Control Tower Full

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Control Tower Full


Control Tower Full is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bojan Skaljac, Control Tower Full is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th August 2011 with the latest update 24th September 2015

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


43 people have rated 1.5.4

You can download the game Control Tower Full from APP STORE.


Guide aircraft to their landing zones and do not let them collide!
This sounds easy? You will need good strategy and fast fingers to draw flight paths and keep the chaos under control.
WARNING:Insanely Addictive!


  • Classic game mode with 6 different planes and helicopters
  • Online high scores
  • Achievements (6)
  • Countless hours of addictive gameplay
  • No 1 air traffic controller game

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Updated on 24th September 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Support for iOS 9

Control Tower Full Reviews

Played it 7 years ago when we got our first iPhone. Installed it again recently and we’re having all the fun we had the first time!

Looks easier than it looks. Playing just one game is almost impossible its very addictive, but fun.

We have only had the app for 15 minutes and it has already proved itself to be fun, bug-free, and sooooo much fun. If you crumble under stress easily, this game is not for you, because sometimes it gets hectic and stressful in a fun way. It is very stressful to operate a control tower. But if you like games like this where strategy and thought is needed, you will love this. P.S we are not judging this off of 15 minutes of experience. We played this with our friend many times before getting it. And it is still as fun as it was when we played it with her. We hope you get and love this game, because it is ultimately worth your time and money. Don’t get the free version because it has in app purchases and ads. But the payed one doesn’t have any in app purchases or ads and is simply hours of fun, addictive gameplay. Take it from someone who knows. It’s worth it.

Sometimes simplicity is just better. It’s not a fancy game but it’s quite relaxing to play.

Our 8-year old niece saw us playing it and now it is on her iPad!

Simple and satisfying to be an air traffic controller. We ditto all the positive comments so won’t repeat them. One annoying feature is the slowness of the beginning of the game, even at double speed. One other bug is that when planes are about to enter the sector, a red indicator is shown. However, that often does not work. But, a fatal bug exists that is maddening is that planes will sometimes appear half on and half off and parallel to an edge of the screen. You cannot be control control them. Too often they will crash into a plane entering the sector and you lose the game with hundreds of successful landings. Damb that pisses us off… And then starting a new game is painfully slow for the first 15 planes or more (see previous paragraph). The game deserves a better rating except for that fatal bug. Please fix that!!

The worst bug of all is that you cannot see the entire screen on the display. It leaves certain plans outside of your reach. That makes the game unusable in certain circumstances. And quite frustrating. Its such a simple fix and its gone unnoticed and unaddressed for years.

We though it was a newer version of flight control. Bring flight control back.

Low resolution, no scaling of game elements to take advantage of larger screens.

This looks very similar to the FlightCtrl HD app from Electronic Arts (which no longer is available/works in iOS 11) but its not HD and its not as polished. For example, when you trace the path to land a plane, the line is dotty and blocky instead of solid and smooth. On an iPad it looks more like a scaled-up iPhone app instead of a game that takes advantage of the larger screen size.

No problems for us. Fun game. Addictive. Kill 15-20 in a flash. Different aircraft come in and must land at different landing strips/pads. Planes enter screen randomly on a straight heading. Direct there flight path to avoid other aircraft and everything is good bad timing will result in collision. The progression method is like the old pac-man arcade game, go as long as you can, collision is a start over. Beat your best time. Super simple, super addictive, just "plane" fun!

Such a disappointment. The free version was buggy so we made the mistake of buying the Full Version. Same thing, after playing a while some planes become uncontrollable, thereby ruining the game. We’re playing on a new I-pad Air so don’t think that is the problem. How do we get our money back?

Wouldn’t let us land the planes… First one worked and then it ignored our instructions.

Way too many glitches. Game freezes up and planes go where they want to. Flight Control is a much better game with way better graphics and no glitches!

We played the free version on our i4, froze up to where we could not even turn it off. According to ratings (which we looked at after we had the problem), this was a common trouble. Bought full version; ratings were much better, thought bug might have been addressed. Nope. Froze our phone to where we could not turn it off the very first time we attempted to open application. We have played this on our children’s 3GSs, and we like it, but it is a worthless inconvenience on ours. :(

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