Collect Em All! Clear the Dots

Collect Em All! Clear the Dots


Collect Em All! Clear the Dots is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Collect Em All! Clear the Dots is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st June 2021 with the latest update 17th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


127,755 people have rated 2.1.3

You can download the game Collect Em All! Clear the Dots from APP STORE.


Connect balls from the same color to crush them! Make the longest chains and break them to get the fever!

Easy to control, simple tap on the block and swipe across the adjacent same-colored blocks! Watch out your moves, you need to achieve the objective before you run out!

Use boosters to help you clear the board and climb up the leaderboards to become the number one in the world!


◉ Original concept and gameplay
◉ Colored balls
◉ Boosters including; bombs, rockets and shuffle!
◉ Leaderboards
◉ Saga map with thousands of levels
◉ Loads of fun!
◉ And much more!

Updated on 17th May 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements!

Collect Em All! Clear the Dots Review

We absolutely love this game. But this morning while playing the race a whole different game (connect the dots) came up on several levels. We really dislike this game. It has happened enough now that its making us think twice about playing. At the very least please add a way to skip these levels. We are on 6221.

We were near level 2000 and app not working. It blacked out and only loads about 6 dots on the screen. Always ads, even when you pay for option to remove them. Have to keep buying coins for everything!! And to continue playing you have to use coins. First it was 100, then to 150 and now 170! Rip-off.

We love the game but we keep deleting it because we get fed up with he weight loss pill ads. Pills promising rapid weight loss with no diet and exercise. This is triggering for our eating disorder and Im sure it is for other people too. Stop those and Ill be back for good.

We very much enjoyed playing the original game. HOWEVER, for some reason the original game is now gone and replaced by a game we do not want (in fact we hate the new game). PLEASE RESTORE THE ORIGINAL GAME THAT we PURCHASED!

We love this game but when we play it our phone gets extremely hot and it drains the battery. We have the new iPhone 13 and our battery normally lasts for two days. But we can drain a full battery playing this game for an hour. Now Im getting a blank screen when we try to play. It has a few dots and Xs across the top.

This is the second day is anyone going to update this app and fix it we have not been able to play it for two days now. This was because we did the update on the app the latest one and now our game will not download.


We have loved the game and have played for some time. The owners keep changing things to try to force you to spend money to play . Parts of the game freeze up periodically and coin collections keep getting smaller as cost of coins continues to rise. There are Tons of ads even during the game . Guess they dont count that as enough revenue Today was the last straw. A connect single colored dots thing has been added. And as usual with these folks. The player does not get a choice to play or not. Play the line to its matching dot game.. Stupid or you can t proceed. We shall remember the name VOODOO and will not even try any game produced by them. Plus we ll advise an many people who will listen not to plan your games. And active retired people know a lot.

Most puzzle games like this dont let you play a lot of it, the game will play itself, or you get to a level that makes you angry because it seems downright impossible. Also we can play it offline, so thats a huge bonus. If we had to note any downside, we would say the ads, but we get it, ya have to make money somehow. Keep up the good work!

Best game for cognitive development.

Okay. We’ve just updated our review. We almost NEVER pay for games! Yes, this game has slightly annoying ads after every level. So what? The game is great fun and just the right amount of challenge. We play it for several hours every day! If you dont like ads, then pay for it! To everyone else: Please only review the game and stop complaining about the ads. Ads are advertisements, advertisements are commercials, commercials is commerce and commerce is money. The game was free. They need money to make this so without ads/money it wouldnt exist and complaining about ads doesnt help anyone.

Its a good game if youre trying to distract yourself from something or to play in your free time or watching a show. We hasnt played in a few days because we were busy but im on level 408 and they gave us extra moves since we wasnt online for a while so sweet this game is our bestfriend.

We love playing this game. However, lately we cant get it to load. We havent played in 4 days because of this. This isnt the first time. Please quit ignoring our requests for help and fix these issues. Considering deleting. Taking up space if we cant play it.

Its very addictive. It has a simple concept but is still challenging we recommend HOWEVER im only level 395 and its impossible makes no sense And we cant get any hint on how to play it so im definitely going to uninstall the app very soon bc its impossible!

Its crashed on us twice & went to a black screen . First time we got to over level 100 then it stopped loading & turn to black screen. We had to delete & download again & of course lost our levels & had to restart entire game all over . Second time got to level 94 & exact same thing happened but now we cant delete to try to download again. Love playing this game however unhappy about it only lets us get so far & crashes!

This game overheats our phone. To the point where its lagging ridiculously. The gameplay is getting a bit boring and monotonous as well, you guys need to mix it up a bit. Its just one screen of dots after the next.

The is ok but dont pay anything at all not worth it save your money.

Havent been able to play in over a week. We turn on game and screen immediately goes black and stays that way.

If you dont buy the stop ads it wont let you play later on.

There is something weird in this game. It seems like our iPhone 12 Max Pro (IOS 15.4.1) heats after few minutes of playing this game. It started happening after we reached higher levels in the game. Its very weird. Its as if the game is overloading the devices processor? Not sure to be honest.

This game can only be played in the vertical position. Not a fan of that aspect as it is uncomfortable holding the iPad to play.

Latest update.. You lessened the prize gor the daily race. You halved the amount of coins earned for the gift boxes at certain levels. Uou increased the cost of special moves !! Seriously ?

We love the game however the platform is the weakest we have ever been on. We paid for no ads and yet we still struggle with ads. False advertising isnt it?

Add showed attempts to connect on location to another without crossing lines. The game Im playing is not that. Stupid.

On its face a simple, enjoyable game. They throw lots of ads at you and then ask $9.99 to eliminate ads – a ridiculous price. If you pay the money, the game changes so that you have to buy coins to progress. Paying to eliminate ads does not eliminate having to pay to play.

Why do you have to lie about your game? It has nothing to do with crossing lines like your ad says. Are you afraid your game is too boring to show what it really is? Its so frustrating when you think youre getting one thing and you get something different. VoodooUsed to be great. As soon as we saw the name we would get the game. Now as soon as we see VoodooI dont even bother. You got us again with this one. Never again. As a matter fact Im deleting all voodoo games even if we liked it because Im sick of your crap.

Love this game but it never loads ,so we can never play it . So why offer it ?

We really enjoy this app even dont mind the ads. But seeing that traitor T Rump makes us want to stay off this app until after the election. CHANGE YOUR ADS!!!

Love playing this game but if theres one thing we could suggest is more/better rewards for the weekly competitions. We played literally hundreds of levels in a week and didnt finish high enough to get anything that seems egregious.

Love the app and playing the game but get rid of the annoying piggy bank or remove the price to open it.

This is a good game — even the free edition with the ads — except, some of the ads are definitely ‘not safe for work’ nor are they appropriate for younger kids. We just deleted it from our iPad. If their discretion in ads runs so low, we do not need it, nor do we want to reward such low taste in ads.

Even after buying the game, youre made to sit through ads for various boosts. What put us over the edge was losing the payout for the daily race to 150 from 250, and racing the price of a continuation fro 100 to 150. You used to get two continues for one daily win, now down to one. Im not convinced the leader boards are real, as theres no way to verify or to change your screen name afaict.

Too many ads interrupting the game.

To many in the middle of each level coke710.

We are furious! We love this game, but just like inflation, the amount of coins you have to pay to use a help has gone up and the reward amount of coins has gone down. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

1st: love the game, relaxing 2nd: major problems occurring with bank inside game. Our games bank calculate points post them, then they disappear. 3rd: last week 5,000 points disappeared. 4th: we prefer to correspond directly via email regarding a problem within a game/app instead of leaving a poor rating, however this game has no way to be contacted, ANYWHERE. Please reply to this review with how and who we should contact regarding problems with Collect Em All. Otherwise we will b forced to ask Apple to reverse transactions we’ve purchased. Thank you.

Not a fan of the latest update- less money for races, cost increase to refill hearts. Love the game because its chill but we dont like cutting back on that.

We love this game, but there have been lots of glitches. Our current level is over 550 and all we have is a black screen.

Until the update now we cant log into our games and we guess the raised the coins to purchase more lives used to be a100 now its 170 as well as extra things like rocket bombs used to be 50 now 70.

For the last week this game will glitch and isnt loading. It will make a ticking sound when we close it and do another task on our iPhone.

First of all, we love, love this game!! We purchased the no ad option and some how it kept crashing and the ads came back. So, we purchased again thinking we wouldnt have to pay again. Wrong. We were charged again and am still getting ads. Help!

This is a great relaxing game thanks!

It is a fun game! But when we got in the 200s, when we opened the app it would not work. We tried to fix it. So we deleted the app and, then we downloaded the app again. It worked ,but we had to start all over on level one again. We mean, somethings the screen freezes. But other than that it is a great a app!

Love the game but very disappointed that we cant continue fine. All of a sudden, overnight, the game stopped loading and Im unable to get back into the app. Great idea Fun game frustrating experience.

We paid $9.99 for no ads, etc., and received nothing. If not rectified, next step is contacting Apple and filing a complaint.

We like this game, it relaxes the mind. However, you should control your ads. A kid shouldnt be exposed to an add for a sniper game.