Classroom Battle!

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:29 am

Classroom Battle!


Classroom Battle! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dan Lespect, Classroom Battle! is a game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 5th May 2020 with the latest update 25th June 2020

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


121 people have rated 2.0

You can download the game Classroom Battle! from APP STORE.


When they’re not looking… Hit them in the back!

Use your paper balls to kill the boredom in class, and beat the teacher!

-Graduate from Elementary School to University!
-Throw paper on your teachers & your classmates and even have 1:1 battles!
-Sort books and cubes by color
-Find the differences between the drawings on the board
-Clean the notebooks/slate boards

Keep tuned, more is coming soon!

Updated on 25th June 2020

New Design – 2.0
-Football minigame
-Sorting minigame
-Bug fixes and improvements

Don’t hesitate to make suggestions!

Classroom Battle! Review

We really loved going through the game progressing up in grade level.

Great little casual game. Well done & enjoyable. Would like to see Graduate School in a follow up game. We wish reviewers would stop knocking stars off $0.99 cent games because they are too short. Were you really expecting Elder Scrolls for less money than you probably give as a tip for your coffee. Cmon give developers credit for what they did, not what they didnt. If you wish the game was longer, that probably means you liked the game and wanted more. Cool . Give it 5 stars to encourage the developers to do another, or more via the comments. And no, we do not know this developer.

Found this on tiktok and havent even played it yet but heres the 5 stars for effort making the game.

We saw this on ticktok and decided to get it. Highly recommended our ticktok is brody_srsen69.

The game was very fun and easy. But very short. Really excited for the new update to come out soon! It was very good and not slow!

Else come here from that guy on tiktok who actually made this game?

This game is so emotionally aesthetic.

Really great! Buttttt, really easy.

We downloaded this game to support the TikToker that made this app and surprise super super fun! One of the best Mobile games you can play!

For everyone wondering why there isnt more is because the developer is one dude on TikTok that takes comment and makes them into games.

We want to support the man so here.

Hi, we like this game a lot but you should make more levels and make it more harder so it can be more fun.

We saw this on tiktok and we had to try it. It is fun to pass the time.

Very fun game but we finished it in like 10 minutes lol. Im gonna keep it though for whenever they update it. We liked it overall.

The game is super fun but we finished it in less than a day we wish you could add more levels because it just repeats the same thing.

Bro how do you know who made this game is probably a YouTube or TickTock or somebody mightve do you have a comment on the YouTube channel or TickTock page we think they say make a game that you throw paper balls at our teacher.

We really enjoyed this game, but it was really easy and you could finish it super fast. If the developers made some updates then it would be great! We cant wait until theres more to this game!! :)

Can you please update the came down we can do the lime job things and stuff? We really enjoy the game its so fun! Please and thank you!

This game is fun and great if you have ocd or enjoy "satisfying things", but there is so little content and so much repetition that we don’t think it warrants a price tag above free.

We need a place to spend our tokens we have thousands and nowhere to spend them.

We accidentally bought it, now we cant get a refund, please our parents are going to kill us.

Our dad downloads random apps so we see this and im like oh cool maybe its like you have fake swords and it being nice but nooooo. It has to be a game about bullying. (Im not blaming our dad he literally just downloads random apps)

It same level over and over should be free.

We wish they would hurry up and add other stuff to it. We done made it all the way through now its just the same thing over and over again. Love this game but its kinda getting boring.