Concordia: Digital Edition

Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 01:25 am

Concordia: Digital Edition


Concordia: Digital Edition is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Acram Digital Sp. z o.o., Concordia: Digital Edition is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th September 2021 with the latest update 15th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


57 people have rated 1.3.0

You can download the game Concordia: Digital Edition from APP STORE.


Concordia is a strategic, Euro-style boardgame. Players take the roles of powerful Roman merchants and follow the Roman expansion with their trade routes, franchises, and production houses.

Plan ahead and make crucial decisions every turn. Always be prepared to make a trade off – your actions can very well benefit other players as well as yourself.

What is Concordia?

Concordia: Digital Edition is a turn-based strategy game where 2 to 6 players face each other in the fight for wealth and influence. You will build your trade empire on one of several maps of the ancient world. Using actions on the cards you will plan and execute your strategy to get an edge on your competition. Each of your decisions can benefit both you and your opponents. Send your colonists to new cities, across the land or sea and build houses to expand your trade empire!

What makes Concordia great?

Concordia is a game with rules that are easy to learn, but mastering it can take a lifetime! With additional maps and expansions along the way (all the official ones, in fact), the replayability of Concordia: Digital Edition is near infinite. Play against the AI or challenge your friends in the hot seat mode or online cross platform multiplayer!

The authentic feel of the board game, along with the intuitive UI makes it the perfect addition to your gaming collection!

What can you expect?

  • Build your trade empire
  • Trade goods and expand to different cities
  • Manage your colonists, storage space and action cards
  • Try out variety of different maps
  • Customize your game with expansions modules
  • Become the greatest merchant of ancient Rome!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • High strategic depth. Be ready to make trade offs!
  • Official Concordia rules consulted with game’s designer
  • Play with AI, friends or both – great experience for both solo and group play
  • All of the official expansions will be released
  • Unique experience of a board game with convenience of a digital platform
  • Interactive tutorial that will teach you how to play

The original board game’s awards and honors:

2017 Gra Roku Advanced Game of the Year Nominee
2016 MinD-Spielepreis Complex Game Nominee
2015 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Best Expert Game Winner
2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres Nominee
2014 JUG Adult Game of the Year Finalist
2014 Jogo do Ano Nominee
2014 International Gamers Award – General Strategy: Multi-player Nominee
2013 Meeples’ Choice Winner
2013 Jocul Anului în România Advanced Finalist

Get Concordia: Digital Edition and become the greatest merchant of ancient Rome!

Updated on 15th December 2022

[Feature] Functionality allowing players to delete online accounts was added.
[Feature] Fish Market and Britania&Germania DLC have been released for Season Pass owners.
[Feature] Sea Colonist animation on the Aegyptus map has been improved.
[Feature] Additional map decorations have been added to the Balearica map.
[Feature] AI on the Mountain Fish Market has been improved,
[Feature] Option to skip drawing the Forum Tile after playing Tribun Card has been added to the game.
[Feature] Displaying of Trading Posts on the Aegyptus map has been improved.
[Feature] Displaying the reduced costs in Cards bank has been improved.
[Fix] Android’s crashes and notification problems have been fixed.
[Fix] Logging with Facebook on Android has been fixed.
[Fix] Prefect Card animation has been fixed.
[Fix] Tooltips in the Player’s Panel have been fixed.
[Fix] Issue causing the Card details to be not displayed while playing Senator Card has been fixed.
[Fix] Issue causing the Sea Lines to be highlighted while moving Land Colonist on the Galia map has been fixed.
[Fix] Issue causing the Good selection to not work properly while the storage was full has been fixed.
[Fix] Rare instances of iOS crashes have been fixed.
[Fix] Issues of Concordia being displayed incorrectly on small resolution screens and Steam Decks have been fixed.
[Fix] Soon tags have been removed from unnecessary places in the Rulebook.
[Fix] Issues causing Marcus Tile to allow building two houses with a discount have been fixed.
[Fix] Issue causing the Good icon to exceed storage space has been fixed.
[Fix] Issue causing the alternative start’s rulebook reference to not work properly has been fixed.
[Fix] The Balearica map rulebook has been fixed.
[Fix] In the Japanese version the missing icons in the Scoring Details screen have been added.
[Fix] Bug that allowed Minus Denarius Tile to be played while the player had no Goods in the Storage has been fixed.
[Fix] Issue causing Publius Tile to be available to play when the player had no resources has been fixed.
[Fix] Tooltip placement on the screen has been fixed.
[Fix] Issue causing the Land Colonist’s movement animation in 2D mode to not work properly has been fixed.
[Fix] Issue causing the Goods to not disappear from the Storage after building a house has been fixed.
[Feature-Controller] Progressive controller’s cursor speed is now related to the zoom of the map.
[Feature-Controller] Controller icon is now colored red while skipping actions.
[Fix-Controller] Issue causing the storage to not work properly with the Claudia Agrippina Tile has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Final screen can now be closed while pressing "A" on the controller.
[Fix-Controller] Controller targetting after closing a window while still having a Card to play has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Issue causing the Forum Tile details to not be displayed has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Switching between panels with the controller while selecting Forum Card has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Issue causing the undoing action after playing Prefect Card to work incorrectly has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Issue causing the "Confirm" button to work incorrectly while targeting Card has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Issue causing the controller to not work properly in the Diplomat window has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Issue causing the rulebook to not work properly after changing the sub-chapter has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Issue causing the controller’s focus to not work properly after the last turn’s popup was displayed has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Issue causing the rulebook’s references to not work properly in the map selection screen has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Issue causing the controller’s focus to not work properly after undoing the Colonist movement has been fixed.
[Fix-Controller] Sending feedback while using a controller is now working properly.

Concordia: Digital Edition Reviews

Was a five star, but now crashes every time we load a multi player game. Tried reinstalling, but it still opens the board and immediately crashes the whole app.

We just bought the app last week. A required update was required today. We updated. Now the game crashes before we can play. The app just vanishes from our phone and leaves us staring at our iphone home screen.

Reviewers keep saying the iPad screen is easier to play on than the iPhone. If so, then it would stand to reason that allowing those with M1/M2 silicon chips to play on MacBooks should help with gameplay.

This game is great and it is pretty smooth. We get to play online with our buddies. Often times when its open, it will crash immediately or sometimes you can start to take your turn and it crashes. Re installing helps for a little bit. Usually we just race and take our turn quickly before it crashes. Love the game, please try and fix this issue. Im playing in an iPhone SE. Thanks, Sam.

(Update: Before could delete+reinstall and get some playtime out of it but now it just crashes any time we enter an online game. Happening on both our iPhone 11 running iOS 16 and our iPad.) Love the game and this is an excellent digital version of it. However, it crashes a lot. Deleting and reinstalling helps for a while but it eventually goes back to crashing whenever we get into an online match. Will update if this is ever fixed.

This game is awesome but its almost unplayable with the constant crashes.

Crashes ever other turn horrible implementation that will not teach the game and could make you a worse player. Doesnt succeed in what it tried to implement and makes the case that this game may not be implantable as an app.

We picked up the game today and with one exception it is a blast. The tutorial is solid, the game is user friendly, and we can see why Concordia is so popular. The problem is that the game crashed a LOT. Our iPad is relatively new but the game crashes nearly after turn. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Update: the have been smooshed, there are no more crashes, and the game is fantastic.

Update: Received a developer response saying that the bug had been fixed. We just checked and indeed it has been. We can strongly recommend this game and we appreciate the quick developer response! (Old: This is a fantastic implementation of a great game but we seem to have stumbled on a bug. Im unable to place more than one colonist when playing the Colonist card because it forces us to confirm the placement of the first colonist before we can place a second colonist. If theres something Im doing wrong or a fix is implemented Id love to change this to a five star review.)

Upgraded to the current version today and the game constantly crashes. IPad Pro iOS 15.4.1.

Update: All the reviewers must already know how to ply because the tutorial just doesnt worksin several places. Like its telling us to makes 2 purchases when everything is too expensive. We cant add to whats already been said, we just like this game. And the Music! Hypnotic. We find myself occasionally just staring at our device screen. Lol we started playing Concordia while we wait on a Mars colonization sim.

We have never got past playing our first tribune. Sometimes it crashes earlier. Then once we load back in the save crashes at the end of every turn until we give up loading back in. We have restarted our phone multiple times as well as reinstalled the app. Nothing. Otherwise the game is fantastically designed and we would love to play more. We have unfortunately requested a refund.

Tried to play against the App players and the App crashed during or after every turn. Tried to play an online game against a family member in another city and we both had problems with the App crashing about every other turn. Tried to send a message about this to the App support site listed with the App but the message wouldnt go through – kept telling us to try later.

Sorry, bought the game today. Crashes after one move. Tried restart and reload, still not working. Requested refund, hopefully we can get it.

-1 for slow gameplay of AI. -1 for map zoom-out (it is great, but we prefer full map overview. Maybe add simple view map to have better view of provinces and occupied routes) -1 for crashes -10 for battery consumption!! Battery issue has to be addressed with battery saver mode or reduced graphic and animations. Other than the above, the game is super awesome for a board game. Our device: iPad 6th Gen.

Since upgrade 1.2.3 the program crashes every time we attempt to play. Prior to this we would rate the game a 5. AI play was challenging but fair. Please fix the issue.

Playing our first game and cant get through it. Playing 2 AI opponents and every time an opponent moves it crashes. We are late in the game,all of us have close to 100 points. We reload the game, make a move and then it crashes. Approx 25 crashes so far on first game. Very frustrating.

We were a little afraid of not liking this adaptation at first cause it looks a little different than the graphics on the physical board game, but once you get used to it, it is seamless, and you really can tell a lot of effort was put into the making of this. The pinch zoom in/out on this app is freaking awesome, it looks 3D-ish and the map looks high definition and old worldly. Also like adding AI bots for online play against a friend (which the Agricola app never did). Other board game developers should learn from the making of this. Very satisfied.

We shouldnt have to join a discord in order to find open tables. Im just glad we didnt get the season pass for this. Paying full price for a product still in beta.

Online play repeatedly breaks. Requesting a refund since we only bought to play online.

Great digital adaptation of one of our favorite board games. There were a couple UI changes we were hoping to see, and those were implemented! Fantastic app and game, thanks!

The game is great; the tabletop edition is among our favorites. The UI for the digital edition is quite good. However, the game is very unstable. We only manage to finish about half our solo games, and recently it has been crashing 100% of the time before we finish one turn. Reinstalling did not help. The game is unplayable.

We play solo and we have not been able to finish a game. This app has crashed every time we have played the game. When we hit App Support it went to a page in another language. The board game is great. The app has left a lot of room for improvement.

This is by far the best digital game we’ve played on the IPAD Scythe, root, and raiders of the North Sea are go to games for us and now we have another. We’ve played other games by Acram and while the interface was great the games didnt resonate with us but this one is amazing. Im sure the table top version is great but this one is beautiful elegant and intuitive. If your in the market for a great euro dont hesitate!

Even though we are familiar with the board game, we did the tutorial and it was very helpful. This is a super fun board game to play on our iPad/iPhone. We use both. (Learn to play on a bigger screen then it easier to know whats going on on a smaller device)

Works really well, but would love support for macOS to be enabled.

We skipped the tutorial because we’ve played the board game many times. Realized on the first turn that we didnt remember how to play and should have played the tutorial as a refresher. Now we dont see the tutorial available anymore. Please add a button on the main screen to let us replay the tutorial. Edit: found the tutorial in the introduction rules. Gave extra star.

Simple rules, but engrossing strategy. The presentation is beautiful with atmospheric music. Gameplay is smooth and quick. All of the game elements works together. Excellent port.

We cannot find anything negative to say about this app. If you enjoy Concordia this is an instant buy as they did an excellent job with converting this into the digital space.

Took a little bit getting used to the graphic design/interface, but Im happy we can now play this on our phone.

App keeps crashing. Wont load into server, have to attempt multiple times. When store house is full and you have more than one good to select to keep, it only shows one good and you cant proceed since you can select more than the one. You have to test software before you release it, especially at this price!

Acram is one of our favorite developers of fun, faithful digital translations of board games. We really liked their digital edition of Eight Minute Empire and Love their digital Istanbul. This is another winner. We had heard great things about Concordia but couldnt play it yet since our kids are still too young to play mid-weight board games. Now we Can, and this is a very fun digital edition. Im looking forward to all the DLCs – Acram, when can we buy the Season Pass to get Day 1 access too all the additional content?!? :-)

Its too much work to get an overview of the whole board, and the card display. There are enough pixels on the 12.9 iPad. Allow us to zoom out, instead of having to use the Production UI. Also, change that to be wider. Scrolling down to see others production shouldnt be necessary. When selecting the display, allow us to hold down a finger to see all the cards, instead of having to go in, scroll, remember what we saw on the other side of the scroll area, and then hit X. The game itself is implemented excellently. You just need to work on the UX.

The iphone app icon is odd. Instead of Concordia it is has Acram. Instead of the recognizable woman in front as the icon picture it was a background soldier. Bizarre.

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