobile – Creator Bundle

BobbyPlays Comes to Call of Duty®: Mobile | Creator Bundle

Official Update : BobbyPlays Comes to Call of Duty®: Mobile | Creator Bundle

BobbyPlays Comes to Call of Duty®: Mobile | Creator Bundle.

Watch the official update for Call of Duty®: Mobile brought to you by Activision Publishing, Inc., enjoy.

Get ready to LITERALLY be BobbyPlays in ! The second creator bundle to drop this week features an epic operator in BobbyPlays likeness, the epic GKS – SMH at my SMG, Emote – Painting Falls, and the Literally So Rare camos for various items and weapons…

According to a video posted to the Call of Duty: Mobile YouTube channel, the latest update to the game, which is known as the BobbyPlays Comes to Call of Duty®: Mobile | Creator Bundle, has arrived.

At the time of writing this, the update has been viewed more than 65811 times. This clip has more than 5297 likes.

I love you guys ❤️

"I love you guys ❤️", Bobby Plays commented.

"We need a Parkertheslayer one where his face is just invisible"

"Este juego es otro nivel"

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Interesting comments by other players

Bobby Plays: I love you guys ❤️

dedhed: We need a Parkertheslayer one where his face is just invisible

King: Este juego es otro nivel

Most Hated Solo: This skin is LITERALLY epic 😂 ❤️

Kyouno: The spec ops 1 think he is their savior, but I don’t personally watch Bobby’s videos so I don’t really know much about him except seeing him commenting on this channel and Ferg’s sometimes

Craig Douglas: There is no way Bobby can actually do that.

Hot Nuggets: Thank you Bobby for looking out and caring for Spec Ops 1 & 5, treating them with the same respect as what other operators got

JUST AN ORDINARY GUY ON INTERNET: I want a voice line of his character skin saying literally

MR.LEGEND: I really appreciate the efforts of CODM TEAM . Great work guys 👍💖

SwazLeeYT: You guys are doing such a great job with the character designs. Plus making a trailer with the skin is like cherry on top

Navkirat Singh: We need a hawks nest skin “REEK OIL “

DENN CROSS GAMER: Thanks Cod mobile for the epic skin from the new draw❤️

⭕️ GET FREE COD POINTS CHECK MY CHANNEL ⭕️: "I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us"

John Saha: This trailer is sick 🔥🔥🔥

GAMING UCE: Seriously We’re Getting All The Content Creators As Characters❤️🔥

Ghxst: I’m glad to see these CODM content creators getting their own bundles! Can’t wait to see what things await us in the future!

Anmol Miglani: Heya developers! I love the way you are putting the content creators in the game. Your cool skins do not at all disappoint all the fans. And your animation is just epic! Bobby’s animation also won our hearts! CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE I appreciate your efforts and hats off to the team for making the game look so cool. You guys are awesome..🥰🥰

Carry™: For this and more we love this game and its perfect way to live with your community ❤️

JustXyzen: Bobby Plays my most favorite Codm Creator of all<3

P .N: that skin is LITTERALLY awesome, it’s an amazing work you guys did!


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