Call of Duty®: Mobile – Omnipotent Draw

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Omnipotent Draw

Official Update : Call of Duty®: Mobile – Omnipotent Draw

Call of Duty®: Mobile – Omnipotent Draw.

Watch the official update for Call of Duty®: Mobile brought to you by Activision Publishing, Inc., enjoy.

The legend is back and with Riley by his side! Ghost – Retribution has finally arrived as a part of the Omnipotent Draw. This legendary variant of Ghost comes with a variety of unique perks, most of which are tied to Battle Royale for the first time ever…

According to a video posted to the Call of Duty: Mobile YouTube channel, the latest update to the game, which is known as the Call of Duty®: Mobile – Omnipotent Draw, has arrived.

At the time of writing this, the update has been viewed more than 463581 times. This clip has more than 6504 likes.

Just Take My Money! Hyped!🔥😅

"Just Take My Money! Hyped!🔥😅", Kvleofficial Gaming commented.

"I Love it!"

"Welcome to the new episode about "Things we’ll never have"
Today: Legendary Ghost"

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Interesting comments by other players

Kvleofficial Gaming: Just Take My Money! Hyped!🔥😅

Jokesta: I Love it!

Zarantica: Welcome to the new episode about "Things we’ll never have"
Today: Legendary Ghost

NitroCODM: I hope they make lucky draws a bit cheaper cuz they are expensive.

AdrRomero_: Well, this is where my salary goes…

Rajat Sharma: He also loves dog like me… Legend never dies,he is back.

Notify: I’m really looking forward to the Legendary Ghost and ahorty. Hope to win them as soon as the draw released

KenricK: Now we have a legendary ghost ,now the only required legendary character is Captain Price 🤩🤩😅

ProPlusManYT: Noice skin . Love it . I appreciate ur efforts codm 👏👏

Spider Hoger: Well everything is OK but one thing, We are missing the new voicelines of ghost, I hope we can get it someday again

Kacchan: I got my first legendary in 3 spins, best luck of the year 🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥

Kavan Rana: Things we expect from you: New BR Map, Legendary Captain Price, No new Crates only Bundles, Change your MP background. In next season!

Jashpal Hari: Always love the Ghost skin💪🏻

Inmorgana: Well… We all know what time it is, time to buy the lucky draw! 🤑

UNKNOWN: You know that legends never dies

Seven Xeo: Esto es Deadly 🔥

Jason Hernandez: Muy descontento, creí que sería una buena ruleta con accesorios con movimiento y para el colmo por la gran situación perdí 80cp

Funny 4 You: hopefully we can use Riley as an operator skin or something like that 😃

Frøst Bite: Literally got everything the minute this draw went live
Worth it

Minou Mrah: We need new BR maps 😊


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