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Chroma Squad


Chroma Squad is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Behold Studios Jogos Eletronicos LTDA ME, Chroma Squad is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 17th May 2017 with the latest update 23rd February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


143 people have rated 1.24

You can download the game Chroma Squad from APP STORE.


Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG about five stunt actors who decide to quit their jobs and start their own super sentai-inspired TV show!
Requires 1GB of RAM or more.

Cast actors, purchase equipment and upgrades for your studio, craft weapons and giant Mechas out of cardboard and duct tape. Once the cameras are rolling, you will control your cast of five colored-jumpsuit-clad warriors in dramatic, turn-based battles!

  • Customize your TV studio: hire actors, upgrade your gear, do marketing, craft weapons, costumes and giant cardboard robots!
  • Tactical RPG combat with a twist: combine your heroes’ abilities with Teamwork maneuvers!
  • In-Depth RPG systems with skill trees, random equipment, crafting, and branching storyline with 3 different endings!
  • Giant Mecha combat – destroy the city to save the city!
  • A love letter to Power Rangers, Tokusatsu and the Japanese series of our childhoods!
  • Deliciously-animated pixel art and a chiptune soundtrack that shines like justice!

Updated on 23rd February 2023

  • Various resolution fixes for new screen ratios

Chroma Squad Reviews

We missed this game the first time around now that its back we love it definitely would recommend this.

A nice little tongue and cheek Sentai strategy RPG also Grimmgarl, Tornaq, and Muligahn from Colossal Kaiju Combat was a genuinely pleasant surprise. It had cute references to and jokes with pretty stellar mechanics (though we could never get the hang of a mecha fight but thats a skill issue) we only have one issue and thats in our newer we pad we cant play the game because it zooms in too much and cuts off a lot of the screen in the shop and stuff. Should those issues get fixed this game is a 5/5 easy.

Just bought the game may 23, 2023 and the game resolution does not fit to our iPad! Cannot see stats for characters they run off screen in the shops! Developers say they updated for this issue but we still have it somehow!

This game has a great plot, but it ends too soon.

Great game with funny characters and writing and great strategic gameplay, one of our top 5 iOS games of all time definitely recommend.

This is one of our favorite video games of all time! We got this game thinking that this would be an ok game, but when we got used to the smooth management of our money as well as the satisfying rpg gameplay, we were blown away. Thanks Behold Studios and Bandai Namco. We really hope you make a sequel!

This game is absolutely phenomenal from the humor to the satisfying combat with smart decisions. Absolutely endless replay ability with some 15 characters to choose from and different path and ending choices. All bad reviews for this game are pretty much for the fact that the game at first release was a little buggy but all bugs are fixed now! The games humor is great from random comments from the game or making fun or references to other games/shows. The aspect of it being all a television show is a great concept and really shines well in this game. THIS IS A 20$ GAME SOLD FOR 4.99$ trust us its so worth the purchase we’ve played worse games for much more so dont let the price tag dismay you. Absolutely loved the game and all the aesthetics from creative funny villains that the cast knows and converses with on scene to the way the minions complain about actually being hit. Please get this game its so worth it and we hope you enjoy it as much as us we wish we helped on the kickstarter for this game but we are truly happy we bought this game.

This game has quite a lot of features to consider when creating your hero squad. Very tongue in cheek, you don’t have to be a Power Rangers fan to like it. Very replayable, not easy. We wish we could just skip the tutorial instead of having to play through it. update after playthrough (They know that we want to skip tutorial, game is so self aware, watch past the credits) So fun and cute, we have 29 hours on our first play through and will still play through again, as there are lots of challenging elements and alternative endings available. We don’t care about power rangers, but am shocked at how good this is. We love this game great job. >>If you are on the fence come down on our side and buy it!<<

Omg we love this game and who ever says other well just dousnt get it.

DLC: Some sort of story that follows the OG events, do we have to be the same team, probably not, but it would add some extra things to do. Sequel: If you do not want a DLC, theres always a full blown sequel, we like the idea of 5 new stunt actors being hired by the OG stunt actors to carry on the Legacy! Episode Make: This could be a DLC! The idea is that you can make your own episode to do, thus giving the game some extra zest! We hope that any one of these is picked, we really really hope so. P.S. Lights, Camera, Chromatize!

This game is excellent in its own right, with an exciting, catchy soundtrack that fits perfectly with the even better story. This game is fun, quirky, and self-aware in all the right places, and delivers a heartwarming story, despite its goofy nature of actors flipping around in spandex suits fighting monsters like traffic wizards and bird people. That being said, the only downside one might find with this game is the necessity of near-perfection on its higher difficulty. If you enjoy lots of trial and error in simply choosing your characters for your squad (something you have to restart the entire game to change, by the way), then the hard difficulty is up your alley. All in all, this is an excellent game for both sides of gamers. It can be played on easy and delivers an excellent story and allows new players to get a feel for turn based strategy games if they arent familiar with them, and offers an exceptionally difficult mode of the game where every turn could quite literally cost you the entire level if you misstep, and the medium difficulty for those who want a taste of both. Its by no means perfect (as there are a few small bugs, we mainly noticed the occasional screen flash of certain sprites up close, but this doesnt really hamper the gameplay). Definitely check this one out.

Update for IPhone X please! Great game that deserves modern support! Hope to see improvement soon and it will be 5 stars.

We should be able to fire and hire new actors. Fire and hire crew members. Have 6 rangers and also choose how the main base looks like. And longer seasons and episodes. And one more thing more plot twist like one of the rangers turns evil and we get them back.

Its fun but some things need to be updated like the stile.

We are a really big power rangers fan from the heart, we are not as interested in it as much as we used to be but still. We actually made a review about this game where we basically destroyed it, but we realize this game was quite good. We love rpgs, and this no slacker in that department. And for Power Rangers, this game has an amazing story that you choose, with multiple endings. We also love the fact that the Megazords or Mechas are incorporated into this game too! Overall this game is quite spectacular. But, there is some content that is not for younger players, like some mature dialogue and a bikini fish monster. There might a few other things too, but still. Once you overlook the bad things, this game is awesome! We love the music, and even the Chroma Squads theme song! We actually even made a video of our Power Rangers fighting a boxing box, literally! We would recommend this game to kids who are at least 12 and up, and if you are, get ready to have a blast!

We remember seeing Chroma Squad on steam many moons ago. We got it in a bundle and played probably an hour before our computer bit the dust. It was a cool game. Light strategy, equipment, classes, abilities, teamwork. We liked the idea. When we heard it came to IOS, we had to get it to finally play it through, since the teaser on Steam gave us an itch that needed scratching. A couple weeks of intermittent play later and we finished our first play through. Honestly, yawn…. Its a pretty slow and monotonous game. The first season is good since it introduces all the aspects for you to play around with. Enemies, bosses, equipment, crafting, abilities, team work, mecha battles, directors instructions. It was a great lineup. But it never took off. The equipment is unique but there isnt enough variety to build a good character. New equipment comes with new seasons, but its such a higher tier that all the old equipment becomes obsolete. They bring out one new minion type every season and maybe rehash an old minion type from time to time. The mecha battles are slow and boring and they happen every fricken battle. Theres no variety or excitement or strategy. We just mash buttons until we can finally be done with it. There are two types of battles: beat the boss and survive X rounds. That was it. Youd think there would be more for there being 1-3 stages for about 25-30 battles, but nope. Thats it. No freeing hostages, or fighting to a goal, or escaping the room, or breaking barriers, or protecting a civilian, or multi-component bosses, or unique effects/scenarios. Every battle was a slog to use 5 people to defeat 15 enemies and one boss. The story was certainly interesting, but we strangely got lost. Its a tv show, but its real, but its still a tv show. And people only know about the tv show, but people also know its real, but its all a tv show. Is it a tv show? Is it real? We just dont know. We think more decision in the plot would have been nice. The one decision we had was really refreshing. Anyways, its a cool game. We like strategy RPG games and the abilities are well done. We wish we had a reason to replay it like new weapons or new heroes or new game + or something, because Id like to see more. But the problem with this game is that there just isnt more. Once youve played the first season out of 5… Youve played it all…

This game needs an update for iPhone X and newer screens.

Like we said the game is pretty enjoyable, especially for its price. The only complaint we have (and its a big one) is how often you can get extremely with the bonus objectives. A lot of the missions have multiple battles in the same mission, and if your party dies or you want to restart because of a failed bonus objective, you have to start from the beginning of that mission and redo all of the battles (they can be tedious). That isnt such a huge deal if it was completely reliant on skill, but it isnt always. For example, on the 3rd fight of a mission it wants you to kill 4 enemies in a single turn. AOE attacks are in short supply at this point, so you basically have to one shot them individually. Well, most of your party has to use a long cool down ability to do that, and if it misses you can kiss that bonus objective goodbye, or redo the mission and the tedious drawn out fights that happened before the one you failed. Thats one example but not the only one, and if you play it Im sure youll see what we mean.

Love this game. Have it for pc. Loved it so much bought for our iPad. Great tactics game.

As this market is usually filled with a lot of cash grabs that the iOS marketplace is notorious for, this game does mobile tactics well, making an experience that is very reminiscent of Saban’s Power Rangers. We personally love the customization of the game, as it makes you feel that your team is YOUR team.

We were just curious when the NG + going to drop Great game Loads of fun.

We started playing 1 month after it came out, its still super good, please have updates or work on a second 1.

Please make a second game we have waited long enough!!!!!!!!!!

We are interested about please. Chroma squad 2 so this is a response. We want a chroma squad 2 as much as he/she does too. We love to watch power rangers and game backs us feel like we are the director of the show. Just if you are reading this makers of this game please make a sequel and an Idea if you do make it so you can download content from the first game to the second one to start off where you left off. PS: and for the story we forget what it is called but isnt the final boss the leader of some alien armada or something like that who are the other members and where are they………………….. PPS: please respond to this #ChromaS2 PPPS:figured out group name, the name is (spoilers play til last episode of season 3 to figure out name of the group)

We loved this game already and having it on the go makes it even better. But is the episode where you fight the giant iPod and tube man glitched? We got no audience from that episode and directors instructions didn’t appear.

Please update for the iphone x. Good game though.

A bunch of zombies IS "living" there. (Are*)

We myself am not that big of a power rangers fan, but we really appreciate every bit of effort that went into making this amazing homage. Beyond that, we really love the level of customization and choice the game gives, as it really makes us feel like a part of the game. Also the combat is solid. Some bugs here and there, but otherwise an amazing experience overall.

Grabbed this game expecting mild enjoyment and estimating a quick delete after the initial fun wore off. Instead we were surprised by a fully fleshed out tactics game with a ton of fun and replay ability. It’s an obvious spoof of power rangers but the story is still fun with a good twist. The battle tutorial could use work but once you figure it out you’re golden. Most battles start with your team out of costume able to move and attack once per turn but you also have the option of moving and choosing ‘teamwork’ which sets that character up to throw teammates to far away panels and also do combo attacks. Once per battle you can activate the special button (which you get to name) initiating a costume transformation for your squad. This fully heals your team making its activation kind of strategic. Once in costume your team remains in them til the end of battle and gains access to weapon attacks and class specific abilities which have nice strategic synergy. One thing not explained is that a ‘special attack kill’ requirement means a combo attack using all five teammates in costume. Each class has a skill tree which has a choice between two or three nodes at each tier. There are armor and weapons to buy or craft. Your filming studio can be upgraded and your giant mecha suit can also be upgraded in different ways. The first season feels slow but after that the game picks up. Mecha battles are fun but fairly simple. Also check the mail icon since it isn’t pointed out at the beginning and certain mail unlocks stuff. We play on iPad so we can hit the squares on the battle grid pretty easily but it might be harder on a phone. Overall we highly recommend to anyone looking for a fully paid for tactical rpg which will take roughly eight to ten hours a play through but also has some replay ability. Lots of fun.

Do you remember a time when you spent hours playing your GB as a kid? This app takes us back to those times. Simple yet comprehensive turn base game with plenty of things to do. We like that you can craft items to make your "actor" or ranger stronger as you progress throughout the storyline driven game. Overall we are fully satiated with this purchase and feel like the price of right for what your getting. A dense 8bit game with a sense of humor.

This is how it should be. Pay once, get the game in its entirety. If you enjoy turn-based strategies, power rangers, or Knights of Pen and Paper, you’ll love this. The controls aren’t confusing and the tutorial isn’t long at all. When you push the star icon your ranger will strike a pose. From there you can either use that ranger as a springboard to toss the other rangers greater distances, or if the posed character is next to an enemy, the next ranger to attack said enemy will perform a double attack with the posed ranger. You can position multiple rangers to perform combo attacks, using four rangers with the fifth attacking will unleash your finishing move.

Don’t even hesitate to buy it, you’ll will have an awesome time.

Title says it all. Go on with your day.

Amazing game. A solid trpg at its core, with humorous plot & dialogue making fun of Power Rangers, etc. Many hours of fun, will fill the gap left in your life after completing XCom!

Our new favorite game we ever bought on the App Store.

This game is very fun and well worth the price. We love the feel of the game and the neat combat system!

Amazing game! Downloaded it before a road trip and can’t stop playing!

Would love to see a new game plus, chapter select or a mode to return to previous episodes to get more money/fans! Hope you make a sequel!

Seeing as this game is from the same folks behind Knights of Pen and Paper, we did have certain expectations going in. The writing is snappy and the battle system is fun, though it can feel somewhat formulaic at times. Overall, we’ve been entranced with it since purchasing it. We highly recommend it. Buy this game.

We love everything about this game! All the micromanagement you have to do, the graphics, combat system, customization. It is quite challenging for players that are new to these type of games. But we say, it’s worth every penny!

We love this game and almost cried when it came to an end because that was such a short game… We wish you would make expansion packs… We would love that.

To the dev: The studio upgrades buttons don’t seem to work 95% of the time. Also itd be really nice to have a checkpoint between each battle. If we put the phone down and the app refreshes we loose all our progress.

We love every aspect of the game but there are some glitches, the screen has frame glitches and studio upgrades can’t be clicked for the most part. MAKE AN EPISODE EDITOR! Behold can have ALL THE MONEY if they do!!!

We love this game. Our only concern is that on our iPhone 5C, it won’t let us upgrade our studio except for the first one. The last update was out in May. It’s September. Is this just gonna be an eternal problem?

For anyone getting stuck on studio upgrades, if you go to studio options, press save, then return to the upgrades menu, it should work. Hopefully the creators will fix the director’s instructions for mecha battles.

We downloaded this game on a whim and was quite surprised at how funny, witty, fun, and addicting it was. You can customize your squad and mech which is always a plus in our opinion. We would like it if there were more choices of classes but hopefully they’ll add those in. The big gripes we have are the studio upgrades….. The buttons don’t work after the first season and it’s really frustrating. We save all this money and can’t use it 98% on the studio. That needs to be fixed asap. Also, we would like a save option for the middle of a battle. Whenever I’d have to go do something in real life, if we put the game away for more than 20 min, it resets and we have to start a episode all over again.

The game is what you expect from a mobile game! Just a little problem with the upgrade buttons that aren’t working properly.

Hey all! Amazing game! Im having a great time playing. However, on the studio screen theres a bug that wont let us select the different upgrades for our studio. We’ve somehow managed to upgrade our space but not much else because we cant select anything. Otherwise we cant stop playing!

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