Color Switch

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Color Switch

Color Switch

Color Switch is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Color Switch Phoenix, LLC, Color Switch is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd May 2018 with the latest update 2nd November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Color Switch ?

47,878 people have rated 2.23

What is the price of the Color Switch ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Color Switch released ?

Color Switch was released on 23rd May 2018.

When was the Color Switch updated ?

The latest updated date of Color Switch on 2nd November 2022.

Where can Color Switch be downloaded ?

You can download the game Color Switch from Apple Official App Store.



Color Switch

With over 300 million downloads and counting, Color Switch was the fastest game in the App Store history to reach 50 million downloads and was the #1 game in over 150 countries. With this new version of Color Switch we’re bringing you even more mini games, music, and very exciting new features not seen before.

How to Play
● Tap to get the ball past each obstacle.
● Follow the color pattern to cross each obstacle.
● Timing and Patience are the keys to victory.
● Earn stars to unlock new balls.
● Beat Every Challenge and get a High Score in Endless
● New Modes and Levels added with each update

Please send all feedback to [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

Updated on 2nd November 2022

Smoother gameplay, New Levels

Color Switch Review

Please add an option to randomizes the ball you are using!!! It would be small but so awesome.

We very rarely leave a review, but this game deserves all the hype. Pleasing aesthetics, smooth gameplay, and many different game modes to choose from. A very enjoyable game overall and definitely recommend!

Our kids love playing , it makes us feel like im not neglecting them .

This is the game we would play as a kid we forgot how much fun this game was <3.

We used to play this game when there was only like 3 modes. We love how theres no add walls after every level and how many different modes there are now. Even infinite modes for each one without a paywall!!

We love this game so much we play it so much we usually play it when we get stressed and it really helps we encourage you guys to get this game you wont regret it its the best game we have ever downloaded trust us and get it!!!

Very fun and can keep you busy when you are bored. Highly recommend.

As a kid we used to be really good on this (I had an android) and we lost our old iPad but now this game gives us so many memories although some we played as a kid are gone but Im grateful seeing the ad of this game once again.

We love this game so much that we play it at night and it makes sleepy.

Tho but why did the change the soundtrack and game modes we miss the Zigzag mode.

We have actually never written a review on anything but this game is so fun. There are so many different modes, there are daily activities, or you can just play leisurely. Its amazing. We just wish we could get rid of the ads!

We love this game and even paid for no ads. We are working towards completing every level but we have been stuck on Halloween level 86. We dont believe this is possible and if it is possible it should not be in the medium section. Can a dev take a look to make sure its possible to time?

Im begging. It was our favorite and the best. Ill do anything.

Even though the game is a little difficult it is still really enjoyable we recommend this game.

Im just doing this for the achievement.

Always fun game and so challenging.

So this is a few days after playing the game, and we’ve recently got a few sound issues, we dont know if its because of the phones data, but it has only been on this game, we were hoping if you would be able to fix it, but overall, great game.

Color Switch is amazing. There are so many levels and its really fun to play. We appreciate how there arent a horrible amount of ads.

This game is such a party we love it.

Color Switch is so much fun and we love the variety of levels and games they have! Its like a bunch of games in one! There are pretty much no ads! We REALLY recommend this game for anyone! We also really like how you can go on easy medium or hard level at any time! Our favorite level is run and ski but there are SO many other type of game modes that are also so much fun! We LOVE THIS GAME!

We love this game, but we recommend some new mini games cuz it gets boring playing the same ones over and over but overall really good game.

We love All of these different modes.

Omggg we remember this game from 2016 we loved it and we downloaded it because Piper Rockelle promoted it on musically.

This game it da bomb thanks for making it.

Its a good game to play when your bored but we rated it a 4 star because we feel like the developers of this game could make the game more fun like adding more obstacles to make it more challenging etc.

Its good in all But honestly this game is all about patience like if you dont have patience you will not beat this game so play if you want but if you dont have patience dont dont even download it but thats just for all the people who dont have patience all the rest of them yall do what you want we dont care but honestly its a good game so four stars.

Why did you make classic level 042 so hard? Can you please make it less hard.

Good game has a few ads every once and a while but good.

Good as always. We prefer the older music though.

We used to be obsessed w/ this game the old version that is. The games were more fun then those now. Everything is different (and they probably have been for a while). But we just miss the old color. (Like fidget tap? THAT was fun.)

We’ve been playing Color Switch when the old version was still there, then it got replaced with this version with less, more boring game modes. It would be great if you could tell us what happened to the old version of Color Switch. You should add these two game modes back: Slow: you continuously go forward and you hold to slow down Obstacles: like Clock, but instead you swipe left and right to control the obstacles.

If your internet is poor, dont get the game. For some reason this game shouldnt really be connected to the internet but everyone Im not connected to good internet, the game lags to much its unplayable. And secondly, we have gotten a really bad sound glitch a few times before. The sound will just cut out before looping a pout high pitched version of the sound effects really fast. It wont stop until you close the game too. Love the game but the technical issues are very annoying.

The game is really fun but the ads are the most annoying thing ever. We are on a really hard level right now so we lose a lot. So every like 5 games we play there is an ad. So we are getting an ad every like 45 seconds. Its like we are watching ads more then playing the game. We get that you need ads to get money but like make it so then you get an ad every minutes rather than every 5 games.

^^please. The developers deleted the black and white version and SO many of our favorites. As an OG fan of the game, its incredibly disappointing to us that these games are gone and unable to be played.

Hi! The only think that we dont like is that there are adds. We think that there should be an option for no adds. But over all we really like and enjoy playing the game and think that it is very fun. We would definitely recommend trying out this game:)

We’ve been at 100% complete on this game for months and am not seeing the supposed new levels that are being added. Whats up? Game is updated.

So this was back when we liked the game so we were playing color switch on level hard on the ghost mode we touched the right color and it still killed us please fix this glich we were so close to beating the game if you fix it it will be 5 stars please fixxxx.

These levels are impossible, and if they are possible then you have to be so impossibly perfect 4 different times. Please fix this we want to complete the game and these are the 4 levels holding us back.

Worst game ever every time you pause and un pause it kills you in one second.

It’s ugly and it doesn’t fit the game at all. We like the old version of color switch it have different soundtrack in each of the game mode now this ugly soundtrack is ruining the game mode. Color switch do something and plz put the old soundtrack back we would love to play color switch without this ugly soundtrack.

The ads are so annoying And we can’t listen to music while playing this game.

You couldnt play a laggier game than this. Even on airplane mode it lags so much. PATHETIC.

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