Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter Pro

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Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter Pro


Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter Pro is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tatem Games, private company, Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter Pro is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 12th June 2010 with the latest update 21st February 2019

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


571 people have rated 1.8.6

You can download the game Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter Pro from APP STORE.


The only game which lets you see amazing meat-eating dinosaurs in action and challenge them for ultimate survival!

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a hunting simulation that is completely true to life and totally breathtaking. You land on a distant planet inhabited by dinosaurs and progress from a shy wildlife observer to a stealthy and ruthless T-Rex hunter. All dinosaurs are in full 3D complete with their terrifying roars!

  • Select from 7 huge 3D environments
  • Chose time of day (night vision on!)
  • Fill the area with dinosaurs to your liking and skills
  • Equip with camouflage, cover scent or radar
  • Pick a weapon and hunt or take a camera and observe
  • Store your prey in real-size trophy room
  • Go green and use tranquilizer instead of bullets
  • Read tips and tricks for every dinosaur in ‘Dinopedia’

To anyone who played Carnivores on PC, guaranteed hours of nostalgia!

There are 22 dinosaur now and more are coming!

The game is compatible with Fling controller.

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Updated on 21st February 2019

Fixed broken Spanish localization, some small texts improvements.

Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter Pro Reviews

We killed all the dinosaurs in 1 day can u ad more?

Along with Carnivores: Ice Age its one of our favorites games. But just like the Ice Age one its very glitchy just after a few seconds of playing. We would like the same stuff as we said in Ice Age. A flying feature where we can hunt the dinos that are huge but from the air.

Hey, can you please go back to being active on this game, its very fun and entertaining, we think you should add aquatic animals and scuba gear to hunt them and vehicles ands that all we ask for so please come back!

For decades we tried to find a good hunting game. And this is the best one. It’s amazing, the cool weapons and the fantastic dinosaur calls. This is the only hunting game that has good action.

Sorry we know this is odd to here but when we were younger you were the only thing we play the whole day we still play it it hasnt changed on bit we love it.

We really liked this game and one thing they should add more dinosaurs and more guns by this is a cool game and you should play this game for sure.

Add dilo because new dino and more people will play.

Excellent game we’ve been playing for 10 years the Easter eggs are great. When is the next update?

We hate dinosaurs theyre ugly and mean. We like the noises dinosaurs make when you shoot them. Especially that little one that yells like a man. Thats funny. Sometimes the replenishment bag of bullets will end up on a ledge we cant reach and then the dinosaur just eats us. And then Im killing one dinosaur and allosaurus shows up and Im like huh? Whered he come from? We love killing those dinosaur birds. They scream and just flop on the ground. We could kill dinosaur birds all day. This game is also educational because you learn about dinosaurs.

Fix the t Rex please when we shoot him with sleeping bullets make his mouth move when he sleeping slowly.

Ever since the steam port has been greenlit they never said anything about that. We know that the Facebook post told us that its not cancelled so we gave it another year. A year later and theres still nothing. So its safe to conclude that all carnivores game will not get updated.

On top of pikes peak Colorado playing your game, just thought its pretty cool, amazing game nice job we’ve been playing for 2+ years.

This game is amazing but u kinda want to play with our friends.

Now, we’ve payed this game a year after Carnivores_DH_PRO, came out… But its kinda annoying that the spinosaurus is small we agree that a could be medium size and get a more Jurassic park look ya know. And you need to fix the spinosaurus description, 40 feet THATS INSANE even though the red is bigger than it. But what bugs us the most is the spinosaurus call, we think it would be a good idea to switch the death animation call with the spinosaurus call, all of that aside what. Needs to be a major change is to care about your game ALOT more just because your the owner doesnt mean you shouldnt listen to us. But doing what the opposite of the community whats is rude, immature and pretty disrespectful and really disgusting and we are mind blown. But we love carnivores and we think it would be cool if you made 2 games. Carnivores Deep Sea Hunter, Carnivores ice age reborn and Carnivores Shack Campaign. But Ill say it again the games are good but heres a list of things you should consider adding. -Vehicles -New Dinosaurs specifically Dilophasaurus Baryonx Or Sucimimis -New Weapons -Day&Night Cycle Mode. Thank You For Taking The Time To Read This!!!

This and Carnivores: Ice age are incredible games, but would be even better with a multiplayer feature, or even more. Thank you for reading!

We adore this game since we were super young it was very fun now im 12 we still love it. We want to ask you to try and add new things please we want to see more interesting things because the game is super interesting. We love the T Rex and the way it attacks if you get close because it roars at you, why not make spinosaurus go fishing, and add a new map. We get sad at the fact that you abandoned such a good game it needs more popularity just for being good, but old. Can you please add some new updates.

We love every dinosaur! But some you need to make more possible, the t-rex can only die when it gets shot in the eye? Thats impossible when your using a pistol to kill a t-rex. But everything else is ok.

We have been a big fan of this game for years, we highly recommend it! We havent found any other game available that is as fun as this one! The only way this could possibly get any better is if it supported a Bluetooth controller!

We think it would be great if carnivores dropped another game where you could do mods and all that stuff onto mobile but if you dont we still like this game.

We really wish they would update this game it is one of our favorite games we’ve beaten it so many times we just wish they would update it.

We have played this game for a long time and have always enjoyed it. The mini game is fun and challenging, but the pet peeve of ours in this game is that the shotgun is clearly not what its supposed to be. It doesnt have spread damage like any shotgun would do, we would really like this to actually feel like the gun is real. Overall the guns are still great and the visuals and character/map design are breathtaking for a mobile game like this we know carnivores is not known for its water stuff, but a sea themed carnivores game is interesting, like maybe megalodons, mosasaurs, dunkelosteus,

THE BEST GAME. Please add the dilophosaurus to the game. We would like to see a therizeinasaurus.

We started to love this game when we were small , this game made our whole childhood great after few years new updates came out and There were great ,but now the game is just the same we know theres only person who cares and still do updates please developer please make new updates New dinosaur , guns , map and fix the frame speed and quality, – we would like to join u guys thats if we can ,I would like to support this community to help to make the game better -CDH Fan.

We love the game. Wish there were more dinosaurs.

We have been playing this game for half our life and we love this game but we have a question and some things, can you guys add some Gernades and a trap that we can place and they get caught in it and. Add a bear trap and new guns like like an ak47 and harpoons for the water Dinos machine gun for the new and improved stronger dinosaurs and some new Dinosaurs like therozinosaurus and these type are omnivores when they kill you They stab you with there claws and they throw you up in the air and pls add a saurapod they come in groups and have tails that act like whips and when u get hit by them u get flung up in the air and add bugs like huge scorpions and more improved and more plants add a bear there called short faced bears and they are the size of stegosaurus and when they kill you u get bitten by them and pls add Dinos like water dinosaurs called megalodons when they kill u in the water they bite you and jump out of the water and a other water Dino like a giant tadpole that are harmless and add a huge tadpole with a shark head they can walk out of the water to and sunbath they have a tail of a tadpole and legs and a head of a shark and when they kill u they bite You in have and swallow our other half of out body and swim away pls add huge fishes they are harmless and they pull you under water if in water for to long and pls add a Dino with no fins but they swim under water and have no teeth but they can chew u and and more flying dinosaurs like for the flying dinos u should add archaeopteryx they swarm you and they bite you slowly and a Quetzalcoatlus they are so huge they are the size of a giraffe and when they kill you they can stab the middle of you and walk away or fly away but anyways enough with our silly stuff but please add more Dinos and flying Dinos and ocean Dinos , we feel like you guys did a good job at the graphics but add a bit more to the deaths and Dino deaths, we also feel like Im being bothered by the way trex is short and the Gigantorapter is bigger, and please add more long neck Dinos and long neck swimming Dinos and any Dinos you think will fit the game like the Dinos we said to add if you can , we also suggest that you add more maps and make the maps bigger and also we request some new guns and weapons ,maps and swamps and etc.. We hope you guys see this and make it happen. Thank you for the game and we appreciate the good effort you guys put into the game. Sincerely, Gustavo.

The concept is great, the gameplay is great, and the experience is amazing! We’ve played this game for about 3 years, it is still a great experience! Though, we think a couple new additional dinosaurs every once in a while can make the game less repetitive.

This game is a part of our childhood and we remember being at our friends house and we were taking turns playing we love this game.

We have played this game from a kid until now. It is truly an awesome game. It has lots of open worlds to explore and tons of dinosaurs to hunt. It runs very smoothly and the graphics are good for when the game was made, we still like them though. The only problem is you need to pay for the full game, but it is worth it for sure. It is a game definitely worth getting.

We have been playing this game for awhile, and by awhile, we mean AWHILE. And its the best game we have ever encountered! Aside from some flaws that dont really affect the amazing gameplay. Its a win for almost everything! If you enjoy hunting games about dinosaurs and are sick of the cheap, rushed, and just stupid apps found across the App Store, this game is for you. The graphics: amazing for the age of the game, even the pc version, with less stunning graphics is still a beauty! Gameplay: exactly what people are looking for, (PLEASE NOTE) we believe it is intended for the dinosaurs to be more monstrous than dinosaurs in real life, some people cant stand the unrealistic theme, but we do. As for the flaws that we should have mentioned before… There are none. Even if there are slight bugs, like the dinosaur statistics being slightly off from the dinosaurs in the game, it doesnt make the game less fun. Thank you tatem and action forms!

Been playing this game for half our life and its stuck with us and im still waiting for a carnivores game to drop on ps4-ps5 now guess ill have to be patient but this game really hits home. It has our heart. Its special to us because it made our childhood. Thank you for this game !

This was our favorite childhood game and we came back to it. The graphics still amaze for its time, the simple complex of the game but so much to do makes it simply amazing, the customization of weapons the dinosaurs and the land scapes are amazing, but add in times of the day and the fact that it has an affect on the dinos is just insane. We love this game so so much, in our eyes its almost perfect, its one flaw is graphics they were good when they came out but today it cant compete with other games, the nostalgia it brings back is enough to even it out and makes the game so good. We wish the Developers could come back together and completely remake this game with newer graphics more weapons more dinos and more landscapes.

Ahh we just remember sittin down on our char and sitting next to our grandpa on a nice summer day playing this 10 years ago. We would tell him everything about it. If one day the game goes. Ill just be happy the memories stay. You guys should really think about making this for a console game. We would love to see it happen.

There should be a feature in which the type and number of areas, dinosaurs, and weapons is randomized. It would be really cool.

We cant wait for it to came out and can you add Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter HD we Will Love forever if you add it and also Next month in August 13 it our Birthday wish us a happy birthday.

This game is awesome but we would really love some aquatic dinosaurs.

In the jungle map near the swamp go where the barrier mountains are and you should find a cave go deeper into the cave and you will find some eggs making weird sounds and if you go to we think mount raven a really forgot but if you go a island with a red spot you will find lava, do not go near because you will die. Now onto the safespots, at the original island we forgot the name of, then if you see a Dino near a green oval(The swamp) it cannot Kill you, good technique to kill tyranosaurus rexxes and if you go to the strange crack valley And go inside them they still cant get you but these techniques dont work well with gigantiraptors and all mountains work well with safeness.

We had this game wayyyy back when it was a pc disc game. Buying it now on the AppStore is fantastic, it really brings us back to childhood. The game even looks better than we remember! Love the work youre doing with the game! Keep it up.

Add more guns and animals this game been out for a long time would like to see at least 3 new guns and 3 new dinos but other than that the game is really fun.

How do we refund this no hate we didnt mean to buy it thats why.

We’ve loved this game for a very long time and we also love Ice Age but its been a while since these games have come out, Id love to see another game made by Tatem because these games are absolutely great.

This has always been one of our favorite mobile games. Only think we would suggest is add a couple more dinos and another area! We used to always get excited when the updates for new dinosaurs would release.

We saw this and got so nostalgic! We remember playing this as a kid and couldnt resist. At first, we were upset and the controls. With the fire button being where the joystick is. Until we saw we could move it. Now, we cant stop playing! This is an amazing game. Thank you for letting us relive our childhood!!

Just going through our old app purchases that date so far back in our life, seeing that many of them have since been removed from the App Store. Imagine our surprise when we see that one of our favorite mobile games from our childhood is still available for download. Already redownloaded. Loved this game so much. Thanks for keeping it available guys.

We LOVED this game as a kid. Such a cool treat to see it here. One thing though, please add the old lava map back in, that was our favorite. Great work!

When we were 3 we were in love with this game we love it such a special part in our life.

A simple game that we play when we’re bored. We mainly play it on PC, but we play it on our IPad sometimes.

We love this game but the free version and the pro version to us are the same so we spent money for the same thing.

We love this game we loved it ever since it came out and we want to see it still succeed So Im making a list of what dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals should be in the game and heres our list [Dinosaurs] 20. Styracosaurus 19. Dakotaraptor 18. Gorgosaurus 17. Apatosaurus 16. Majungasaurus 15. Deinonychus 14. Therizinosaurus 13. Compsognathus 12. Citipati 11. Baryonyx 10. Plateosaurus 9. Torvosaurus 8. Camptosaurus 7. Dryosaurus 6. Protoceratops 5. Psittacosaurus 4. Diplodocus 3. Kentrosaurus 2. Rougops 1. Ouranosaurus [Ambient/Prehistoric Animals] 20. Struthiomimus 19. Microceratus 18. Quetzalcoatlus 17. Shuvia 16. Nodosaurus 15. Edaphodsaurus 14. Lystrosaurus 13. Diictodon 12. Itchyostega 11. Leptictidium 10. Hyracotherium 9. Thylacine 8. Dodo Bird 7. Passenger Pigeon 6. Carolina Parakeet 5. Hynerpatin 4. Itchyosaurus 3. Itchyornis 2. Thrinaxodon 1. Rhineasuchus And these are the animals we want in the game both ambient and huntable creatures for the player to encounter we hope you enjoyed these ideas for animals.

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