Can You Escape Level 7

Can You Escape Level 7

Can You Escape Level 7

Can You Escape Level 7

Can You Escape Level 7 Walkthrough, Solution, Answers, Cheats for iPhone, iPad, Android with explanation with screenshots to solve all levels.

  • Move to another side, check the color of the toy on the floor.
  • No color means black, so move back to another side and tap the cabinet.
  • Change the color on the cabinet and collect the pliers.
  • Check the wooden tool box on the right and collect a screwdriver.
  • Now move to another side, check behind of the small photo frame.
  • Use screwdriver to open it and collect thumbdrive from inside.
  • Now check the camera on the table and you can see 4841.
  • Tap 4841 to the drawer below and reveal another clue for step later.
  • Now use pliers to unlock the red color box and collect a camera.
  • Tap the camera and insert the thumbdrive to reveal a photo.
  • Remember the color and numbers.
  • Now back to another side and check the small chest on the left.
  • Follow by the color and the photo just now we know Yellow = 4, Blue = 3, Red = 1, Black = 6.
  • So tap in 4316, and change the cube by following the clue just now.
  • Collect a gold color key and insert it into the lock beside the door.
  • Now check the toy ship on the right, tap and move the middle to collect another key.
  • Insert the key to another lock to open door.

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  • Angie Gent

    !st level, lift is open but cant go in?

  • John Smith

    Hey these are great. REminds me of the Most Challenging e-mail puzzles.

    • Prometheus

      John should you be discussing the Most Challenging email puzzles?

  • Laverne AsIam

    In the cheat we get 845 which I get but where do we get 974

  • Shaylala

    The key drops to the bottomof the cage. Tap it, it will go to your inventory. Good luck.

  • tooo much time

    Use the paper to slip into the slot below the key

  • Escape Girl

    I passed level 4 but it won’t let me to go to level 5 – anyone know why?

  • osweetgirl

    I am also stuck on level 10!! I opened the chest to get the drill, got the drill bit off the table in the coffee cup, got the pencil from beside the plant, got the paper from the bottom of the shelf, drilled the hole at the bottom of the wall beside the elevator which gave me the pattern to use behind the plant on the floor, picked up the round yellow thing and put it in the brown spot by the elevator, when up to the vent and opened it but cannot get the key out, and noticed that over behind the bars above the table that there is a little card or something back inside there but again, can’t get to it either! I noticed there is a number 5 on the door behind the plant on the floor before you opened it and there is a 3 above the little truck on the shelf above where the paper was and then the 10 above the door looks kind of different so I wonder if the 3 numbers are some kind of code to get into the spot under the table??? I need help!!  I have been stuck here for 2 days now!!  Please help if you know what I am missing.

  • Kiahula

    I’m stuck on bonus level 10. Anyone have it figured out yet?

  • Karthik

    BUSJOSH Its simple multiplication 168 is in top
    12 and 14 after that
    6*2=12 and 7*2=14
    3*2=6 and 1*7=7


    Anybody know how to do the pyramid puzzle on level 6? Thanks!


    Key is at bottom of cage. You have to click on it.

  • jacqueline

    LEVEL 4 GET KEY TO WORK! ok so I read this question n no one answered it, made me so mad anyway so u get this randon knife at some point n I hadn’t used it n couldn’t figure it out well u somehow get a key hole when u use it on the right side of the elevator then once u get the key u get to go through.. fun game but needs lil fixes here and there hope it helped

  • Miss.Scorpio22

    On level 7 I can’t get the box open by the tv I put the correct number In but it won’t open can someone help me out

  • Jazz

    Hi. Having trouble with level 5. When I get the bird to release the gold key it doesn’t show up in my inventory. So cannot use it ib the final stage.
    Is anyone else having the same problem? Samsung galaxy S3

  • hi-d

    For the horse puzzle you need to turn the bottom left grass piece around too.

  • Adi

    The box won’t open and give me the gold key but I put the right code and box combinations

  • Kelly

    Level 3 won’t open the tv cabinet after I move the round pegs to the right position. What’s going on? I used the pipe as a handle but can’t get it to open…

  • Jackie

    Levell 4. There is no key hole! Done everything but can’t open door??

  • Sbazemore

    Make sure when you do the horse puzzle you’re also including the crowd in the background. They are upside down.

  • Jenna

    The gold key isn’t working for mine, it shows up as silver once I click it and won’t unlock the dior

  • susan

    the same thing is happening to me! how do you open that damn chest

  • Fatima Shahid

    How to do the second step.i cant get it?

  • Jossan

    Is it just my phone or is it a bug? When I’ve solved the horse puzzle on level 1, nothing happens. I can’t seem to do anything else on that level besides solve the puzzle and have a closer look at certain items like the painting, the lock and so on. Very annoying. I saw that you can open the chest and find an item, but it wont open no matter what i do.

    • susan

      the same thing is happening to me! how the hell do u open the chest

    • Stephanie

      Same here. I’m on an iphone4. I’ve done the horse puzzle about 15 times now and after that, nothing happens and I can’t make anything happen. Interested to see what others are using to play (ipad vs iphone). If I solve the puzzle and sit there, nothing happens. If I solve the puzzle and tap around the frame, nothing happens. If I solve the puzzle and tap the arrow, I go back into the room and if I tap the chest again, I have to do the puzzle all over. WTH?

    • Curtis

      When you solve the horse puzzle the chest is supposed to open and then it gives u a handle for the small table beside the door.

  • Molly

    Guys I can’t get the door open on this level. I put the right code in help ASAP!

  • Brooke

    There’s only one coloured ball in the basket ?
    Where’s the other one ?

    • Keely

      The other ball is in the locker beside the bed

    • Holli

      Help!! I got the key but there is no ball in the bicycle basket or anywhere else in either room.

  • Hanah

    how do u unlock bonus levels

  • Surendra

    627 third row and 3217 forth row…enjoy guys !!!!!!!!!!

  • melissa

    There’s only a blue ball in the bicycle basket for me, where’s the brown ball?

  • Ellen

    What do I do with the camera in level 7?

  • Tara

    “Solve the puzzle and get a blue weight” what the heck is the. Answer for the puzzle!??

    • Surendra

      3rd row 627 and 4th row 3217….enjoy Tara !!!!!

  • Jodi H

    The colour codes for the door card is
    White, blue,red,white,yellow, green

    • Latrecia


  • J’ai inséré les 3 cartes de couleur et les portes d’ascenseur ne s’ouvrent pas.

  • Latrecia

    Im having trouble getting out of the door at the end of bonus round 1. What an I missing?

    • murad

      go to other side. see the love. move it. you’ll find the color code.

  • Brandon

    Once color cards are inserted there is a pattern of colors as well on the key cards and I can’t figure it out.

    • Julie

      Look under the largest of the trio of hearts.

    • Victoria

      Click on the hearts in the room with the table and under one is the code:)

  • Lily Bingham

    What’s the code on the left cabinet, level 6

    • kylie

      168,12,14,6,2,7,3,2,1,7 all in order from top to bottom

    • lucky

      2*6=12 2*3=6 2*7=14 1*7=1

    • Hero of Awesomeness

      It’s just a Fractions table. Divide the top number by the number seen below it to get the other number, and so on.

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