Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game

Last updated on June 10th, 2023 at 07:50 pm

Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game

Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game

Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AI GAMES FZ LLC, Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 2nd January 2020 with the latest update 7th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game ?

26,089 people have rated 1.64.02

What is the price of the Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game released ?

Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game was released on 2nd January 2020.

When was the Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game on 7th February 2023.

Where can Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game from Apple Official App Store.



Chain Cube 2048 is a great puzzle game for those, who like challenging brain teasers and logic number games. Believe us, it is much harder to reach 2048 than drop the number.
A whole new take on the famous brainteaser number game! Now in 3D with crazy fun physics! The blocks don’t stay in place — they fall realistically and bounce off each other if you haven’t managed to merge cube blocks!

Don’t try and hide it, we know you can’t get enough fun 2048 games! So don’t be shy, do yourself a favor and download Chain Cube 2048!
You need to drop the number blocks to get the highets score and solve the puzzle!

The block puzzle gameplay is simple:

  1. Aim precisely to shoot and drop the number block with the same color
  2. Group blocks together to merge and get a new kind of cube
  3. Keep playing without fail and reach 2048!

But why stop there? Keep merging blocks, rack up points, and beat your record! There are no limits! You may also continue drop thenumber puzzle game and try to reach a 32M cube!

Get ready for awesome graphics, a user-friendly interface, intuitive game controls, and fun 3D physics!
Merge numbers and earn points to unlock cool skins for your chain cube! Have lots of fun playing with eastern eggs, animal cubers, and even impostors!

Download and play the merge numbers puzzle game right now! What’re you waiting for? Show everyone who is the king of 2048 merge number games!

Updated on 7th February 2023

Minor bug fixes

Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game Review

Very fun game, bummed that we made it sooooo far then left our screen on in our pocket and it was shooting cubes til lost.

We just restarted our game accidentally after several years. Its the first game we ever paid to remove the ads. Oh, and that game we accidentally restarted? The score was 3,666,558,600. Thats how long we kept that game going. Our smallest block was a 512, and now Im back to a 2.

This game is simple, satisfying, and easy to kill tons of time with. However, the free ad-supported version might be the worst user experience ever created. If you spend 10 minutes playing, at least 4 of those minutes will be spent watching ads. The devs will say they need to run ads to make money, which is true, but the quantity of ads is milking as much money as possible out of this bare minimum app. Props to the developers, though, because they made a game so satisfying and an ad experience so miserable that we just paid the $5, and have reclaimed hours back to our life from not watching ads. Jokes on us we guess – we love the game and paid for it. Five stars for what it is.

We love the game , but the apps.

We love this app, so addicting, we play it whenever we dont have internet, or just randomly. We played this for more than a year and got 1,089,216 points. We were so close to upgrading the cube to go to the next level. We remember there being an update where they removed 8 we think, and then after a while there was a very long losing screen so we closed the game and opened it back up again and then all our progress gone. We mean. Its not that important of a game but we really was proud of that number :(

We spend way too much time playing Chain Cube 2048. But we cant find how to get our score posted. Can someone provide some help here?

Did we say EASY FUN ! Great way to get your mind off JUNK !!!

Our fav game for when Im chillin after puffin a cheeba. Whats the highest score??? Im currently at 12,365,572.

Great game to pass time and exercise organizational skills.

  1. A fun relaxing game. 2. A nice change of pace in that you can play probably forever without losing. Our score is currently 10 million and some thing. So you can play for however Long you want, quit, and then go back later to pick up where you left off. 3. A reasonable amount of ads. Some games have so many ads that youre watching more ads than playing game. That is just not enjoyable at all so its nice to have a game where youre not buried in ads.

We’ve been playing this game for 2.5 years or so. We love it, really. Its the game we pick up and put down whenever. We’ve been playing this specific round for a year and a half or so. We did pay for the ad removal. Before doing so, the ads were too much.

Love the game, but our rank in the leaderboards hasn’t changed a bit even after moving 3 quadrillion in just one day (yes, the game score is nuts)! It says we only made 394k points too Can someone explain how the leaderboard works?

Very relaxing mind blowing we love it!!

We love this game because its satisfying to play when you can see results right away .

Overall, not so many ads. Just when you unlock a new cube. So this is a really great game!! Totally recommend it!

Great for waiting rooms of all kinds. Simple to grasp, but not hard to put down when needed. Im still on our first go, years later! Very gratifying to see a score up in the 30-millions, never got that out of any other game! For folks complaining about ads, we put it on airplane mode.

This game made our life a life again without this game we would be a loser sitting on our moms couch but this game made us a loser sitting on our moms couch with a game.

We’ve been playing this game most as long as its been out. Its a great game to play while waiting in line pretty much anywhere, waiting for someone to get to you, even at the gas station. Its great. We had recent stopped because other things had gotten in the way like life, and we were almost going to delete the game because of the Constant you have a new cube here is your reward rainbow colors that kept getting in the way or the black new reward ones and it was like every other cube. So then we stopped. And several months went buy and we went in to try it again and we were bored and WOW, what a difference. Not sure what you guys did, but THANK YOU!! No more annoying pop up adds, Im at 6,808,670,205 in points and Im getting 1, 2, 3, and 10, million cubes now and all of the little four, eight, 250 cube are gone!!!! Thank you so much. We cant wait to see what happens when we get past 7,000,000,000. We hope there is a now the 512 cube is gone. Thank you, thank you!!!!

We love the game it calms us down and sometimes we love to play in our spare time. Whoever made this game is thank you it makes us not stressed.

It was so fun on the games or the other games was awesome because it will make you happy.

We love it so much but it doesnt work out now but it will still have a few pop ups.

We pay for it and still have ads. It’s a great game but going back to ads after buying, something? Please fix. Thank you.

We love this game because we got to 32k and our high score is higher than 1,000.

Really fun game but wish it was harder.

LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH but the ads we get a new number and it asks us watch an ad? And we say no and it still gives us the ad please fix that thank you.

Its a really fun game just every time we are able to get a new block when we dont want it we get an ad anyway.

We love this game so much and have been playing it for a while now. But there are WAY TO MANY ADs every 2 minutes youre having to watch a 30 sec ad thats impossible to get out of so you can get back to the game. The ads make us not want to play it and/or give a lower score. We’ve NEVER added a game to our phone from the ads that pop up because we get so sick and tired of watching them. Also, this game would be better if after you get a number once you dont get the you got a new number which youve gotten thousand times before as you progress. Just to many things that keep you from enjoying playing over a long period of time.

Its one of our favorites but the ad frequency is more than other games – seems like every few seconds theres and ad, which is disruptive.

The adds need to be removed but great game.

Its a very addictive game. Its hard not to play. We understand the profitable need for ads, but we just recommend one ad per 50 turns. Its just too much sometimes, we play games for upwards of 25-30 minutes that dont have even half as many ads as this game has in just 5 minutes.

This is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, although our score would place us in the top 50 all time world wide players, we have never figured out how to get listed. For that we are docking them one star.

This game is chill, we play it when Im watching YouTube, its not a run game when we have to pay too much attention. PERFECT.

Simple fun and straightforward.

Great and addicting no time limit game. Good aid. But please change colors for those in certain levels. Example: 512 and 64k. Too close in color.

Im disabled and this game has taken our mind of a lot of things. We really wish we could give more than 5 stars, but the reason we have given it 4 stars, is because we could have work on this for days and then All of the sudden the games resets itself. That is the most frustrating thing. We hope that soon that issue will be resolved.


Great app however each time a new cube is found it disrupts the game, so we only get about 20-30 seconds of play time In between, it does need to be a bit more challenging. We seem to be winning a lot or we are really good, please fix it to be more challenging :)

Its a fun game we like it but way too many ads especially for each time you get a different cube not much playing time.

We got the game because of an ad saying they couldnt beat 8k points. Im currently on the same original level we first opened and we have over 9 trillion points, not billion, not million but trillion. Great game to play when bored if only we could make .001 cent per point.

Why does the no thank you work. Anytime we reach a new number we are given a choice to wat h an ad to double our score or to choose the no thank you but that doesnt work, so anytime we get a new number we have to watch an ad. Fix it so the No thank you works or just take the option off, very frustrating. But we like the game but because there are so many ads we can only play so long and them we go to another game. Thank you.

This is a fun game! However, its advertised as GAME WITH NO ADS! But this is untrue. A popup will appear when you create a new number & ask if youd like to watch a video for a reward. Even when you click No Thanks it immediately goes to an ad. Annoying! (There are also banner ads at the bottom of the screen.) Also, it seems there might be a glitch with the New Number popup. Even though you mightve already created that number youll get the popup every time you create it again. A good example is 512. We made 512 & got the popup New Number but every time we create 512 again we get the popup again. Super Annoying! The game doesnt seem to save the scores, which isnt a big deal to us. Id like to compare our scores but we can keep track on our own if this isnt an option. Other than that the game is challenging, fun & no stress.

We like the game but we downloaded it because its advertised as ad free. But there are a lot of ads.

Game is fun. Just too many advertisements. The NO THANKS button means NOTHING. You still get advertising. You cant get but do many points before it changes you to a new, START OVER board. BOO BOO BOO!!!!!!!!

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