College Lacrosse 2014

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College Lacrosse 2014


College Lacrosse 2014 is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Carlo Sunseri, LLC, College Lacrosse 2014 is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th December 2014 with the latest update 1st June 2017

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Sports, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


61 people have rated 1.2

You can download the game College Lacrosse 2014 from APP STORE.


  • Download the first-ever 10 v. 10 mobile lacrosse video game
  • All sales support future development of lacrosse games!

In the first ever full field lacrosse video game for iOS, College Lacrosse 2014 brings real lacrosse gameplay to your mobile devices. Lacrosse face-offs, shots, passing, checks, ground balls, dodging, and more!

Take control of your lacrosse team with the full 14 week season mode that includes roster customization, player progression, substitutions, offensive sets, riding and clearing formations. In the full season mode, your team gets better the more you play! Enhance your players strength, agility, speed, stick skills, face-offs, and much more as the lacrosse season progresses.

Keep track of your team with lacrosse statistics such as goals, assists, shots, forced turnovers, ground balls, face-off wins, goalie saves and shot percentage.

Updated on 1st June 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

updated to 64 bit for Apple

College Lacrosse 2014 Reviews

We love this game and It does have a lot of glitches. Btw be Denver.

Great game but needs bigger controls.

The game is really fun overall. However, we wish there was a way to adjust the difficulty. We’ve been playing for a while now and we don’t think we’ve lost a game recently. Most games are blowouts too, like we’ll win 14-0. We still think its a good time waster, we just wish there was a way to make the game harder. Also, we feel like the slides come really late when the AI is on defense (this is a lot better in the console version) and they make really dumb plays when they’re on offense (pass to a locked off guy when they have a wide open shot.) So maybe you guys could look into fixing that and adding a difficulty adjustor. Thanks!

It is good but you guys should really have a somewhere to change the difficulty also think about adding in a our career.

Did you ever play blades of steel on old Nintendo? This has similar terrible graphics but no cool fighting. Okay but overpriced.

This is a fun game and all but we do have a few complaints. For one, the controls do not allow you to play defense. When one hits the "check" button, your player blindly swings his stick. Secondly, the crease rule is not in action. The other team is allowed to run all over tour crease until the ball is in the back of the net. Last, when the ball goes out of bounds, the whistle is not blown. The only way to get the ball back into play is to send your own player out of bounds to retrieve the ball. You do this only to find that it ends up being the opposing team’s ball. Please read.

The game is fun but not worth its price.

Some notes – Faceoffs could be improved – The AI offense needs to settle the ball more – The AI defense has no 2 or 3 slides -Should be more types of dodges – would be cool to run plays on O.

Love lacrosse and the idea of this game, but to be honest the game is trash. Its very glitchy, bad graphics. It is almost impossible to play defense and the goalies do not ever save a shot.

Analog stick and buttons need to be better in order to play quick enough to have fun.

The game was fine until they updated it to 64 bit. Now the game looks weird and doesn’t work as well.

It was so hard to move the controller.

We love the idea we play lacrosse our self but the game on the Xbox Casey Powell lacrosse 16 it does not have all the professional teams we have made up teams and not the real teams like ny lizards. Please call 516-665-1981.

The cost of the game is a little more then we thought it also needs bigger controls also a better version they should make a 2016 version of this game write.

It is a great game. Though when it says college they aren’t actual colleges. They are in divisions (Midwest, Atlantic, Pacific, etc.) and there isn’t a difficulty choice or a control option. But overall a great game that’s still in development.


We don’t know what any of you are talking about. This game is awesome. Sure, it could be easier to learn, but it doesn’t matter. FIVE STARS! Very simple touch play lets you learn pretty quickly. Plus, it is a great passtime. We don’t care what you say, this game should be five stars.

This game is so addicting and fun we can’t stop playing it!

We loved this game on our phone which is why we rated it a 5 but it has the smallest controls on earth for iPad which make it hard to play.

We dont get the all the complaints about this game it is soooo fun has hardly any bugs we’ve seen and it’s just all out a extremely fun game we would HIGHLY recommend getting this game u won’t be sorry!

It’s a really fun game especially for those who have been waiting for a good lax game and have the desire to play the best lacrosse game out there…. This is the best for mobile devices!

This is such a fun game. We mean there are some updates you need to make about the rules. But overall this is such a good game. One question, plz make a 2017 college lacrosse. That would be the highlight of our 2017 year.

A very good game a couple set backs but worth every penny.

Please fix the iPad controls so they are larger. It is impossible to play on it because the buttons are way to small.

This is one of the funnest and best lacrosse games we’ve ever played.

We love what you have done with the game. Gameplay is much smoother and interesting.

Finally a good lacrosse game all it needs is more teams and a ref.

This game is the best lacrosse game we have ever played it is hard at the beginning but then you will get the hang of it.

The game is supper fun but it need some fixes and add on’s like difficulty because it’s supper easy for us. We’re on iPad mini right now and the controls are so little and there needs to be bigger. Really fun glad we purchased it and can’t wait till lacrosse 15 comes to play station.

The new update makes it impossible to check people. Also there’s still no offsides and crease violations or penalties at all. Still play everyday though!

This is a very good game, for being one of the best quality Lacrosse game. But it could be better.

Super game!!!! Just needs better controls!!!!! THANKS!!!

Much happier with the game after the updates. Would love to have some team color/name customizations in the future though.

This game is fun but we somewhat agree with Lebron88. There are incorrect rules and too many glitches. And if you throw the smallest check, the other team is on the ground. Also, the goalie stinks.

We’ve been waiting for a lacrosse game and this might be it. However it does need a lot of work. First it is very hard to throw good checks. Also everyone is the same speed. The evade button pretty much does nothing, and we don’t think it ever had an assist. Finally there should be a tutorial or something of how to play it. Especially on face offs!!!!

This is a really fun game and we love it. The only problem is the game is WAYYY too easy. For the past 3 seasons our team has been undefeated and we know this might sound weird, but we kind of want to lose a match once in a while. It’s getting a little boring because we win every match :(.

Needed full lacrosse gameplay and this game provided it. Besides that fact, the game defiantly needs another update. The difficulty should definitely be updated its easy to go up 10-1 by the 3rd quarter. In regards to everything else, it’s a game on your phone so there’s not much else improvement needed or expected.

Overall we think this game is a step in the right direction for future lacrosse games. Although many of the rules are not not correct in this game, it is still needs many improvements especially for what you are paying for!

Collage lacrosse is a very nice game for the iPad and iPhones but it seems to be to easy once you learn everything, we suggest there must be a mode where you can make it beginner, pro, NCAA, and Mll, for the skills so people can have a Challenge but the rest of the game is good.

Multiplayer would make this game so much better, it gets boring just doing seasons, playing against friends would make it a very fun game to play!

The game is so slow now speed up the players.

Good game fun for beginners need advice rounds! You should really make a basketball game to please.

The game is good we lost all our games the first time. Then we figured out how to shoot and save. It has a lot of teams. It was starting to get boring after a while because we kept winning all the time. We would want something more challenging. We like the game. It is so so. It was a little worth it to buy the game for a few bucks. Lacrosse is our favorite sports so we should like it. Get it if you like lacrosse. We like that what ever team you choose you can change their colors of their ynifoumans. Go Syracuse!

Definitely needs some tweaking with the out of bounds glitch and some other little things, but pretty fun game once you learn how to play fluidly.

We love this game it is the only good lacrosse game out there and we play it all the time. The only thing we would change is the goalie save percentage we can sink shot from like half field on a regular basis but overall if u love lax get this game because it is awesome.

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