Call of Duty®: Mobile S11 Anniversary | 1 Day to Go! – Countdown

Call of Duty®: Mobile S11 Anniversary | 1 Day to Go! - Countdown

Official Update : Call of Duty®: Mobile S11 Anniversary | 1 Day to Go! – Countdown

Call of Duty®: Mobile S11 Anniversary | 1 Day to Go! – Countdown.

Watch the official update for Call of Duty®: Mobile brought to you by Activision Publishing, Inc., enjoy.

The time is nearly here, one more day to go until the Season 11 Anniversary release of Call of Duty: Mobile! Get ready for the anniversary festivities, events, modes, and more to begin ! Make sure your game is updated or you’ll miss the start of it tomor…

According to a video posted to the Call of Duty: Mobile YouTube channel, the latest update to the game, which is known as the Call of Duty®: Mobile S11 Anniversary | 1 Day to Go! – Countdown, has arrived.

At the time of writing this, the update has been viewed more than 127930 times. This clip has more than 8060 likes.

Hyped! Don’t dissapoint us ;-)

"Hyped! Don’t dissapoint us ;-)", Amogus commented.

"CODM changed the whole mobile scene 🔥"

"Guess that EMP is causing some chaos in the transmission."

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Interesting comments by other players

Amogus: Hyped! Don’t dissapoint us ;-)

Samuel: CODM changed the whole mobile scene 🔥

sour: Guess that EMP is causing some chaos in the transmission.

TheApexKing: Imagine they surprise us with Zombies tommorow… 😳

Official someoneYT: Lets go 1 days left I hope tommorow zombies mode will be back

mizuu1: i wish they could suprise us with zombies mode tomorrow!

General Kenobi: Call of duty pc/consoles gave us one of the finest FPS games of all time
And, now Codm is following the same Trend 😍🔥

GuiltXRisMo°: Happy 1st anniversary CODM!!!!

ZombieKoopa: I want Zombies mode to return! That’s all I want!

**Mario and Luigi’s Crazy Adventures **: Not even going to lie I feel like zombies will not come but maybe it will.

Noshiro: I can’t wait for this season to come out!!
Keep up the awesome work activision
Aye I was the 600th like

Mael Mael: Just one hope..bring back zombie mode

Dishon Lanferman: I really hope the reveal, rewards, etc for this anniversary celebration doesn’t disappoints, especially when its being hyped this much.

DizzySkipper55591: Let’s go 1 day left I’m so excited for season 11 it’s the biggest season ever in cod mobile,jesus crist call of duty mobile is so good this game helped me get through these rough times thank you activison ur the best keep up the good work and see ya in the future c: :D

AXELUKE 03: I’ve never been so excited for the end of the world, S11 is the best season!

SCФRPIФN: Who else is back after the second anniversary

We’ve come a long way

Phantom Slayer: Thank you CODM for a wonderful year❤

Siddharth Ranjan: Heck yea , we are reaching towards the verge of greatness

RanDom Berny: Ahora si viene lo chido!!

Nitish Anand: Eagerly waiting for ALCATRAZ map and night mode to explore.😍


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