Call of Duty®: Mobile – Doppelganger Draw

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Doppelganger Draw

Official Update : Call of Duty®: Mobile – Doppelganger Draw

Call of Duty®: Mobile – Doppelganger Draw.

Watch the official update for Call of Duty®: Mobile brought to you by Activision Publishing, Inc., enjoy.

The second lucky draw for Season 2: Day of Reckoning is arriving later today and it is bringing a brand new operator to the battle – Alias! She is capable, stealthily, and loaded with high-tech gadgets. This new operator comes along the first SP-R 208 blu…

According to a video posted to the Call of Duty: Mobile YouTube channel, the latest update to the game, which is known as the Call of Duty®: Mobile – Doppelganger Draw, has arrived.

At the time of writing this, the update has been viewed more than 76981 times. This clip has more than 5477 likes.

This Is a No Simp Zone!🚫 👮‍♀️

"This Is a No Simp Zone!🚫 👮‍♀️", Kvleofficial Gaming commented.

"Can you guys add milliseconds for the timer in snd"

"Alias is the new Urban Tracker"

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Interesting comments by other players

Kvleofficial Gaming: This Is a No Simp Zone!🚫 👮‍♀️

Hank Winston: Can you guys add milliseconds for the timer in snd

Zenix: Alias is the new Urban Tracker

Kyouno: Ah yes, using this weapon like a shotgun


Poopy69Poopy: Manta ray be like : finaly a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

No Direction: Welcome to another episode of, I wish I had it😭

Ninja YT: When every cod mobile player sees this skin they will be simping or be saying i gotta have this skin

Tonio Ruiz: I’m just waiting for the mythic royal knight draw 🔥👌

John Saha: Alias is a good addition ❤️

Zioxa: Let’s go they got 1 million subs! Congrats to all the codm team!

Simp YT: Every thing is cool in that lucky draw

EyelessJack99: Damn this lucky draw is 🔥 🔥 🔥

Memes N Music: Thanks for adding Alias’ new voice in S5!!

Charles 1000: I’m excited about ferg’s reaction in this lucky draw

Z Ξ R Ø: I got her from the 4th spin 😍

Techz Gaming: Hey one thing is common about all three draws of season 2, they all have female operators

Amirul Iman: I hope they release a bundle for this one in the future.

GReMOrY: Algún día sacarán una skin legendaria de la locus? O estoy esperando en vano? :’c

Slenderjaynier Kawakami / Slender-Kun: I got her in my 7th Draw! 😂


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