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Causality is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Loju LTD, Causality is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 13th February 2017 with the latest update 1st December 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


171 people have rated 1.4.8

You can download the game Causality from APP STORE.


Causality is a puzzle game about manipulating time, altering the sequence of events and changing the outcome of each level.

Set across strange and alien landscapes, help a group of stranded astronauts find a route to safety. Travel through time, work with your past selves and solve paradoxes as you take on this uniquely challenging puzzler.

Each level represents a brief but hazardous moment in time. Levels are completed by guiding each astronaut to an exit that matches their colour, within a limited time frame. When all astronauts reach an exit the level is complete.

  • Control time and change the outcome of each level
  • Work with your past selves to solve puzzles
  • 60 levels to complete
  • 13 achievements to unlock

Updated on 1st December 2021

Updated for iOS 15

Causality Reviews

Is there a specific genre for these kind of Time travel type puzzle, step sequence timed trial type app games? There needs to be. Sure Im not the only person who absolutely loves these type of games & has a hard time finding them. Sifting through all the norm boring puzzle crap out there.

Well, almost. Slick little puzzler.

UPDATE: So its been a few years since we’ve played this amazing game, and its still just that AMAZING!! We will never delete this app Once again, we had to look up the solution for Puzzle #410 and it is still absolutely insanely brilliant ORIGINAL: Awesome game, really unique concept. If you like challenging logic puzzles, go on and get your $2 out. We just finished the last puzzle and have already been to the devs website looking for more! RE: Puzzle #410 – wow, what a mind bender we spent 3 days on that one.

Love the game. Shame that these levels are not working well. Hope theyll be fixed. These are just the ones we’ve noticed so far (playing lvl 411 now).

Great game. The music is a bit haunting, like the isolation of outer-space. The challenge ramps up nicely, and the bonus levels can be quite difficult. We’ve been working on the last two levels for some time now. Ill admit we looked up solutions to a couple of levels, but Im determined to solve these last two on our own. Thank you to the developer for fixing the bug on 4-14!

Great complex game but we completed all the levels in a short week.

The number of levels is seriously misleading. When we bought this game, we looked at the reviews and saw some of them talking about level 303 or level 101 but really 101 is level 1 and level 303 is 3 in the third world, and there are only 10 levels per world, with a few bonuses. We thought we were getting a lot more value for our two dollars than we were actually getting, and that alone ruins the experience for us.

Whenever we trigger a paradox the tiles can no longer be turned, so the only way to fix it is to reset the entire puzzle. Theres no way this isnt a bug, its incredibly frustrating when this happens in the later levels…

Its amazing the amount of work and thinking it took to make this game. We really enjoy it. A couple things we think are bugs Sometimes when we turn an arrow and the game detects a paradox, we can no longer turn the arrow again to get it out of the paradox. Since the arrows only turn counterclockwise, sometimes we cant get the arrow to the direction we really want it. Also, the achievement level 310 in 16 segments Im completing it in 16 segments, but the game is not awarding the achievement. Thanks! And again, great game!

Once time travel is introduced into this game, its simply mind blowing. You can even create paradoxes! Its so satisfying to simply rewind the game right before you solve it and watch your solution run from beginning to end. We cant imagine the work it takes to think up these puzzles. Great job devs.

This is one of the most beautifully crafted strategy games we’ve ever played. It has everything from clever concept to lively artwork to thought provoking music. We highly recommend this game a hundred times over.

Too many people are saying it makes no sense. Fantastic game!

Let us just say one thing about this game, its complicated. If you arent into very challenging puzzle games, then this isnt for you. But, putting all that aside, this beautiful game is very fun and very unique! The concepts are very cool and the sound is also crisp and clean in our opinion. Highly recommended for anyone who has patience and skill. Great work to all the developers.

We typically download then delete games quickly, but this one had us hooked until we cleared every level. We’ve never had so much fun playing a mobile game before. Its the perfect balance between challenging and fun, it makes you use your noggin rather than rely on speed or accuracy, and it has a great time travel twist that forces the player to use logic to solve paradoxes and such. Highly recommended for any puzzle and/or sci-fi nerd!

Really enjoying this game. Very clever puzzles and very challenging. Great job. Our only complaint is the lack of iCloud backups. We love playing on our iPad but dont want to take it with us everywhere we go. This is a great pick up and play game. Any chance you can add iCloud backup?

313 is also broken. After watching a walkthrough on YouTube the video shows something that is literally impossible to duplicate because once one of the arrows is switched the ghost completely disappears. Otherwise great game.

This is a very innovative game. Im just through level 115. However unless Im missing something we cant believe that after you complete a level when you return to it you cannot play it again! This seems like such a simple way that it should work… Return to a completed level and it remembers your solution until you click reset. This is so serious to us Im deducting two stars.

We cant quite put our finger on why its not enjoyable, but it is not a very joyful game. It feels like just solving math problems.

We cant get over the initial depressingly eerie music as we tried to figure out how it works. The choice of sounds is so deeply downing on our spirit and feels so haunting to ones soul that we could barely tolerate it less than a minute. It was too much of a distraction and theres no point playing an app game without the accompaniment of background music in it. Too bad because we loved the visuals of the game and its cool concepts. Its why a 2 stars instead of just one. Hopefully, am only a few thats bothered by( to us ) a horrific depressing choice of sounds chosen by its developers. No choice but had to removed it. First time we tried an app game less than a minute, or was it 30 seconds? Oh well, from most of the reviews, Im not worry of the effects of our one review. Have fun if youre not bothered by the sounds! GL!

The worst kinds of puzzle games are the ones where you accidentally solve the puzzles because you absolutely dont understand how it works. This is one of those types of games. We got to the portal stages and have no idea of what the branch on the timeline means and why we suddenly spawn another character… But hey, Im suddenly solving them without any idea of whats going on. Please add a tutorial.

No instructions(( Im not much of a gamer or puzzler,but really we couldn’t even get past the first screen. No help… Anywhere. So deleted it…. Unpleasant experience.

Needlessly complicated without adding enjoyment.

Crazily basic and boring. Save your time and instead petition for Apple to fire this dude as Editor.

Great game, very challenging levels while still not being unbeatable. Loved it.

Good game really. Days ago everyone we know who played this game can not go through level 410. We myself spent several days trying on it, and finally we believe this level is physically unable to be solved. But now it is solved. Challenging.

The best mobile game we’ve ever played. Mind blowing. Can’t say enough. A bit reminiscent of Braid.

Want to be able to play on multiple devices.

Great game. We had to skip level 307 because in our version, it simply doesn’t work. We resorted to looking at the solution, and it’s not what happens on our iPhone 6. In the shown solution, after creating the ghost, you turn away from the transporter, and continue with the astronaut and the ghost. But in fact, on our iPhone at least, when we turn away from the transporter, the ghost disappears. Otherwise, great game, only had to cheat twice (not counting level 307).

We’re downloading again to give it another chance. We enjoyed playing through the first world but then the game crashed and wouldn’t let us start it up again. Please fix!

Great concept and good (if somewhat buggy) execution. However, the game experience was tainted for us in that the audio quits frequently and doesn’t return until we reboot our new 10.5" iPad.

This just feels like a fancy version of a Rubik’s cube. If you like those, maybe you’ll enjoy this. We however thought it was very dull. Disappointed.

The screen flashes and blurs while playing. So annoying. This needs to be fixed! We already deleted the app and downloaded again twice– Same result. We would not recommend.

Kind of cool but lack of instruction and nonsensical level progression make this a dud.

Big waste, makes no sense. Like so many other "featured" apps it is not worth the download.

The game looked fun but we were frustrated by the characters lack of logic. It seems like there may be a pattern to when they turn without an arrow but we can’t play it long enough to find out. We got through a few levels but it was pretty tedious. Looks good with no lag on iPhone 7 Plus.

We love this game. It is so fun to play when you bored. Addicting and challenging. Graphics and artwork are great. Good game concept. Would like more levels! Great game, worth the money, would recommend.

A pretty great puzzle game that doesn’t penalize you for making a mistake, is challenging and throws in a bunch of extra levels.

This is a wonderful game. The mechanic involving time travel is unique, creative, and generates challenging puzzles. It is most certainly not simple or repetitive. (I can only imagine that those who say otherwise didn’t play many levels). The levels are exquisitely designed. There are not too many, and the difficulty ramps up nicely. Some of the final levels are truly brilliant (and very hard!)

Really have enjoyed this game from start to finish. We give it 5 stars because we couldn’t put this down once we started it… And couldn’t play anything else until we beat it. Challenging? Sure… Fair? Always. TOUGH AS NAILS at some points… But really, there’s always an answer. Sit back and think through it.

Very challenging and addicting. Very cool game concept.

Could use a bit more variety of levels, but original and challenging.

We love playing around with time and using it to solve puzzles is a pretty fun Mechanic. Only issues: 1. Game crashes if you lock your phone while it’s running. 2. We wish there were a "replay" feature for when you finish a puzzle. One of them are very complex and we want to rewind to watch it all play out, but once you finish the level it warps you to the next one right away. No time to admire your accomplishment.

It’s a good enough game, but we can’t play because it makes us nauseous. There needs to be a setting to turn off the video scrubbing effect when you rewind the timeline. The visual distortion effects when you do that makes us ill.

We don’t remember this app costing $1.99. We recently saw the receipt in our email ,causing us much confusion. We definitely wouldn’t BUY an app we know nothing about. For the game itself , it’s crap . It’s not interesting at all. Reminds us of a bad coolmath game.

Waste of money. Not user friendly at all. Screen blurs when going backwards … Gives us a headache … No other game ever did that. Not worth it even if it was free. We see why they don’t offer a free trial … No one would pay for this. Can’t believe we paid money for something that gives us a headache.

Save the money. Boring, repetitive, and simple minded.

Opened it yesterday, played a few levels. Came back to it today, the play/start button is gone. There’s no way to play the game. Just see the splash screen and the settings menu.

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