Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:32 am

Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game


Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AI GAMES FZ LLC, Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 2nd January 2020 with the latest update 8th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


22,319 people have rated 1.54.15

You can download the game Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game from APP STORE.


Chain Cube 2048 is a great puzzle game for those, who like challenging brain teasers and logic number games. Believe us, it is much harder to reach 2048 than drop the number.
A whole new take on the famous brainteaser number game! Now in 3D with crazy fun physics! The blocks don’t stay in place — they fall realistically and bounce off each other if you haven’t managed to merge cube blocks!

Don’t try and hide it, we know you can’t get enough fun 2048 games! So don’t be shy, do yourself a favor and download Chain Cube 2048!
You need to drop the number blocks to get the highets score and solve the puzzle!

The block puzzle gameplay is simple:

  1. Aim precisely to shoot and drop the number block with the same color
  2. Group blocks together to merge and get a new kind of cube
  3. Keep playing without fail and reach 2048!

But why stop there? Keep merging blocks, rack up points, and beat your record! There are no limits! You may also continue drop thenumber puzzle game and try to reach a 32M cube!

Get ready for awesome graphics, a user-friendly interface, intuitive game controls, and fun 3D physics!
Merge numbers and earn points to unlock cool skins for your chain cube! Have lots of fun playing with eastern eggs, animal cubers, and even impostors!

Download and play the merge numbers puzzle game right now! What’re you waiting for? Show everyone who is the king of 2048 merge number games!

Updated on 8th April 2022

Minor bug fixes

Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game Review

This game is so addicting we cant stop its sooo fun its like winning money! We get so excited when we getting a new number! So thank you developers for making this game!

Easy to play, not a lot of thinking, just killing time and taking a mental break. You can stop at any moment and pick up right where you left off.

We love this game. Its fun and we dont get bored with it. We like the challenge of avoiding restarts and to set up big combos. Glad we found this game. Its quickly become our favorite in our game folder.

We had to wait a hour for a add just to end the we did one then a 10 minute add popped up but its still fun.

We only got two good adds and none because of our age it was restricted get better adds!

Its an amazing app and Im play it with our mom and it makes us feel better when we are stressed and its super easy! We would give a five star only if there were no adds. Lol.

We enjoy it when we play but dont play as much because of all the ads. Its so fun we wouldnt mind paying for it to remove the ads.

You are constantly interrupted with advertisements!!!!!! Cant enjoy this game because of all the interruptions dam ! Delete!

We enjoy the game when we can play it but the ads play more than the game does. Way too many ads compared to the amount of actual game playing time.

Fun & relaxing but every time you earn a new cube which is quite frequent.. AD! Move up a levelAD & sometimes its back to back! We understand the need for ads to keep it free but its a bit much!

Too many ads. Cool game but the ads take the momentum.

There is no challenge to this game. We hit block 32,000 the first time we played it.

Limit the ads a bit and this would be perfect.

This game started out fun, but now its really irritating. Im currently above a 7 million score but we have cubes stacked 5 high. We cant get to any of them. When we combo a cube it doesnt jump to the same number cube, it flies in the opposite direction and goes anywhere but the same number cube. Hence why we have multiple stacks of 5 cubes high in the back A cool feature or power up would be an earthquake, where it shuffles all your current cubes you already have!

Fun game, but beware, this is nothing but an Ad Mill. We dont mind an ad every now and then when a strategic milestone is reached. We get it, its part of the business. But this game takes it to a whole new level, pummeling the player every second or third move! We thought Id upgrade to the paid version, but $5.99 is way above the industry standard for a simple game like this.

Purchased app figured there would be no more ads or pop ups, we were so wrong. Its terrible that when you purchase an app you still have annoying adds. It is a fun game, we just expect better when giving up our hard earned moneys.

This is a cool game but for some reason it constantly freezes and its starting to get annoying now. The ads doesnt help either, you can pay a fee to remove the ads but what about the freezing. Not sure if its our phone, memory on our phone or what but we steam on 1gb of internet and our phones memory is clean and phone is updated and game still freezes, fix that bug and the game will do just fine.

We really like the game, its relaxing and fun, But way too many ads. We understand the developer needs ads to make money but we cant play for a minute without an ad.

Fun game and a great way to past time but the ADS ARE ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! That needs to be fixed.

Im a lot less bothered by the ads than many reviewers, but thats bc we paid for the ad free version and while we still get ad boost offers, we dont have to watch them just to continue the game. However, what Im really bothered by are the inconsistent game physics. We dont understand how when a cube launches a matching adjacent cube, it doesnt merge. Its happened often. Similarly, matching cubes will hold each other up in precarious positions and STILL not merge. Its frustrating and discouraging, but at least it makes us want to stop playing for a little while. It is certainly an effective time waster.

2048, new cube 512, new cube 1024, new cube 2048, new cube 512, new cube 1024, new cube 2048, new cube 512, new cube 1024, new cube 128, 2048, new cube 512, new cube 1024, new cube 128 Isnt that annoying?

The game itself it entertaining, but the ads are ridiculous. Theres an ad every time you get a cube that is 512 or more which means sometimes theres ads back to back. Then when asked if you want to double your reward with an ad and you click no thanks you still get an ad. So basically, youre going to watch an ad regardless with or without the bonus. They want to charge you $6 to remove ads too.

This game is fun but the ads!!! OMG SO MANYgame is getting deleted fast.

Its a fun way to kill some time but the ads are absolutely ridiculous!! You will make about 2-4 moves before it gives you an ad. Theyre practically back to back. That and it pops up in the middle of a move. The further you progress, the game starts lagging. These things need to be fixed. Ill more than likely be deleting the game all together.

We cannot find a way to contact app support. Paid $5.99 to take away ads and got more ads than before. Will be asking for a refund of this is not fixed. Otherwise entertaining game.

Very fun game but the ads are ridiculous! This is not a game that requires rewards, there is no reason to be interrupted so often. Also most times we click no thanks to the reward but it plays the ad anyway.

Could be a good game, but every four or five matches they ask if you want to double your score by watching an ad, thats all well and good, but if you tap no thanks, they still show you an ad, youre just able to skip it after 30 seconds or so instead of having to watch one for a minute. 512, ad, 1024, ad, 2048, ad, 4096, ad, 512 again? How about another ad? Its about 30 seconds of ads for every 2 minutes of play, not for us, it might be for you though.

This game has such great potential to keep your mind busy and is addictive. However, the adds are way and we mean way over kill. You spend more time waiting for the adds to end than playing the game. You win a cube and to collect the prize you watch an add. You hit no thanks, you watch an add anyway but dont get the prize. Really? No matter what you do, your watching adds. We have paid to have adds removed on games and then we realized something, we’ve paid multiple times to have adds removed from games created by the same developer. We’ve also paid to have adds removed and there were still adds, just not as many. Pay for no adds means no adds. We will probably delete this game as we have so many others for the same reason. Why is it the same stupid adds? We downloaded this game from an add, we should have known.

Had the app installed for maybe 13 hours before we deleted due to excessive amounts of pop ups/ads while playing. Maybe 7 seconds of play before there was a pop up and/or ad. Very frustrating and not worth it.

We want our child to be able to play this game without ads.

We like this game but the ads are terrible and make it not worth playing. We are not exaggerating by saying there is an ad at least every 30 seconds of game play.

The game is great but just too many ads you cant even get into a grove of relaxation of just playing because there are so many ads.

Ads are literally every other move you make, you get an offer to watch an ad for a reward, if you decline the reward guess what, you still have to watch an ad.????? The ads are also long, hard to close, and arent even able to be demod as they suggest. Ruined a fun game.

Love the game ads are unbearable.

Dont make us watch a fuqn ad when we hit 512 or above. We dont want the stupid extra blocks.

Paid for no ads. Still getting ads. Fun game but way too many ads and you ripped us off.

The ads are ridiculous but can be silenced by turning off wifi, our issue is the difficulty. The cubes that they give you every time you get to 512 and above make the game so easy. We combined two max cubes in our first play though so how am we supposed to enjoy this game after this play through. We could have just been super lucky but we think the game should be way more difficult. It only took us like 15 minutes and 9 color cubes.

They get you hooked to play the game saying that you can win money after playing for over a month we finally get to where we can take out the money only to find that there is a waiting period then after that we have to get 100 gold cards to cash out plus watch 100 ads so after that Im only 10 gold cards away and the game freezes. Even after shutting down and restarting it still nothing. SCAM if you ask us!! We wasnt complaining about the ads but the way the game freezes and now we lost all our points and the money that we deservedscam scam scam scam.

Azur Games needs to chill on the amount of ads.

Cant do a single play through without multiple ads. Terrible.

The game itself is GREAT, but the developers have gotten SO GREEDY that its constantly sending you to the adds!! Even that wouldnt be So bad, but it makes you wait for the full 45 seconds, NOT the MUCH Shorter, more acceptable ones!! We LOVE the game itself, but we cant stand the constant SUPER LONG adds, as well as it CONSTANTLY sending you for a new cube, when its ALREADY on our board!!

Ads every 20 to 40 seconds. Completely ridiculous.

Could be better if the ads would stop.

We get that you trade ads for being free, but multiple ads every game. And even though it says do you want to watch an ad to double your reward?, clicking on no thanks still sends you to ads. We spent more time watching ads than enjoying the game.

We’ve seen a reply saying the ads had to be added to be able to allow the game to be downloaded for free but theres no way that many have to interrupt the game. We really want to keep playing but honestly Im not even sure if we get a full minute of game play before another add pops up not even an ounce of exaggeration there either.

Way too many ads! You watch ads more than the time you play the game. Its an addicting game, but has to be the game with the most ads we’ve played.

More add time than gameplay. Ads last about 40 seconds and Id average 30-60 seconds of gameplay before more ads .

Game would be nice if they reduce the number of ads. We understand the need for ads, but after almost every block thrown we had to watch an ad, even when we clicked the "no thanks" butto. Deleted the game before we even made it through the first level because of the massive amounts of ads.

The game is fun. But theres more ads than gameplay. Deleted.

Everytime you create a 512 block which doesnt take long you get an ad. You will spend more time watching ads on this stupid app than you would playing it! We dont mind watching ads on a free app but this is just one of the worst UX.