City Car Driving School Sim 3D

Last updated on May 26th, 2023 at 06:40 pm

City Car Driving School Sim 3D

City Car Driving School Sim 3D

City Car Driving School Sim 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Better Games Studio Pty Ltd, City Car Driving School Sim 3D is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd June 2017 with the latest update 9th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Racing, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of City Car Driving School Sim 3D ?

14,344 people have rated 6.2.01

What is the price of the City Car Driving School Sim 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the City Car Driving School Sim 3D released ?

City Car Driving School Sim 3D was released on 23rd June 2017.

When was the City Car Driving School Sim 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of City Car Driving School Sim 3D on 9th February 2023.

Where can City Car Driving School Sim 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game City Car Driving School Sim 3D from Apple Official App Store.



The most challenging car driving and parking simulator game of 2022
Now you can get entertainment for hours by playing driving school simulator the best car parking game on your smart device. Parking and driving game will be provided with the multiple luxury, turbo and sports cars. Driving school simulator will built top driving skills in you in no time such as steering, breaking, acceleration, hurdle avoidance etc.

Are you too lazy to go to driving school or academy? After spending a little time you will be able to master the car driving skills by playing the simulation of city car parking game of 2017. You will not be able to remind bus or truck simulator, taxi racing simulator, driver simulator, csr, dr.driving, dr.parking or any other car simulation game that you ever have played any more after playing city car driving and parking school simulator.
Start the engine, wear the seat belt, manual transmission, auto transmission, traffic lanes, traffic signals, traffic rules and learn all the other basic instructions and become a professional driver. The populated roads of urban city are filled with monster vehicles (buses, trucks etc.) and traffic police is making sure that no one breaks the rule and remains safe. After driving school simulator game you know that driving a racing car is not a great challenge but to master parking is even a greater challenge.

You will drive the best sports cars around city, corners, obstacles, and parking with speed .It’s a great practice for you to park your racing car in real life.
City learning driving academy always ensures safety and guidelines given by police, and don’t appreciate the crazy adventure, like track stunts or drifting to be a mad king. So watch out for the traffic and traffic lights as you are racing against time.

After driving and parking all sports cars, muscle cars and modern cars you are the legend of the road!
You can improve your driving skills by enjoying city car parking!

– Stunningly amazing city 3D environment, with flyover bridges and freeways all covered in this city driving school simulator 2017.
– Great and realistic physics.
– AI traffic and traffic lights, keeping you honest on the road.
– Thrilling and exciting missions
– Game starts with driving and street parking lesson through instructor.
– Get your driver license only on completion of all testing modes in the final test.
– Effective city traffic lights and roundabouts are all in place.
– Realistic damage system. Do not crash the car.
– Smooth Tilt, buttons and steering controls are intelligently designed for this driving school game.
– Demo presented before the street car parking levels.

Term Of Use:

Updated on 9th February 2023

  • Update (6.2.01)
  • Further Garage improvements to enhance good user experience
  • UI Improvements
  • 8 New Super Sports category cars is added in this update
  • New Black Edition Car pack is introduced with best quality renders
  • Real garage related props for mechanic
  • Realistic car body shaders with realistic interior view for each car
  • We hope that you are going to like this update for sure, Don’t forget to give us 5 Stars rating
  • If you find any issue please reach us at [email protected] We hope you will like this update

City Car Driving School Sim 3D Review

We love it but we cant get out of the car we hate it but it is okay we love the game and the reverse tho is wrong.

We are now an official VIP member and now we have all the access to all the cars.

But can yall bring the rich cars down the price we allways try to get them but its 49 99 dollars and we dont have that much so pls bring it down.

Best car game we have ever plsyed.

We love this game but we wish you wouldnt have to be premium to get free cars and we wish we cloud get out of the car and walk around and if more cars cloud be on the same lane as us. Thank you so much.

We love this game because you can relax and take driving lessons. There is a starter pack people can do. Then you can buy cars the top most expensive cars. It has it signs thats tell you not not go this way good the other way that says go left go right. Make a U-turn. You can make your kids have fun with this game. Download it now.

Its very realistic for the people who would like to learn to drive in the future,its just that we wish you would make the steering wheel optional or just easier to steer.

So we have had this gam for a year and it needs a upgrade to were you can get out f the car and realistic game play but over all its pretty good.

This game has potential, but some of it is really weird. Like 1: The annoying messages when you bump into something during one hand parking, 2: You cant see what level youre on during creative parking 3: Everything is ridiculously overpriced. $50 for the entire set of cars?! Then more money to customize it, or give it police lights. 4: The steering is a bit laggy. Overall though, the game is pretty cool, but not the best. We prefer CSR drag racing.

We love this app so calm and relaxing and it is. Not like games that make you rage for example Fortnite.

Even though Im nine we feel like Im actually driving thanks to their settings.

Best car game in existence our favorite car game perconly.

This game is fun and idc what people say we love the cars and you can gain money fast in the game it doesnt have bad quality we love the music and its cool we recommend this if you like car games and there are challenges so yeah 10/10.

It would be nicer if it had dirt bikes and motorcycles.

Best game ever the only problem we have is that when Im turning in between the barrier things, it always says stop sign not followed but theres not a stop sign. Everything else is wonderful.

We love this game and we like the music and the car but we just started an now we LOVE this game because its so fun to play it and its fun and it has so many great car.

Im supposed to get coins when we rate 5 stars.

This game has everything you want to learn how to drive to all the signs . Favorite game.

We LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! We just love this game so much car sims are our hobby. This game doesnt just have levels it has online and free play and create a car world!!! Thank you for this game so much. SOME THINGS we DO NOT LIKE as you see the picture it looks realistic but the picture is FAKE DUDE we want that change also when we are on one hand drive or starter driver when you crash it gives you bad comments about you and its rude it makes us feel bad for myself like it says your a bad driver you will fail soon and saying we wanna cry out loud and saying that we hart someone it is SO MEAN so change that as saying its ok or dont worry or something. Also please READ THIS!!!!!!!!!! . Also this game is really Tpose lol. PS please respond admin.

This is a great game. Love the cars. Make more like this.

This game is so fun we recommended it a ton.

You guys are awesome because you teach us different signs and you teach us how to drive cars because we have a mini car and Im still going to drive it.

This game is sooooooo fake. Why? Because it teaches the wrong way. How? Like when you reverse or go back you tap at the gas. But in real life its different. How? You dont do the reverse then step at the gas you do the reverse then step at the brake. But what happens when you tap reverse then step at the gas? The car will go back very much and fast. So we prefer for the people who want to learn not install this game. But what if we dont want to learn we just want to play? Then ok you can. Thank you for reading and bye.

This game is great if you like car driving games highly recommended it its amazing and if you cant drive a car yet its a great way to learn take it from us and a bonus theres not a lot of ads to be honest and thats a big deal for us so highly recommended it.

So first of all the game was going pretty well until Ayer during the driving test it said we passed signs and not followed them when there wasnt even a sign there and the stuff keeps happening but overall its great.

You know this game is not the perfect Game but you did good you tried your best are you matter Im glad you tried your best a lot and its really OK we are we am we like it kind of yeah there is yeah it is its hard to drive your car but it is good to use the settings well thats it we got to tell you something one more the exact so when we see the picture it looks nothing to this game but you tried your best good job job.

This game is OKAY but its not the best. The game gives us bad and hurtful comments. This game is okay but needs changes!

Our iPad is too old to do all of this like the driving school part so we would give it 5 stars but our iPad is old. But HEY! Im not complaining.

You get SO much Monet wen you do some thing right. Like stop at a stop sign, or yeild. You get like 200 dollars. So thats funny. So when you make you car go slow well you think it goes slow but it goes REALLY fast and when you miss any signs it takes away 20 dollars. And one time accidentally went to fast we missed a sign it it took away ALL of our money so we were confused and reall disappointed. You need to pat A LOT of money when you get 1 car each there 33 dollars. Disappointed. The car is really hard to control. So we hope your team of car driving can fix this problems.

This game is so good we dont know what to tell you really! Maybe Ill start of with that the game is nothing like the ads? Or or that its overrated? Or that its not realistic? Or maybe that the cars look fake? Or that there no highways? Or that there no motorcycles? Or maybe how everyone is lying? Or maybe how there SO many ads? Or MAYBE how TERRIBLE it is? Yah thats what Ill start with. Really this game is ALL of the above, we really dont want to be rude but its a fake game.

We wish the passes were cheaper because it is too much for us to ask our mom to have one.

We cant believe this complete fake.

So we said you sleep careful because its hard to steer and post to be like and its very hard because its very hard because the wheels are like very sensitive and we said just like because we are vehicles everywhere or more than four years old then and then bye.

We love this game because it has cars and you can drive and do schools and know the signs that we dont even know!

We get this game it makes sense,Im not love tho.

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